What We Learned From Part Two Of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians: About …

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WATCH: Bruce Jenner opens up to Kris about transition.

While the first installment dealt with Bruce finally breaking the news to his children that he could be living publicly as a woman as early as this Spring, the second half of the programme focuses more on the next steps for the family – and also resolving any conflict between them.On part two of the two-part “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” special, “About Bruce,” Kris and Bruce Jenner sat down one-on-one to discuss Bruce’s transition.

While Bruce has previously specified that he would like people to use male pronouns when referring to him until he specifies otherwise, he assured Kendall, Kylie and the rest that, “You will see me and you will know”. It was an emotional conversation for both of them, but Bruce made it clear that he deeply cares for Kris and loves the family they have raised together. “You’re an amazing woman. 23, going on 25, years of great moments together. Even though Kris slammed reports that she refused to comment on Bruce’s journey during his interview with Diane Sawyer, it’s clear she’s finding his decision difficult to deal with. You were angry [and] that made me angry.” In his younger years, Bruce used to try on his sister’s dress and his mum’s scarves. “I didn’t know why I was doing it, except it just made me feel good.” Bruce Jenner’s first wife Chrystie Crownover was the first person to know he was questioning his identity, in the early 1970s, when he told her that he was into “a little cross-dressing… It’s fine, we’ll work all this stuff out.” Second wife Linda Thompson also knew, with Bruce opening up a little more, and explaining, “it’s not something you can overcome, fix or pray away.” When Bruce met Kris Jenner, he had been taking female hormones for almost five years, and had also undergone electrolysis to get rid of his beard and chest hair. The couple separated in October 2013 after 22 years of marriage after announcing in a joint statement to E! that they were “much happier this way.” While the Kardashian/Jenner family has been supportive throughout the process, Bruce just hopes this special will help other families in similar situations.

I am as far as I know, heterosexual,” said the 65-year-old. “I’ve never been with a guy, I’ve always been married, raising kids.” When stories about Bruce’s tracheal shave leaked, he contemplated suicide, but – thankfully – talked himself out of it. “I mean, I want to know how this story ends,” he said. And USA Today pointed out, “In the past year, Jenner and other high-profile transgender celebrities have helped create awareness surrounding the transgender community … specials like ‘About Bruce’ provide the opportunity for trans issues to reach millions of people.” The first of Bruce’s children to know about his transition was Brandon Jenner, who admits he didn’t take it “perfectly” at first, but now “I feel like I’m getting an upgraded version of my dad.” Bruce told Diane Sawyer that of his 10 children, Kim “has by far been the most accepting and easiest to talk about it with.” Turns out Kanye West helped Kim by explaining to his wife that no matter how much a person has, “I’m nothing if I can’t be me.” Khloe Kardashian took things the hardest. “You would think that out of all the kids, Khloe is the most open-minded,” said Bruce. “She’s had the toughest time with it, because she’s had a lot of loss in her life.” Kendall and Kylie had this to say about their dad’s transition: “We love our dad very much, he has the biggest heart and all we want is for him to be happy, if he’s happy, we’re happy.” “I’d be so mad at myself if I didn’t explore that side of me,” Bruce said, on realising – in his 60s – that he didn’t want to die having only lived as a man. Bruce may undergo a full surgical gender reassignment, but if he does, don’t expect another two-hour special. “I would do it so quietly, no one in the world would ever know.” He believes that by speaking out on his journey, Bruce can help raise awareness and stop the stigma around LGBTQ issues. “We’re going to make a difference in the world with what we’re doing.” A question his daughters were clearly embarrassed to ask, but Bruce was upfront and honest with them, clarifying that he’s ‘totally heterosexual’ and has ‘always been attracted to women’. Kourtney and Scott have three children aged 5, 2 and under a year old, and Kourt has previously said that her biggest worry is explaining Bruce’s transition to them at the right time and in the right way.

Scott goes on to add: “It’s only a positive for my son and my daughter to know all these things that go on in this world”, but he and Kourtney would like to begin that conversation when Bruce is further along in his transition. While the pair have always had a slightly reserved relationship, Scott revealed that he thinks him finally telling his story can only help matters, saying: “Bruce is going to open the door for so many people who are going to be able to live their lives they way they want to.

Even though Kim tells Bruce he needs ‘chic-er’ clothes than he has, he’s clearly really appreciative of her help, telling her: “I couldn’t have a better stylist than you, that’s for sure.”

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