This ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ And Mario Kart Mashup Works Way Better Than It …

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Mel Gibson or Tom Hardy… who is the ultimate Mad Max?.

The British actor’s turn as the gruff ex-MFP officer fighting to survive in George Miller’s post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max: Fury Road has received rave reviews. The video imagines what would happen if Nintendo and George Miller teamed up for the summer action flick of the century, complete with a rainbow road, the voice of Mario and clouds that look like “Thunder Clouds.” Let’s just say it’s more violent than a typical Mario Kart race. Looking like a ‘black and blue pumpkin’ (his words), the rougher look impressed producers who could now see more to the otherwise conventionally pretty star. Antoinette, 63, a goddess of Afrikaans theatre and well-respected local actress, added another proudly South African element to the Hollywood blockbuster as one of the powerful Vuvalini women.

The New Yorker describes the Vuvalini as a “small and leathery tribe of matriarchs”, or as they were known by the film’s production designer – a bunch of “lovely old bikie chicks”. According to Antoinette the whole experience left her speechless as well. “I was like a ‘plaaskind’ in New York City,” she describes the magic and awe that was the Namibian set of Mad Max. “It was such an unbelievable experience.

The budget for the first film in 1978 was so tight that only Mel and his co-star were given actual leather… the rest of the cast has to make do with vinyl and plastic outfits! Even yesterday, after watching the film, I still couldn’t believe that I was part of it.” “For the final callback I had a Skype call with director George Miller and writer Brendan McCarthy.

I was lucky that I had the physical attributes they were looking for in the character with my long grey hair,” Antoinette humbly deflects the praise I send her way for landing a role alongside the A-list elite. “The day I met Charlize on the set there was a sandstorm in the desert. She was sick with the stomach flu but nevertheless came to meet us. “She held out her hand and I instinctively introduced myself in Afrikaans; ‘Ek is Antoinette Kellerman’. She is such a down to earth real person who still knows how to swear in Afrikaans,” Antoinette explains with a smile. “The Vuvalini women travel on motorbikes.

Sure Mel might have had the singer of ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It?’ in one of his films, but Fury Road features the actual grand-daughter of Elvis Presley! We were actually on location two weeks in advance to work on character development, table readings and to get firearm training. “I felt like a kid sitting in front of a plate stuffed with food not knowing where to begin eating.

My character had six costumes and I had people on standby to assist me in-between takes when I had to exchange the dummy firearm for the real, much heavier, thing. “Everything was amazingly put together and the attention to detail and safety was insane. I mean here I am…a stage actress standing in the middle of a Hollywood set…I still can’t believe it really happened.” “I’ve always been a huge fan of the Mad Max franchise so it was a huge honour for me to land a role in George’s latest film. Viewers will be hooked from the first second when a two-headed lizard pops out from behind a rock as Max (Tom Hardy) looks out over the endless nothingness that would play host to the film’s chaos that is about to kick off. What follows is an eruption of exploding car crashes that will catapult you into a 3D experience that will literally leave you feeling breathless while dodging flying bits of possible head crushing scrap metal.

It’s great to know that both South Africa and Namibia play a big role in the final product that we see on screen with most of the crew also from these two countries. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley leads the beautiful escapees, and is joined by Zoe Kravitz and Riley Keough (yes, the eldest grand-daughter of Priscilla and Elvis Presley). Verdict: Even though both men spend most of their time as Max behind the wheel of a car, in those rare moments when they have to flex their muscles, Hardy owns it.

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