Will Ferrell Makes His Official World Debut as the Newer, Hipper Santa Claus

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How late night is becoming prime-time online.

While Jimmy Fallon and Wahlberg had some fun playing “Random Object Football Toss, they did discuss some things of extra historic significance, like when Wahlberg met Pope Francis in Philadelphia back in September. “You just hang out with Pope,” Fallon joked, talking about Wahlberg’s being a “cool” dude. “You’re like, ‘Yeah that’s cool, I don’t care, yeah, it’s cool, hanging out with the Pope.’” What it is telling networks is that the young adult audience that advertisers crave is there — but they’re not interested in the traditional show format. They are realizing that the younger audiences are more powerful, and if they like content — they will share the content, they will talk about this content, and they will interact with it more intimately,” he added.

While there’s a lot of buzz about this current crop of late-night hosts, the TV audience size hasn’t grown that much since the last hosts were swapped out. “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” is the most watched telecast in the group, but most of his viewers are just migrating from the other late shows. The 18- to 34-year-old demographic is the largest workforce in the U.S., accounting for more than one-third of employees, according to Pew Research Center. The shifting of the guard away from Gen X and baby boomers gives brands a chance to expand their consumer base, both in terms of reaching a new group with growing disposable income and the potential to build brand loyalty with this demographic.

He added, “Even Radio Shack was like, ‘man, that place is empty.’” He then played a supercut of Ben Carson repeating the phrase “boots on the ground” and Chris Christie saying he was a “former federal prosecutor,” which were then put together to form a remix. Or as the Rockefeller Christmas tree put it, ‘great, now I look fat.’” He did the recurring bit where one of his writers heads to the street to ask people about a certain topic, but mispronounces the topic at hand.

Wednesday’s topic was about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but was changed to “The Floor is Shakin.’” Some examples of the mispronunciations: “The Fort of Blankets,” “The Corgi’s Fragrance,” “I stole some aprons,” “The Pork Invasion,” “The Whore’s Vacation.” Fallon continued his Tonight Show tradition by revealing another Christmas sweater. Sources with knowledge of the situation say that the CPM (cost per thousands) for ads on digital late-night clips has gone up 5 to 8 percent over the last five years, slightly pacing ahead of the rest of the industry.

Costs for TV and digital ads are measured differently, but several media buyers said the price to buy a commercial to reach an audience of the same size on each respective platform is practically identical. But for the majority of clips, it still takes a while before that one segment is seen by millions of people despite getting millions of views, and then all those segments have to be compounded together to match the length of a show. Digital advertising agency Firstborn senior strategist Scott Fogel explained that before, most people relied on late-night shows to tell them the day’s news, tell them about the new movies coming out that weekend and hear music from the latest album releases. “When you’re in this 24/7 media environment, there’s no need to recap today’s news and culture,” Fogel said. “We aren’t waiting until the end of the day to recap things we’ve read all day. What we haven’t seen is the people behind these things presented in a new and interesting way.” As a result, he’s noticed that the new late-night hosts are shifting their content from being timely to be more evergreen. Not only does it fit what today’s consumer wants, it also is better adapted for digital platforms that allow people to watch when they are free to watch. “There is a formula and an art and science taking shape to make it easier for people to consume content,” Fullscreen’s Holdridge said. “We’re learning to know what to expect and how to appeal to the masses.

Fallon’s lip sync battles come at a time when apps like Dubsmash, which allow millennials to mouth along with the words of their favorite songs, are extremely popular. Holdridge said shows like @Midnight have been successful in getting its #Hashtagwars to trend on Twitter, a crowdsourced call-out for clever tweets around a hashtag topic like #MakeTVShowsPunk or #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly.

There’s a risk that changes will turn off the baby boomers, still the largest TV audience, advertising agency said Naseem Sayani, digital ad agency Huge’s vice president of strategy. They’re lucky to be logging into Facebook.” “I think awareness of the younger demographic is increasing,” she said. “What advertisers are realizing is the striations are getting much smaller, and it’s not one size fits all anymore.”

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