Trump shows off humorous side during ‘Tonight Show’ appearance

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Donald Trump & Jimmy Fallon talk Kanye West, 9/11, and apologies on The Tonight Show.

The Republican presidential frontrunner cracked wise about Democrat Clinton Friday on “The Tonight Show,” telling host Jimmy Fallon that the ex-secretary of state has “had a very, very bad time. “I fully think apologizing is a great thing,” the famously self-assured Trump replied before winning the studio audience’s applause by adding: “But you have to be WRONG. … I will absolutely apologize sometime in the hopefully distant future if I’m ever wrong.” In what passed as one of the segment’s more serious moments, Fallon asked what Trump was doing on the campaign trail that his Republicans aren’t to win support from voters. “I think they want our country to be respected again,” Trump said. “I think they feel that if I’m president, I will do some great things for our country, and we’re gonna be respected again….It took a comedian to ask Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump some hard questions about his improbable rise to front-runner status in the nominating contest. “Here we are.Donald Trump’s Tonight Show interview with Jimmy Fallon on Friday — his first late-night appearance since announcing his bid for president — fell on the anniversary of the Sep. 11 attacks.

The real-estate mogul continued to crusade against the Iran deal, criticize Hillary Clinton and make nice with Carly Fiorina while Jimmy Fallon asked about some of Trump’s surprising tactics. There’s a movement going on, and it’s amazing to watch.” Trump’s interview session with Fallon was remarkably similar to a comedy sketch that had Fallon impersonating Trump, complete with orange wig, as they faced one another on opposite sides of a picture frame, as if one of them were the other’s mirror image. Consequently, the interview started off a more somber note than the goofy pre-interview sketch, which saw Fallon pretending to be Trump’s reflection. “In a certain sense it means strength, because the way the city bounced back. Asked by Fallon what he thought might be further revealed in the emails Clinton controversially routed through a private server while running the State Department, Trump predicted, “a lot of bad stuff. During the real, desk-and-sofa interview, Trump shared his vision as president for America: “We have to become rich again, and we’re going to become great again.” The crowd cheered.

Trump, his guest Friday night. “When did this happen?” In the businessman’s first late night show appearance since declaring his presidential bid in June, Mr. I’ll call you back after I comb my hair,” Fallon said in his best Trump-speak. “Talk to you in 3 hours.” Trump seemed game for the sketch’s sendup of his famous love affair with himself, his accent, and his penchant for going heavy on promises and light on details, occasionally favoring the studio audience with a bit of side-eye. Trump mainly smiled his way through an interview that tested the notoriously touchy billionaire’s ability to spar – and to take what he’d prefer to dish out — ahead of next week’s primetime GOP debate. Trump’s guest shot on the NBC show was taped only hours after he tweeted that he had purchased NBC’s half of the Miss Universe Organization, giving him full ownership and completing a divorce begun in June when NBC announced it was ending its relationship with its co-investor in the beauty pageants and the host of its long-running “The Celebrity Apprentice.” In June, the network had announced it would sever ties with Trump because of comments he made about Mexican immigrants during his campaign kickoff remarks. “I think you dig yourself a hole sometimes, a deep hole, and then instead of getting out of the hole, you just dig deeper.

Fallon also ribbed Trump about his vow to build a wall on the U.S./Mexico border, but his interest flagged when the candidate gave a non-jokey answer to a question about the economy. And if you keep digging, eventually you might come out in China and be the president of China.” As the interview drew to a close, Fallon proposed a new campaign song for Trump to consider. The only one qualified to interview me is me.” After an exchange with the requisite Trumpisms of “huge” and “genius” sprinkled throughout, Fallon’s Trump says, “Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.

After Trump said he’d go with Kanye West over Gary Busey for VP, Fallon drawled, “Alright, guess it’s time to go out and talk to that dopey goofball Jimmy Fallon and give him the biggest ratings his pathetic show has ever seen.” But it’s going to be a great wall.” In a sketch that supplemented the sitdown interview, he and Fallon wore matching dark suits – and sculpted coifs – for a take on the old ‘talking to myself in the dressing room mirror’ routine. Fallon also said that while Trump has gone from a joke candidate, with him not even believing Trump was serious about running when he announced it, to people taking his run more seriously, the perception of Hillary Clinton as a White House shoo-in has changed a bit.

At Fallon’s request, Trump also tried to offer the other major female candidate in the 2016 race, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, some pleasantries after having ridiculed her looks in a Rolling Stone interview. He said competitor Carly Fiorina was “a nice woman,” but said the former Hewlett-Packard chief executive had experienced rough patches in her business career.

Trump said his notes are all in his head: “I’m blessed with a great memory. … If you’re reading or if you have teleprompters … or even looking down all the time at notes, you’re not going to get the reaction from the crowd … When you get it right, it’s a thing of beauty.” He also repeated what he told The Hollywood Reporter that he would only apologize if he was wrong on something. The network dropped Trump’s beauty pageants, which they had partnered on, and said the real estate mogul would not appear in future seasons of the reality show “Celebrity Apprentice.” Even with Trump’s growing acceptance as a candidate who is leading in the polls, there are no plans to go back into business with him, according to a senior NBC executive who was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly. Trump also stuck around to do some affiliate promos with Fallon, during which the host told his guest, and the audience, that due to the equal-time rule, they can only show his face for four seconds.

He brought up his offensive comments about illegal immigration in his initial campaign speech – “those first two weeks, boy did I take heat” – but said that he was “right on it.” “Kanye has been so nice to me. I love people who are nice to me,” said Trump, who has built a reputation for viciousness against anyone who says “not-nice” things about him. “Kanye is actually, I know him a little bit, he’s actually a much nicer person than people think.

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