“Where My Country Gone?”

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Controversial South Park episode shows Donald Trump being raped and murdered: Show attacks tycoon’s run for President, his immigration policies and then kills him off in shocking final scene.

During Wednesday’s episode of South Park, the show took on Donald Trump and ended with a cartoon version of the Republican presidential candidate frontrunner being raped and murdered by Mr.In an episode of the adult cartoon that was intended to mock the Republican front-runners strident views on immigration, Wednesday night’s edition saw Mr Trump becoming president of Canada and forcing all Canadians to flee to the US.Donald Trump was on the receiving end of a vicious take-down by South Park on Wednesday evening, which skirted the borders of decency and taste and arguably crossed them.

This is, after all, the show that once labeled Kanye West “gay fish,” took on the Muslim prophet Muhammad (a big no-no in terrorist circles), and revealed U2’s Bono to be the record holder for world’s biggest poop (the turd turned out to be Bono himself—a man had taken a dump in 1960 and raised the piece of shit as Bono). The influx of Canadians in America prompts Mr Garrison to run for US president with the motto, “Where My Country Gone?” in an apparent take on Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan. Bush building a ladder to heaven to snuff out a very dead Saddam Hussein after Dubya received dubious intel that the mustachioed dictator was building WMDs in the afterlife.

The teacher is later fired from his job at South Park elementary school for his extreme views, and then provides his policy on immigration: “F— them all to death.” As Mr. Garrison washes up on a beach after Trump tells his two security guards that anyone leaving the country can “suck my b***s,” as can the Chinese prime minister.

So naturally, fans of the gleefully anarchic TV series were curious as to when the blowhardiest of the blowhards would receive his animated comeuppance. A protester can be seen holding a sign that reads very similar to “Make [American flag] Great Again,” which is the Trump’s famous campaign slogan.

The men soon tussle before Trump is killed. “One of them was a brash a**hole who just spoke his mind,” he said. “He didn’t really offer any solutions. Then we build a wall.’ However, his mood turns sour after the journalist informs him that Canada has already built a wall across the border with America – a clear riposte to Trump’s supposedly simple plan to prevent illegal immigration into the US.

Well, it finally came in the Season 19 episode, “Where My Country Gone?”, and the timing couldn’t have been better. “Where My Country Gone?” opens with Kyle being invited to the White House by President Obama for delivering a speech about Caitlyn Jenner.-Canadian border, where Garrison shuts down his more mild-mannered opponents with his harsh and insulting rhetoric, he promises to go into Canada and ‘f*** them to death’ in their home country. Garrison when he reaches the wall. “We just don’t want you raping our women and stuff.” “There were several candidates during the Canadian elections. But we just let the joke go on too long.” When Garrison returns, he triumphantly tells a rally about the murder, claiming “I’ve proved my policies work to get this done!” But Kyle runs onstage to point out the parallels between Garrison’s campaign and the disastrous run of the Canadian Trump.

Everyone’s preaching openness and acceptance, so millions of goddamn immigrants are comin’ over the border, and nobody seems to care!” he says. “It’s like nobody cares! Garrison delivers a rousing speech in front of his xenophobic acolytes, some of whom are flaunting “Make America Great Again” signs. “Now, I might not understand politics—or immigration policies, or the law, or basic ideological concepts—but dammit I understand that there’s a bunch of Canadians here, and I’m going to dos something about it!” announces Mr. Desperate to carry out his threat against Canadians, Mr Garrison has launched himself into the nation in a barrel over Niagara falls, only to find the country deserted except for Trump, who is dancing in his office to The Safety Song.

Once inside the two begin fighting, before Mr Garrison strips his wrestling outfit off and brutally beats trump into submission before raping him to death. However, in another controversial joke, she is shown running over a pedestrian – a reference to the real-life Caitlyn’s fatal car crash along a Los Angeles freeway earlier this year. Garrison beats and rapes Trump. “The Canadian president has been f—ed to death,” a Canadian says in the next scene, as the immigrants move back to Canada. Garrison is now approaching Kanye levels of butthurt, and decides to enter Canada illegally by getting inside of a wooden keg and having it be tossed into Niagara Falls—all this in order to follow through with his promise of “fucking” any Canadians he encounters to death.

He kept gaining momentum, and by the time we were ready to say, OK, let’s get serious now, who should really be president? he was already being sworn into office. We weren’t paying attention… We weren’t paying attention!” Then, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the scene cuts to Trump, sitting at his desk and shot from behind—accentuating his ridiculous coif.

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