What to Expect From Trevor Noah’s ‘Daily Show’

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5 things to know about new Daily Show host Trevor Noah.

Monday night brings yet another late-night television debut. Tonight’s the night that he takes over The Daily Show, replacing Jon Stewart as our official joke-bringer and guide through the 2016 presidential election.San Francisco 2.0: Nancy Pelosi’s documentary-making daughter explores the effect the technology boom has had on San Francisco, its culture and its long-time residents. 8 p.m., HBO Criminal Minds: In the season premiere, a serial killer is leaving distinctive marks on victim’s faces.Minister Nkoana-Mashabane said‚ “We want Mr Noah to know that the people of South Africa and indeed the entire African continent are proud of his achievement and that they support him fully as he takes the first steps of what we believe will be a rewarding journey. “We are hopeful that many people will look at Mr Noah’s success and take greater interest in the abundance of talent that we have in South Africa in a variety of fields‚ including entertainment‚ sports‚ arts and culture‚ science and technology‚ for example‚” Nkoana-Mashabane said.

The network, owned by Viacom VIA -0.58% , has said goodbye to two comedy superstars in the past year: Noah’s predecessor, Jon Stewart, and Stewart’s protege, Stephen Colbert. We have view on the world, there are stories are happening everywhere,” he said of his perspective. “I’m living in America, and these are the things that I’m seeing day to day.

He inherited much of his predecessor’s backstage team and some of the show’s correspondents, a sign Comedy Central wants to keep the bones of “The Daily Show” intact as regular viewers get to know a new voice. “I’m having nightmares,” Noah told The Associated Press recently. “It’s terrifying, it really is. So, before Noah sits down with his first guest — comedian Kevin Hart — here are five things to know about the young man with a big role to fill in late-night TV. For instance, something like a Republican debate — which I wouldn’t have necessarily had full access to living outside the U.S. — is now in my face and means a lot more to me, so it’s natural for me to watch it and comment with the team,” with both his incoming perspective and his staff’s encyclopedic knowledge. “I’m not afraid to say I don’t know.

He’s a native South African, and his parents got together at a time when their relationship was illegal because his father is white and his mother is black. His parents and his mixed heritage play a big part in his comedy, which deals a lot with race and how Trevor has been perceived since moving to the U.S.

Jon didn’t know everything and it took him sixteen years to get where he is,” he continued. “The fun part is the learning. … When you have a child, they learn new things, and you relearn it with them and go, ‘Oh yeah, that’s a strange thing. While his past segments have often involved a lot of teaching Jon Stewart about race and South African culture, Trevor says we shouldn’t expect the new to just be full of lessons. Noah quickly apologized, blaming the offensive posts on his youth at the time while also claiming that his comedy and his personal views had evolved over the subsequent years.

Though reminiscent of Stewart’s set, the studio is now outfitted with a new logo and massive touchscreens for new correspondent interaction, plus a better viewing experience for the live audience. “I love the old set — strangely enough, it felt like home,” he explained of the changes. “We really tried to create a modular space that we can play with over time.” More music. In a recent interview with comedian Jerry Seinfeld, Noah noted that his mother actually spent time in jail over her relationship with his father, forcing her to sometimes pretend to be the family’s maid and babysitter. Noah has also talked about how growing up with the influence of different cultures, and in the presence of a violent stepfather, influenced his comedy style and his worldview. “Literally everything has a funny side,” Noah told Seinfeld. Noah promises he’ll have onscreen enemies, but they’ll be discovered on his own. “I come in on a clean slate … where I don’t have any preconceived notions of how I should or shouldn’t feel about them,” Noah noted. “I didn’t have Fox News in most places where I was living [and] traveling. You’re gonna be so focused on that target that you don’t try to get to where you should be getting to and that’s the truth of what’s happening.” Breaking web stories.

The host expanded on his comment at TCA that he’d like to look beyond TV for material. “Our go-to source is no longer dictated by a small group of cable news outlets. We have to expand our view because sometimes the story is made and breaks on Twitter, and we have to find a way to react to that,” he said. “There’s news that happens in different spheres that’s just as interesting and that can be made just as funny, but it isn’t necessarily in the normal news medium.” A position of progress.

Speaking of politics, Noah has said that he wants to spend more time mocking both sides of the political spectrum and, specifically, he doesn’t want to specifically focus on bashing Fox News like his predecessor did. I know I cannot change the entire world, but I’ve always believed that I can at least make change in my world, so I try and do that. … I do believe that progression can come from both sides. Instead, Noah will likely glean more comedy from media outlets with younger-skewing audiences, such as Gawker and Buzzfeed, as well as from social media. In my opinion, liberal and conservative instinctively should be a place where people say, ‘This is how we aim to progress, this is how we feel progression should be approached,’ as opposed to saying, ‘We do not want to progress,’ or ‘We do want to progress.’ ” South African punch lines.

I go, ‘This is a beautiful house that has been here for many years, it’s a landmark.’ So what I’ll try to do is build it into the home of my dreams, using my new family and as time goes on, breaking down a wall here, changing a color here, moving a counter there — but you’ll know there’s a new person living in the house because you’ll be complaining about the noise!” he explained. “Just myself in the chair, and the style and the manner which we approach stories, will be enough of a change initially.

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