What Do Male Strippers Really Think of Magic Mike XXL? We Got Their Reviews!

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‘Magic Mike XXL’: Should you see it?.

As fans flock to theaters to see all that is Channing Tatum and his assets, PEOPLE turned to the most qualified critics of all to evaluate Magic Mike XXL: yes, male strippers. (Hey, we take on the tough assignments here.) Armand Peri, owner and CEO of Hunk-O-Mania, a male entertaining business with strip shows in eight major cities, attended a screening of the film with dancers Rudy Bundini and Jessie Pires to give their professional opinion on the accuracy of the film. – which stars Tatum, , and Adam Rodriguez – sends the guys on a road trip to a stripper convention in Myrtle Beach.Magic Mike XXL is justly getting praised as both a showcase for its cast’s easy, natural charisma and for the degree to which it pushes the envelope of male objectification.Living up to the extra-extra-large claim of its title, this follow-up to Steven Soderbergh’s rambunctious look at working class dudes making some often moist and wrinkled extra bills as male strippers produces good vibes right out of the box and keeps it up for nearly two hours.

The R-rated sequel, released by Warner Bros., collected $2.4 million in Tuesday evening pre-shows, putting it slightly ahead of the $2.3-million launch for “Terminator Genisys.” With a budget of under $15 million to make, the “Magic Mike” sequel is expected to be a hit for Warner Bros.Channing Tatum opened up about the birth of his and Jenna Dewan Tatum’s daughter, Everly, (“I don’t know if I’m good” at being a dad, he says), watching Step Up years later (“I remember it being so much better”), and more in Vanity Fair Stepping up for fatherhood. may strip down to a thong in Magic Mike’s sequel, Magic Mike XXL, but it’s all about diapers when he gets home to wife Jenna Dewan Tatum and their 2-year-old daughter, Everly.

Peri calls the bro-bonding moments among the guys very accurate. “The dancing was superb, the guys looked great,” Peri says. “What we liked from the previous movie was the Raining Men scene with the umbrellas, so we’ve been doing that since the last movie came out and the women love it. The sequel to Steven Soderbergh’s 2012 Magic Mike goes farther than the original did in depicting, and slavering over, its male subjects’ physical forms; it’s more creative, too, in the dance routines the characters execute. Brawny and big-hearted, it’s a sequel that might well take in even more than the 2012 original’s $113.7 million domestic gross based on an intrinsic appeal that may reach further than its prime target of female and gay audiences.

Asked about being quoted that his name for his, um, “downstairs gentleman” is Gilbert, Channing broke into a wide grin and quipped, “I don’t really call my guy Gilbert. That’s similar to the $2.7 million that “San Andreas” reeled in last month and the $2.1 million “Hercules” earned— both from Thursday previews. In the meantime, though, we invite you to watch this video from Vanity Fair that features the movie’s star, Channing Tatum, showing off seven classic dance moves in just 30 seconds. It’s a crowd pleaser for sure.” Peri says this movie is truer to their experience compared to the first Magic Mike film, which included a lot of drug and alcohol abuse and Mike giving up stripping for a romantic relationship. This is the love child of a road movie and a let’s-put-on-a-show musical, a mixed-breed format that provides a sense of structure and momentum within which almost anything goes.

Paramount’s “Terminator: Genisys” is on track to debut between $50 million and $55 million over its first five days of release, and should pull in $30 million to $35 million over the Fourth of July weekend. The ever-talented and devastatingly handsome Chan starts off with the Running Man, and then shows off a decent Twist, Funky Chicken, Hula, Pony and Robot. The melancholy tone of 2012’s Magic Mike was something special in the summer-movie season, and something we’ve yet to see at the multiplex this year.

So diverting is it that the absence of Matthew McConaughey, whose performance as club owner Dallas in the original played an important part in his career turnaround, is scarcely noticed. Nowadays, male revues don’t use thongs; they use boxer briefs.’ I thought that was better. (Laughs) “I was like, I don’t want to wear a thong. They applauded Donald Glover’s character, Andre, who says he would continue to dance even if his music career took off. “You can be a regular guy with other aspirations and you can be an educated guy with a college degree and still want to do this,” Peri says. “You’re not doing this because you don’t have any other options. The same goes for Soderbergh, who stepped aside as director on this one in favor of longtime associate Gregory Jacobs, although Soderbergh maintained an important pseudonymous presence as cinematographer and editor.

Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions are hoping to recapture the fan base of the “Terminator” franchise while also drawing in a new generation of moviegoers. Most girls—not all girls—who are on a first date with a man and they get down the road and see the guy is wearing a thong, I am not sure if the girls are going to carry it on. You’re doing it by choice and the fact that Channing is a huge movie star… obviously he’s going back to this because he feels like he enjoyed doing it.” To a mild degree, this is also a movie about a “last ride,” an occasion that provides the reunited old buddies with a potential final spree together while they’re all still young(ish) and their bodies remain in top form.

It might be shocking. “But my wife (actress Jenna Dewan) was like, ‘If you don’t put thongs in this movie, everyone will hate you.’ I was like, well, that solves that. But even as it introduces this potentially mawkish angle, the nimble, quick-witted script by returning screenwriter (and Tatum producing partner) Reid Carolin refuses to take it at all seriously, as it simply notes the passage of time while stressing the importance of living in the present and making the most of your natural gifts.

The Alan Taylor-directed film follows Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney), who is sent back to 1984 by John Connor (Jason Clarke), leader of the human resistance, to protect Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) and safeguard the future. In the beginning, when we were writing the movie, we were going to do a whole Internet viral thing of thong or no thong.” Channing, married to Jenna since 2009 and with whom he has a daughter, sounded very much in love with his thong wardrobe adviser. “It’s really not hard for me to stay loyal to Jenna,” said one of the genuinely nice guys in the business. “She is unbelievably beautiful and she is everything that I need. “You only stray when you are not having that connection. However, the third frame of Universal’s “Jurassic World” and the sophomore frame of Disney’s “Inside Out” should remain box office forces.

An unexpected turn of events creates a fractured timeline, leading Reese, Connor and a Terminator ally (Arnold Schwarzenegger) on a mission to reset the future. Both pictures could pull in numbers similar to those of the two new wide releases, racking up as much as $50 million over five days. “Jurassic World” surpassed the $500 million domestic mark on Sunday.

She did it as natural as you can. [As a man], you’re basically a cheerleader. ‘Come on, baby, you can do it.’ I would’ve tapped out in the first.” He continued: “It’s scary. But as beautifully as Gene Kelly did in “An American in Paris” and George Chakiris did at the beginning of “West Side Story,” Tatum, while laboring in his workshop, slides effortlessly, with the prompting of music, from natural movement into dance, revealing that the man hasn’t put his youthful glory behind him yet. And neither have his old buddies Big Dick Richie (Joe Manganiello), pretty boy Ken (Matt Bomer), Tarzan (Kevin Nash), Tito (Adam Rodriguez) and Tobias (Gabriel Iglesias), who lure Mike out under false pretenses so he’ll join them for one more sybaritic splurge.

The free-wheeling pranks, taunts, jibes and overall sympatico continue unabated; the unending banter the guys exchange doesn’t remotely sound written, so naturalistic and spontaneous is it, which is either a tribute to Carolin’s scripting skill or the actors’ improvisational gifts, or probably both. As the good times roll from poolside to a night on the beach (where Mike meets an intriguing, guarded young photographer, Zoe (played by Amber Heard), and then to the road, the only real conflict spins on the nature of their upcoming performance: Will it be a greatest hits reprise or something new? With only two days to come up with some fresh routines, the moody, argumentative Richie wants to take the easy way out by just recycling their old act.

Do a demonstration.’ And I did it and then it was like OK, we did that.” Channing said that there’s a difference between male and female stripping. “It probably needs to be explained by someone smarter and more elegant sounding than I am,” he admitted. “It’s funny that when we started looking at male stripping in the past, all of the caricatures that they used—policemen, firemen, doctors—were all authoritative figures. “It’s also interesting that in female stripping, they don’t take anybody up on the stage. Aren’t you guys going to come home with us and make sure we’re not screwing this thing up?’” Despite his concerns, the twosome have fallen into parenthood with ease. As he’s previously noted, the adorable trio even have dance parties while Everly’s eating. “I think every parent has that moment where they’re like, ‘Oh, maybe this was a bad idea; we don’t know how to do this.’ You can’t put it back in there.

Several of the routines the group executes at the convention are charming but not really stripping, relying on the attendees’ familiarity with the personalities of the men onstage in a way that defies logic. As usual, the nights are far more interesting than the days for this crew, which certainly proves the case when they pull into a Savannah establishment Mike remembers from the old days. Being a stripper and butt naked is way different than doing a scene where you are just walking from the bed to the shower.” But he still had to work out intensively to be back in buff mode.

Run by a classy, somewhat older woman named Rome (Jada Pinkett Smith), with whom Mike has a past, the imposing Victorian mansion has been transformed into a private pleasure palace for black women. The entertainers at Domina include romantic rapper Andre (Donald Glover), awesomely athletic Augustus (former NFL star Michael Strahan) and eccentric dancer Malik (idiosyncratic hip-hop performer Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss). The actor’s idea was overruled, of course. “It’s not fun working out,” Channing confessed. “I like being a little softer and, as my wife calls it, ‘cuddly.’ I like food— cookies, cakes and everything. Mike (billed in this context as “White Chocolate”) has the formidable challenge of following these three impressive performers, but delivers with with a steamy turn that leaves him showered with dollars by the crowd of ooing and ahhing ladies.

Another connection leads them to a very different group of well-to-do Southern ladies at the tasteful home of Nancy Davidson (Andie MacDowell), a Southern belle of a certain age who’s celebrated her divorce with girlfriends and plenty of drink and is very clearly hot to trot. They show you things about yourself you wouldn’t pay attention to before,” he gushed. “Jenna says it all the time: ‘Oh, my God, that is so you right there.’ But I don’t know if I’m good at it.” The future spouses first met while filming 2006’s Step Up and tied the knot in July 2009.

Recently, the couple came across the dance flick on TV — and, well, probably didn’t last long enough to catch their big kissing scene. “Me and Jenna just saw Step Up on TV, and we watched it for two seconds,” he said. “We made that 10 years ago or something. I am more of a meat eater.” “If it’s our night off or our night to be with each other, we would probably want to get a takeout or stop at Chipotle—just get something to take home and then we just lay around. The attitude is that we all know why we’re here and let’s have a good time; this way, all the characters get what they want — or at least what they need — and that includes the movie audience. Even if he was backed up by Soderbergh behind the camera, Jacobs, who has worked with his esteemed collaborator in various capacities (mainly as producer and/or assistant director) on 17 film and TV projects since 1993, keeps the action popping all the way and makes all the actors look good (Jacobs previously directed two features, “Criminal” and “Wind Chill,” in the mid-2000s). And even if Tatum inevitably comes off as the most favored among equals, everyone in the ensemble gets ample opportunity to shine, including the women in featured roles; notably, there are Pinkett Smith, whose “madame” eloquently expresses and caters to the primacy of female pleasure, Elizabeth Banks as the climactic convention’s ringleader and Heard as a tightly wound knock-out whom Tatum determines to unwind.

But after a while, toward the end of a year of doing it, I didn’t like taking off my clothes.” Any good stories that he can share about those gigs? “Nothing that I can tell here,” he replied with a smile. “I will tell you almost anything but…” “Oh God, the best ones were the worst ones,” he added. “And the terrible ones. On Matthew McConaughey who decided to sit out this sequel which also stars Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello, Channing said, “Matthew was missed by all the guys who are in the movie.

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