VIDEO: Watch Trailer for Rashida Jones’s HOT GIRLS WANTED Documentary

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Rashida Jones Porn Documentary Hot Girls Wanted Trailer is Disturbing.

Documentaries about sex work always risk falling prey to moralizing that doesn’t have much to do with the well-being of workers themselves. “Hot Girls Wanted,” a new documentary produced by Rashida Jones that arrives on Netflix today, certainly has concerns about the ways in which consumer demands affect the kind of pornography that’s getting produced and the way doing sex work affects the private lives of the women who are its subjects.

While Rashida Jones is best known for getting laughs on the big and small screens, the actress has taken on a serious role as producer of a documentary called “Hot Girls Wanted.” The movie focuses on the lives of young women featured in so-called amateur porn films, and Jones stopped by TODAY Wednesday to share why she got involved with the project. “I think porn is now prevalent,” Jones explained. “I mean, it’s almost part of our mainstream.Rashida Jones’ documentary called ‘Hot Girls Wanted’ has offered a disturbing inside look at the amateur porn industry and the young women who occupy it. The stunning documentary reveals the dark side of the subgenre, detailing how barely-legal women are recruited into uncomfortable and compromising situations.

The directors’ exploration of a porn series called “Latina Abuse,” that Jade, one of their subjects, stars in, reveals a virulent combination of racism and misogyny. It’s a totally unregulated industry.” “This particular part of the industry, amateur porn — which is not really amateur porn, it’s just made to seem like amateurs are involved — they attract 18-year-old girls to come work with the promise of glamour and success and fame, to be big stars,” she said. “And, you know, the reality’s a little different from that.” “This is not about people who come from broken homes to fill some hole in their heart,” Jones said. “I mean, these girls have great families and boyfriends.

Some of the girls found the jobs through unassuming ads on Craigslist. “You’re trying to be famous, so you do what you gotta do,” says one young woman. According to a statement by Netflix the documentary has been created not only to expose this awful business but to serve as a warning to all teenage girls and parents that good opportunities especially online are never what they seem. In a way, this model of porn production is a lot like Uber, the service that lets people sign up to provide driving services using their personal cars. As told from the perspective of some amateur porn stars and Riley, the women face physical and psychological abuse, health concerns and public criticism.

Both the new porn model and Uber have some advantages for consumers over the existing service providers, but they also shift major costs and risks onto workers themselves. In the trailer below, the saddest comment of all comes from the fresh-faced young woman who says: “This can’t be good for you to have sex that much, with that many different people.

Unlike legacy cab companies, Uber will tell you exactly who is coming to pick you up and gives you GPS information about how close the driver is and when he or she is expected to arrive, a dramatic improvement over calling for a cab that may never show up (or, if you’re African American, calling for or hailing a cab that then refuses to serve you). There has been a massive increase in amateur porn production due to the affordability of equipment that enables anyone to create and promote media products directly to an audience. Knox was able to make substantial amounts of money because she capitalized on her notoriety after a fellow student outed her, not because the work is actually remunerative. “Riley [a porn recruiter profiled in the film] said she wouldn’t even have made enough to pay for one class,” Gradus said. “Because there is this concept, and I think especially when you’re 18 or 19, you’re not thinking about net profit, you’re not doing an analysis before you go in.

They have big dreams about what that’s going to mean for them, but there’s the grunt work of going out on castings and the first time you is having sex on camera”. This is definitely one of the things you should consider, that you are not going to come home with a ton of cash.” Both Uber and the new business model for the porn industry are possible because of new technology. Uber drivers are fighting to be classified as employees, rather than independent contractors, to get access to the benefits and protections that would be due them if they actually worked for the company. I don’t want to go to college, meet someone when I’m in college, marry them, stay in my home town, have a bunch of kids and then die there.” Gradus drew the contrast even more starkly. “Most of them would have been first-generation college. So it was not really something that they had sort of been preparing to do all their lives,” she said. “When we asked them about college, they would say I don’t know, it puts you in so much debt and you don’t get a better job anyway …T he recruiter says I’m going to send you a plane ticket.

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