‘Warcraft’ cast unleash film trailer at BlizzCon

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Blizzard is willing to risk making a Warcraft movie because of director Duncan Jones.

Chris Hardwick, from left, Duncan Jones, Toby Kebbell, Chris Metzen, Dominic Cooper and Ben Foster speak at the “Warcraft” Press Conference at BlizzCon at the Anaheim Convention Center on Friday, Nov. 6, 2015, in Anaheim, California. If you can’t wait to see Warcraft make its way on to the big screen then we have a little treat for you – as the first trailer for the film has been released. But once her shift ends, the 25-year-old plops in front of a computer and becomes a ferocious Troll that transforms into a Feral Druid to attack enemies in “World of Warcraft” with a couple of keyboard clicks.

Yes, the battle between the Orcs and the humans – based on the ever-popular game World Of Warcraft – was unveiled at Blizzcon, the annual convention devoted to its makers Blizzard Entertainment. Michael Fassbender and Justin Kurzel are currently in pre-production on Assassin’s Creed, which certainly has the potential to outgun its many disappointing forebears.

I know this crowd from both sides, so it was fantastic to be able to finally show them in person and release the trailer online for everyone who couldn’t be here.” Jones, the filmmaker behind the critical sci-fi successes “Moon” and “Source Code,” said he understands winning over the BlizzCon crowd is only half the battle. “We have to convince people who aren’t fans of ‘Warcraft’ that this is a movie that they’re going to understand, enjoy and love,” said Jones. “I keep telling everyone here that this is an opportunity for those who love ‘Warcraft’ to communicate to everyone else exactly what it is they love about ‘Warcraft.’” Despite the game series’ 20-year-old history and die-hard fanbase, Foster said he was undaunted when tackling the role of the magical Medivh. Which will be pretty familiar stuff to those who’ve played Warcraft, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (or MMORPG as it’s known) which has attracted over 100m users since it first launched in 2004. Chris Metzen, senior vice president at Blizzard, said World of Warcraft: Legion will include the Felstorm, spinning in the sky above the Broken Isles. And now comes Warcraft: the Beginning, with a highly-rated young director, Moon and Source Code’s Duncan Jones, who clearly cares enough about the outlandish fantasy world imagined in the game to risk his career on trying to convince non-believers.

The thing I love about Warcraft is that you get to be the hero no matter what your origin happens to be. [The orc] Durotan gets just as much time as [Alliance king] Lothar.” “The truth is, it’s kind of risky,” he said. “Why would you risk doing a film? Blizzard debuted the opening cinematic, which shows Alliance and Horde fighting together against demons and possibly the most-heroic vision of Alliance king Varian Wrynn and undead leader Sylvanas Windrunner conceived thus far. That also means persuading mainstream film critics, most of whom don’t strike one as the type to spend their evenings battling through swords and sorcery-style adventures, to suspend their disbelief and immerse themselves in this world of giant, muscular orcs and beardy warrior humans. We at Blizzard still don’t quite get our heads around how sacred that is to our player base.” “This was something that was super important to us,” Metzen said. “We sat down with Duncan and he showed us his vision, and we were like, he was pulling thoughts out of our head. You can check the new opening cinematic for the expansion below: Preorders are available now and will include a level-100 character boost and early access to the demon hunter.

The closed beta will launch later this month. “Fortunately, there is a soul-stirring within the void, a soul burning for vengeance: Illidan Stormrage is returning,” he said. By the way, nobody did it for free.” Patton, who plays the half-orc, half-human Garona, acknowledged one of the biggest challenges of her part was attempting to act while wearing pointy ears and tusks. In any case, there are heroes jumping on giant eagles, windswept snowy mountains, spectacular cities built into the sides of mountains and a whole lot of feisty blokes who resemble members of 1970s folk rock bands: every Tolkienesque box ticked, in other words.

Activision Blizzard partnered with Legendary Pictures to produce “Warcraft,” which is set for release June 10 and will be distributed by Universal Pictures. The storyline seems to be pitched around the first encounter between human and orc civilisations, the latter arriving through a portal into a peaceful world that doesn’t seem to have enough room for their giant green asses. Jones said he’s envisioned with Chris Metzen, Blizzard’s chief of story and franchise development, that the film could be the first installment in a film trilogy.

Neither are any of these environments – yet – as alluringly cosy-colourful as The Shire, Bag End or say … The Prancing Pony from Tolkien’s books. Where are the relatable, humble heroes to compare with Frodo or Bilbo Baggins, the home comfort-loving homunculi whisked from their cosy hobbit hole into the terrifying wider world beyond their borders? Not being a Warcraft gaming vet, he was surprised by the size of the movie’s setting and props. “I didn’t have a clue what I was getting myself into,” he said. “I had no idea what the scale was.

Perhaps that’s the best we could have expected, with the studio presumably determined to secure the support of all those subscribers first and foremost. So please do lend me your comments below: is Warcraft set to take its place in the grand pantheon of swords and sorcery fantasy, becoming the first video game movie to break through to a wider audience in the process? He no longer wants to participate, and he’s isolating.” Daniel Wu plays Gul’dan, the perpetually hunched orc mage who in traditional Warcraft lore entices some of the orcs to drink demon blood in an attempt to gain power and save their clan — to disastrous effect. “He’s trying to ensure the survival of his race, but he’s using methods others don’t agree with,” Wu said. “He thinks that’s going to be what saves all the orcs.” “Every night for five or six years, I’d be looking over her shoulder.

Or is Jones’ movie destined to appeal only to those who have spent many hours exploring every corner of this vivid, but on the face of it pretty formulaic online world? I jumped in and put the tusks on.” “The depth of human emotion that we all had to portray… it is entertainment, but it really mirrors the world that we’re in right now, that the idea of good vs evil doesn’t really exist. And then there are people who mismanage power and become corrupt by that.” “Garona is at the heart of our story, the heart of everything,” he said. “Garona is the bridging element between two cultures that have never met and are meeting for the first time.

Longtime Blizzard game designer Jeff Kaplan announced that the new Overwatch Origins edition will include an in-game Mini Winston pet for Warcraft palyers. The company also announced a new Hearthstone “adventure,” League of Explorers, which features Warcraft dwarf explorer extraordinaire Brann Bronzebreard; it will release Thursday. A number of new Warcraft-related heroes in Heroes of the Storm were announced, including Cho’gall, the two-headed orc sorcerer who makes up one hero controlled by two players.

Cho’gall is only available immediately to people who attended or paid for the BlizzCon stream; however, anyone who is on a team with someone who has Cho’gall can play with that person to control him, and then get him for themselves.

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