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Watch Amy Schumer shut down interviewer after ‘skank’ question

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Amy Schumer shuts down ‘rude’ radio host with ‘your momma’ joke during Trainwreck interview.

It’s official – we love Amy Schumer’s movie Trainwreck. Amy Schumer was speaking to Australia’s KIIS 101 presenters Matt Tilley and Jane Hall to promote her new film Trainwreck when things got a little awkward.Either way, the moral I took from her investigation into dating culture was that when I hit my late 20s, I’ll repent and become the child-hugging, diamond-seeking girl my relatives always wanted.Thanks to her movie debut in this month’s blockbuster Trainwreck – the romantic comedy she wrote based loosely on her hilariously unfortunate dating experiences – and her Emmy-nominated Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer, the sweet-faced, potty-mouthed comedian is enjoying a stratospheric rise. “It’s insane!” the 34-year-old New York City native told PEOPLE earlier this year of her breakout success. Although the interview got off to a good start, things soon took a turn for the worst when Tilley implied the 34-year-old actress’ character in the film, which moments before she’d revealed was biographical, was ‘skanky’.

When it comes to her no-holds-barred brand of comedy, “it doesn’t feel like I’m going out on a ledge,” she said. “I want to be honest about everything.” “I was a little fearful,” says Schumer of writing her dad Gordon’s battle with multiple sclerosis into the comedy’s story line. “It’s a disease a lot of people don’t know anything about but a lot of people have,” says Schumer, who was a kid when he was diagnosed. “I knew I was going to write about my dad and our relationship and how [with MS] you don’t know what’s going to happen – and that’s pretty unfair.” “In 2007 she came in fourth on NBC’s Last Comic Standing reality competition. She can do broad comedies (“Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” “21 Jump Street”), indie dramas (“The Spectacular Now,” “Short Term 12”) and hold her own alongside some of the biggest names in movies like “The Gambler.” She’s also shown her stuff behind the camera, having written and directed (with Jessie Ennis and Sarah Ramos) the short film “The Arm,” which won a Short Film Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival in 2012. And I have a theory of why we’re all falling hard for this raunchy, female-led comedy: It provides a hilarious yet refreshing – and not to mention honest – look at modern dating and relationships. The prolific stand-up and writer plays Gordon, Schumer’s onscreen dad, a cantankerous, mean-spirited New York Mets fan struggling with complications from multiple sclerosis. “Everyone is saying the same thing: ‘Hey, you’re pretty good in this movie,’” Quinn told EW. “I didn’t know I was considered bad before that.” Quinn has acted before — notably on episodes of Girls but also in the Grown Ups movies — but he has not played a real-life character as he does in Trainwreck. Larson can currently be seen on the bigscreen in the Judd Apatow hit “Trainwreck” as Kim, the younger, yet more mature sister to Amy Schumer’s hard-partying journalist Amy.

The role is a family affair, as Schumer’s real-life sister, Kim Caramele, serves as an associate producer on the film, in addition to being a writer-producer-performer on her sister’s hit series “Inside Amy Schumer.” Later this year, Larson will be seen in “Room,” based on Emma Donoghue’s bestseller about a young woman raising a 5-year-old son while in captivity. In fact, she reminds me of my closest friends, not because of her drug habit or borderline alcoholism, but because of her confidence in herself, by herself. It was nothing to take f—king lightly.” Quinn said that while Schumer left him alone when it came to the portrayal, two visits with her father (who’s also named Gordon) were key to his preparation for the part. “I got the fact that the guy was a wild guy back in the day.

After growing up with a father who instilled the belief that monogamy isn’t realistic, Schumer’s character in Trainwreck is staunchly against settling down. He said, “I’m working with Amy, can I send you some stuff?” He really educated me on her, he sent me her Howard Stern interview, among other things. Although the title of the film is Trainwreck, for the most part, Amy Schumer’s character seems to be completely in control of what and who she wants to do (even if it means pretending to fall asleep in order to avoid sleeping with a guy she’s not into.) She’s open about her sexual desires and takes her sex life by the horns. Sure, women have been socialized to believe that they need those things to find joy, but I know plenty who genuinely want a family, and that’s wonderful.

But she’s not making fun of humanity to say, ‘This is not the way to live.’ She’s just like, ‘This is the way we are.’” Quinn doesn’t have any other movies lined up at the moment, but fans can catch him on stage in Colin Quinn The New York Story, a new one-man show that Quinn wrote (it’s based on his book The Coloring Book). And they invited me to lunch and I called my agent and said, “I think I might be part of something … I’m going back for lunch tomorrow.” And that kind of went on for about a week. He tweeted about it: ‘Colin Quinn great,’” Quinn said. “The highest compliment you can give someone these days is if they tweet about it. ‘I drove all night to tell you how great it was.’ ‘Did you tweet about it?’ ‘No.’ ‘Oh, forget it.’” If you’re hoping to win over a woman (or in the case of the movie, turn her on), do not – I repeat – do not share the story about that time you saw her eating a pizza and thought she was a man. The script mocks the modern woman instead of bolstering her; she’s a “trainwreck,” not an empowered individual focused on her professional aspirations.

One of the most poignant moments in the movie comes when Schumer’s character owns up to her dysfunctional behaviour and admits “this isn’t working for me anymore.” Whether it’s drinking, having casual sex or dating people that just aren’t right for you – if it no longer feels like it serves you, don’t be afraid to let it go. With “Trainwreck,” she vindicates everyone who has told me since childhood that I’m going through a phase by not needing a relationship to be happy. When Amy’s character sets out to win back Aaron (Bill Hader), she goes to elaborate lengths: She employs the help of the Knicks City Dancers and allows herself to literally fall on her face. Whether it’s being real about how you feel about someone or performing a choreographed dance routine for your loved one, sometimes you have to just be willing to make a total fool out of yourself in the name of love. There were a couple of things (that) Kim was like, “If you need to use them, these are keys that will annihilate her.” That day in particular felt the most like we were re-creating scenes from their life.

There’s just so many elements to it that the book beautifully masks for you, the technicalities. (The boy) Jack is so innocent and beautiful, and his perception of everything is so beautiful.

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