The Walking Dead: Glenn’s fate revealed

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‘Walking Dead’: Glenn’s Fate Revealed.

After keeping diehard fans waiting for nearly a month, AMC’s The Walking Dead revealed the fate of Steven Yeun’s fan-favorite character Glenn Rhee during Sunday’s episode. The episode’s cold open brought viewers right back to the now infamous “dumpster scene” in which Nicholas (Michael Traynor) shot himself in the head after mumbling “thank you” to Glenn. But fans have been left hanging on whether Glenn was definitively killed for weeks now, because the camera cut away during his ambiguous death sequence. We saw him and Nicholas fall off the dumpster from a different angle, revealing that the walkers were chomping on Nick’s innards, and Glenn crawled under the dumpster to survive.

And in blatant subterfuge, the showrunners for AMC’s post-apocalyptic hit not only refused to confirm whether Glenn really died – only releasing a statement that “in some way, we will see Glenn, some version of Glenn or parts of Glenn again” – but they also pulled actor Steven Yeun’s name out of the show’s opening credits for the last three episodes. Sunday night’s episode opened with a replay of the hotly-contested scene, but this time the audience could clearly see the zombies tearing apart a body lying on top of Glenn, and not Glenn himself. Unfortunately, after weeks of debate about whether or not Glenn was alive, building to his next possible death just doesn’t seem all that important.

He asks about wife Maggie’s (Lauren Cohan) fate and, after Enid bails, begins running after the youngster in an effort to bring them both back to Alexandria. It’s then that the opening credits roll, with Yeun’s name back where it belongs after it was strategically removed for a few episodes as the zombie drama based on Robert Kirkman’s comics left Glenn’s fate up in the air. If the show ends up following the comics and has him die at the hands of Negan later in the season, it’s going to be very hard to pack the right kind of punch. Yet the moments like that, which should have packed an emotional wallup, were rather blasé—we didn’t feel worried for Maggie because we weren’t worried ourselves. The introduction of Negan is one of “The Walking Dead’s” most iconic moments, as he smashes Glenn’s head in with his baseball bat, Lucille, in the graphic novels.

Fans went so far as to crawl under dumpsters to illustrate such a move was possible. (As of press time, nearly 85 percent of the more than 70,000 who voted in THR’s poll believed that Glenn was still alive.) In the weeks ahead of Sunday’s episode, which set up next week’s midseason finale, many critics took issue with the series potentially faking Glenn’s death a la Game of Thrones and Jon Snow. Clearly, the show is going to need to do something to give his entrance into the series the impact it needs, but perhaps Glenn’s head doesn’t need to be on the other end of that bat.

No matter what happens to these characters — any of these characters — it’s not like, ‘This thing happened and we’ll figure out what it means,’ ” he told THR, stressing patience with the storyline.”We mapped these characters’ lives out and we map their deaths out. So instead of wondering if Glenn’s going to bite the dust once again at the end of Season 6, try to figure out who would be a suitable replacement to surrender their life to Negan.

But even the things that happen outside of life and death — the things these characters do, the choices they make — all of it is a piece of telling this story of this world and these people.” In addition to being a fan favorite, part of the uproar over Glenn’s possible death came from diehard comic fans who were upset thatThe Walking Dead would remix — or omit — one of, if not the comics’ biggest moments yet. (Warning: Spoilers from the comic series ahead.) In the series’ landmark 100th issue, Glenn is shockingly executed during the group’s first confrontation with dastardly villain Negan. Saavy spies took pictures of Steven Yeun on set after his supposed end, and since he was interacting with characters not yet introduce in season 6, internet sleuths were quick to shout on Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit that Glenn Rhee was not dead.

Glenn, one of a few original series regulars to remain, has never killed a human — a rare and impressive feat as survivors continue to be the bigger threat than zombies. (Gimple called Glenn’s feat a “very quiet but big part of his character.”) For his part, Glenn has been focused on transforming Nicholas into a character worthy of redemption after he was responsible for Noah’s death last season.

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