Vine Star Big Nik’s Big Night with The Biebs

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10 Times ‘BigNik’ Keswani’s Vines Explained How We Feel About Life.

This wonderfully unconventional gang of five, as featured in this week’s issue of PEOPLE, includes ‘momager’ Vaishali, “doctor dad” Anil, and their three children – each of whom brings a whole new meaning to family fun.”There’s a lot of funny stuff in our family,” Nik Keswani, better known as “Big Nik” on Vine, told PEOPLE Now. “A lot of people have told us ‘You guys could be a show,’ and I’d say, ‘Well, if someone hits me up about it, sure!’ ” The show – which features all five members of the not-so-normal family, including mom Vaishali, dad Anil, social media star Nik, budding beauty queen Sarina and transgender first-grader Devina – follows the crew as they navigate Nik’s impending departure for college, Sarina’s bikini photo shoots and pageants and Devina’s transition from male to female.A few years ago, the 17-year-old star of’s new web series, The Keswanis, underwent surgery on his legs, hips and ankles – a procedure that dad Anil is just one of “over a dozen” surgeries Nik has had through the years. “I worked in the intensive care unit, and I’ve cared for a ton of people when they’re sick or they’re dying, but I’ve never sat with my own child,” says Anil. “And you’re sitting there with your child, really helpless.” “It was completely awful, I felt like I was in hell,” recalls Nik, who has also lost his vision in one eye due to retinal detachment, which is common for kids with his form of dwarfism. “One day I just got really bored, I was sitting in my wheelchair and started making a video and two months later, it just blew up,” says Nik. “That’s how I started Vine.” “You don’t have to be big in height to be big, you just have to have a big personality,” he tells PEOPLE in the magazine’s latest issue, on newsstands Friday. It’s always comforting to find out that someone knows what you’re going through – especially when that person has found a way to turn those feelings and experiences into comedy.

After all, what’s traditional about being a 17-year-old Vine star (Nik), a 14-year-old breaking into pageants (Sarina), or a 6-year-old transgender princess (Devina)?Sure, Kim and Co. may have been all over our television screens and social media channels longer, but with a family that includes a Vine superstar – that would be eldest son, Nik, 17, or BigNik, as he’s better known online – a teenage pageant princess – middle child Sarina, 15 – and a transgender princess – Devina, the baby of the family at 6 – it’s really only a matter of time before the Keswanis take over as the most famous family in America.At some point we’re going to have to close the barn door on reality shows where viewers are treated to a voyeuristic peek into what really should be described as a crime in progress in the name of entertainment. I had a link sent to me for yet another example of such fare involving a web video series (as opposed to your usual cable TV lineup) put up by Titled The Keswanis: A Most Modern Family, the show focuses on the lives of an “unusual” family and follows them through their allegedly normal lives.

In the middle is Sarina, 15, a budding pageant contestant who’s navigating the emotional ups and downs of being a teenager – and learning to pose in a bikini. Smart, precocious and mature beyond her years, Devina’s journey – and her determination to be true to herself – is both inspiring and irresistible.

Formerly known as Dev, the child is described by the parents as having been “special” from his earliest days. (People) But it’s Devina, the youngest member of the Keswani clan, that really shook things up for the family. After an emotional heart-to-heart, the family realized they couldn’t deny Devina’s true self any longer. “Devina’s true self?” We’re talking about a six year old child. And as for what’s happening here, rather than some form of liberating social triumph, what we’re watching take place on this show is nothing short of child abuse. We’re not developed enough at the age of four or six to fully understand what gender even is, to say nothing of wrestling with questions about whether or not we’re happy with the gender we were born with.

This boy is being called by a new name, dressed in girls clothing and confused beyond the limits of what we should expect any small child to understand or endure. What’s to happen to little “Devina” in six or seven years when his hormones kick in and he suddenly realizes that he’s not only a boy but is interested in young girls? It’s now legal for a fifteen year old to get sex change surgery in Oregon and have it paid for on the taxpayer dime without the parents even being consulted. This isn’t just an abdication of parental responsibility at this point, it’s a situation where parents are becoming willing participants in the warping of their young children’s minds… and in some cases their bodies as well.

But we allegedly still have a responsibility to protect children who are not old enough nor mature enough to give consent to such things and give them a fighting chance at a normal life.

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