Who’s the Real Bad Guy in Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

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Booting Up: Best ‘Star Wars’ movie tie-in gadgets.

A decade since the release of the last Star Wars film and 38 years since cinema-goers first saw the words A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… expectations for a movie don’t get much bigger. “I don’t think there would be anybody in the company who wouldn’t admit feeling a degree of pressure and a sense of obligation to the franchise itself,” Disney’s managing director for Australia and New Zealand, Catherine Powell, told Fairfax Media.George Lucas may have said he didn’t want to revisit the Star Wars universe for some time – comparing leaving the franchise to ‘getting a divorce’ – but that hasn’t stopped him apparently watching The Force Awakens.The newest “Star Wars” flick has brought with it a veritable empire of new fan merchandise ranging from forgettable figurines to officially licensed must-haves.

Anticipation for the film, directed by J.J Abrams, has been so high that when tickets to the film were first released in October, more than $1 million in advanced ticket sales went through in the first few hours. “We all feel the pressure, not just in terms of delivering a success, but that the film itself won’t disappoint, and the balance between the appeal to existing fans versus the broadening out of the appeal to a broader audience and getting that balance right is something they’ve been incredibly mindful of and respectful of,” Ms Powell said, adding: “We think they’ve done it.” Disney has a close relationship with free-to-air broadcaster Seven, which dates back to 1956. She also told the Hollywood Reporter that letting Star Wars go had been a ‘tough’ experience for Lucas as he was “watching this go on without his direct involvement. Can The Force Awakens, the seventh episode in the celebrated sci-fi series, meet those expectations when it debuts on December 18? “No”, said director JJ Abrams. “How can anything live up to any expectation like that?” What the movie will offer, Abrams told Reuters, is great performances and visual effects, music “that breaks your heart and soars”, plus a story, characters and creatures that are new, but feel like they fit in the universe created by George Lucas in the original 1977 film. “George was creating a world that we wanted to go back to in order to tell a story we’d never seen yet,” Abrams said. “In a way, we were going backward to go forward.” For example, he said, the filmmakers created droids “to feel completely new and different and at the same time something that was so of Star Wars. We scoured the galaxy for gadgets worthy of “Episode VII: The Force Awakens,” and we found the force is strong with these top picks: 10) R2-D2 Talking Fridge Gadget ($77, JapanTrendShop.com) Why shouldn’t the most adorable droid in movie history live inside your refrigerator?

Having him 100 percent on board is up to him and he can’t do that unless he’s running everything.” In an earlier interview, Lucas said that his ideas for the sequel-trilogy were not used by Disney: “The issue was, they looked at the stories, and they said we want to make something for the fans,” he told CBS. “All I wanted to do was tell the story of what happened. “They weren’t that keen to have me involved anyway. Linear propositions, whether it’s our own pay TV channels behind a pay wall, or whether it’s Channel 7’s free-to-air is an incredibly important part of that mix.

If I get in there I’m just going to cause trouble because they’re not going to do what I want them to do, and I don’t have the control to do that anymore. Wear the Chewbacca Electronic Mask and move your mouth to activate a variety of authentic wookiee growls. 4) Air Hogs Star Wars Millennium Falcon Quad by SpinMaster ($109.99, various retailers) Make the Kessel Run super-quick in the comfort of your own backyard with this drone-esque remote control flying vehicle. Disney’s media distribution business, which includes unpackaged channels and content makes up roughly 50 per cent of its local revenue, while the other half comes equally from consumer products, studio entertainment and stage shows – however the balance varies each year depending on the content being produced. All that would do is muck everything up.” Lucas told the Washing Post that leaving Star Wars was like “going to get divorced”, describing how if he were to return he would have to be in complete control.

Activate hyperspace mode and join the rebellion. 3) Star Wars Legendary Yoda 16-inch figure by Spin Master ($179.99, various retailers) Train to become the legendary Jedi Master with this dynamic, motorized collectible. He’s got various movements, speaks 115 phrases and has voice recognition. 2) Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers ($172, thinkgeek.com) The only officially licensed sabers with move-accurate lighting and sound effects come in various models and aren’t cheap. The secrecy has stirred rampant online speculation, particularly about the fate of Skywalker, who is absent from trailers and posters promoting the new film. “It’s just what our narrative is,” Abrams said, “so if it’s driving anyone crazy, apologies.

As you wait to strike with these civilized weapons, you’ll hear that hum you’ve come to know and love. 1) Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid ($149.99, various retailers) This new robotic device is a replica of the movie’s new robotic sidekick, BB-8. But it’s mostly about wanting to protect the experience for the people who might go see the movie.” Ridley, who plays a scavenger, said the film captures the “delightful” tone of the earlier movies. “Star Wars’ never had like insane violence or anything,” she said. “It’s always joyful and always uplifting even though bad things happen.” Adam Driver plays Kylo Ren, a character dressed similar to Darth Vader who is presumed to play the main villain, though that depends on the perspective. Aside from fan anticipation, the movie faces lofty box office projections for the opening weekend, from US$170 million to US$220 million in just the United States and Canada, a level never achieved in December.

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