‘The Vampire Diaries’: Damon and Bonnie Explore Their New Dynamic (Exclusive …

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Ian Somerhalder Gets Naked in New ‘Vampire Diaries’ Season 7 Promo (VIDEO).

The Vampire Diaries is filled with love triangles and drama and romance, but there’s no love triangle that’s caused more disputes than the one that started it all.What we know so far is that in season seven, Damon and Bonnie would be spending a lot of time together fighting off different elements causing fans to wonder if Bonnie would be Damon’s romantic replacement for Elena.Ian Somerhalder delivered a steamy tweet to the world yesterday, September 29, to tease that his character, Damon Somerhalder, will be stripping down to his bare bum for a very special Season 7 moment.

Somerhalder’s character Damon is now all alone after his lover Elena (Nina Dobrev), was caught up in an evil spell binding her existence to Bonnie’s death. The question of which Salvatore brother Elena Gilbert really belongs with has been the start of TVD fan feuds since 2009—and despite the fact that Elena is now comatose, they will probably continue until the end of time. The season 7 premiere of “The Vampire Diaries” is coming on Thursday, October 8, and The CW is not waiting any longer to lift the veil on the first poster for the show! This entails that lovers will earn to get the childrens because were actually in Season one and a pair of — Damon along with devil-may-care mind-set and bad-boy brighten that women reduced in completely love by using, and Stefan is free of charge beginning with the 150-year treasure triangular that she and Damon can entrap on their own in.

Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline’s (Candice King) romance could result in some cute and embarrassing moments, but it’s Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) relationship that’s about to get cringe-worthy. Nina recently opened up about whether or not her character would come out of her coma, and she told EW, “I can’t wait to see what the new season will look like”.

The handsome actor appears completely naked in the new clip as he shows off his toned abs and bears all after throwing his towel in Alaric’s (Matthew Davis) direction, and it looks like he’s certainly not afraid to show off a little skin. The moment you’ll want to pay attention to, however, comes at the end when Alaric Saltzman tells Damon, “You know, clothes would be nice.” Damon proceeds to take off his towel and throw it in Alaric’s face. In The Hollywood Reporter’s exclusive video from the season seven premiere, Bonnie keeps track of the guys drinking their way through Europe and Damon points out if she chokes on the cocktail peanuts, he could tell Elena what’s going on himself. This moment is fan fiction-inspiring but also makes us wonder if Alaric is trying to ruin everyone’s happiness by putting a damper on Damon’s scandalous scene. Take a look at what they stated: Ian on Damon: “It’s impossible”. “By the time they get back, they have to deal with things in their own very interesting way”.

From Stefan being in love to Alaric being in a rage since the death of his wife and unborn twins, there are a few aspects of the characters that many have missed. Elena is in a coma until Bonnie dies, but the journals will fill her in on what she missed. “When she wakes up in 60-some years and finds out that Rick died from alcohol poisoning, she’s gonna want to know what happened,” Bonnie remarks. “Unless you tragically choke to death on those cocktail peanuts, and then I can tell her myself,” Damon smiles. Their relationship didn’t come without its ups and downs (we all remember Ripper Stefan, right?), but one of my favorite things about their relationship was that Stefan always let Elena have a say.

After all, it’s Bonnie’s life that is keeping Elena unconscious. “Now, they still have that but there’s this underlying resentment on both sides,” Plec told Fanbolt in July. “For Damon, he’s like making jokes about like ‘Oh Bonnie you’d better chew that sandwich well, because I’d hate for you to choke and die! She’s whiny and needy, and my favorite Elena moments were when she shut off her humanity and lost control. #NeverForgetNoHumanityElena That being said, imagine a relationship with Elena and Stefan.

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