Trump test: Clinton lets Jimmy Fallon tug on her hair

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Hillary Clinton Impersonates (And Zings) Donald Trump With Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

While we’d love to eavesdrop on a real phone conversation between the former secretary of state and the GOP frontrunner, we’ll have to settle for this exchange between Clinton and Jimmy Fallon’s best impression of the business magnate. “You wanna win, here’s what you gotta do,” Fallon-as-Trump told the 2016 Democratic candidate during her appearance on “The Tonight Show” on Wednesday. “First: Yell.After listing a few examples of how she has fought for women, Clinton shot a question of her own to “Trump”: “What is your stance on women’s issues?” Clinton posed another question to “Trump” during a discussion on immigration: “Do you have any idea what it’s like to work so hard for something to be so close to getting it, then someone pops out of nowhere and tries to take it all away?”

The 2016 candidate appeared to be more than game for a laugh with host Jimmy Fallon as the pair engaged in a skit, and later in the interview, Clinton even attempted an impersonation of GOP front-runner Donald Trump. “I am thrilled to be here!In a segment recorded shortly before the first of the evening’s marathon GOP debates began on Wednesday night, Fallon – in a Trump wig and costume – asked Clinton: “Mr Trump insults and dismisses women.Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton visited “The Tonight Show” on Wednesday, making her first late-night appearance since declaring her presidential candidacy in April.

Jimmy Fallon “is a total lightweight,” Fallon told Hillary Clinton on Wednesday’s Tonight Show, in character as Donald Trump (the gold phone is a nice touch). “So I’m going to do him a favor and interview you instead.” Clinton, on an iPhone, poked fun at her own reputation: “That’s great — you know how much I love being interviewed.” And, proving them both right, it’s not exactly a hard-hitting interview. And this is my debut on your program!” gushed Clinton, before chatting about taking selfies with Kim Kardashian West, her much-discussed email controversy and being “tough enough” to be President. What would you do?” “I’ve spent my entire career fighting for womens’ rights,” Clinton replied, to cheers from the audience. “I pushed for equal pay in the workplace, reproductive rights, making affordable childcare a reality. They make fun of Trump’s hair, Bernie Sanders’ hair, Trump’s multiple marriages, and Clinton’s lack of pizzazz. “See, you sound like a robot,” Fallon’s Trump said, after Clinton answered his question about women’s rights. “You want to win? Fallon, as Trump, pretended to call Clinton, saying “I haven’t seen you since my last wedding,” to which Clinton responded, “I am sure I will see you at the next one.” Clearly enjoying Fallon’s digs at Trump [on the subject of women’s issues, he says, ‘I know a lot of women, and they all have issues,’] at one point she pretended to grab a pen to take notes but instead went for a large glass of white wine and took a swig.

I yell all the time.” He wasn’t done: “Next, pick three things everyone loves, and say you hate them.” It’s a novel way to conduct an interview of a major presidential candidate, and you can watch below. It wasn’t [classified] at the time, the stuff that is in there is very boring.” Speaking about Kardashian West, Clinton’s eyes lit up as she shared: “I have to say, she and her husband, Kanye, came to one of my fundraisers in L.A. – they were just delightful. She’s a pro at the selfie thing.” As well as laughing out loud when Fallon described her as a “tough mother” Clinton showed her soft, maternal side as she revealed that she’d once given Fallon advice on raising his children.

Bernie Sanders, may be feeling the pressure to get her message out to a broader portion of the electorate and steal back some of the thunder from her rivals. You have to be prepared to do it in a sensible, smart way, not bullying, but with a little more diplomacy.” Fallon then brought up the pesky email situation, wondering if Clinton wanted to keep her account under wraps because, like his mother, she writes her entire message in the subject line and was embarrassed for the world to find out. It’s a little hard to explain but sometimes different government agencies argue about what should or shouldn’t be what’s called classified.” She also clarified the now infamous gefilte fish email, explaining that she’d been asked to help get the delicacy into Israel in time for Passover — clearly an international emergency. Fallon in bronzer and a yellow wig — offered up unsolicited campaign advice as Clinton took generous swigs from a glass of wine and rolled her eyes.

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