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The Next Bachelor Is One of Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Bachelorette Suitors …

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5 Nick Viall Love Lessons Every ‘Bachelorette’ Fan Needs To Follow.

Have we already met the new star of The Bachelor? Shawn is intense and fun and Ben is a positive dude but Nick “kind of has it all.” So says Kaitlyn Bristowe, who is zeroing in on her potential mate before The Bachelorette’s summer finale in two weeks.

Twelve Canadian teams made their way by horse-drawn carriage through Quebec City to the starting line, where host Jon Montgomery set the third season of The Amazing Race Canada in motion.It’s been an emotional ride for Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe, but we are down to three guys and, personally, I think Kaitlyn has a deeper connection with Nick Viall and Shawn Booth than with Ben Higgins.It’s that time of year again — time for the Season 11 Bachelorette contestants to reunite under the moderation of Chris Harrison for the “Men Tell All” Special.Bachelorette contestant Ian Thomson’s mid-season exit was a disaster, but his upcoming appearance on the Men Tell All special will give fans an opportunity to see the softer side of the handsome Princeton grad. In this exclusive clip from Monday’s installment of the reality dating competition, Kaitlyn talks with host Chris Harrison about Shawn’s jealous ways, and how Nick seems to have something the other guys don’t – her unabashed admiration!

Dancing exes, family-oriented brothers from Hamilton and a pair of corrections officers from British Columbia were only some of the eclectic characters that made up the diverse and hilarious cast who began their journey to win the largest prize in Canadian television history, consisting of free gas for life, brand new Chevrolet trucks and $250,000. However, there’s something about the relationship between Shawn B. and Kaitlyn that is different from her relationship with Nick, and it certainly seems like it’s love. We have to wait until Monday, July 20 to see how the annual brofest plays out on-screen, but thanks to spoiler guru Reality Steve, we’ve got some solid intel on how the July 11 filming played out. He will never, ever be The Bachelor.” Software salesman Ben Higgins, 26, software sales executive Nick Viall, 34, and personal trainer Shawn Booth, 28, are all still in the running for Bristowe’s final rose.

But before that, the two share a cute moment as they try to feed a couple of donkeys and their good deed backfires. “Immediately the donkeys were, like, attracted to us, so we were feeding them and they were loving it,” Kaitlyn says in a sneak peek clip. “Once we walked away, they were chasing us.” Lawrence River to hop on a flight to Toronto, where they faced their first Road Block, tasking them with delivering the sports news alongside James Duthie at TSN. Contrary to public opinion, I think that Nick would be a great guy to fall in love with, and — I can’t believe I’m saying this — Nick would be the best guy to date out of any of the remaining guys on The Bachelorette. First off, as any Bachelor Nationer knows, whoever takes the hot seat alongside host Harrison (and later, the Bachelorette) gets the main focus in the episode. He has proved that he’s a good guy and that he’s “there for the right reasons.” Last week, Kaitlyn finally confessed to Shawn that she had sex with Nick pre-Fantasy Suites.

The four guys hopping up on stage this year will be villain (and one half of this season’s bromance) JJ Lane, muscly sweetheart Ben Zorn, total gentleman Jared Haibon, and SPOILER ALERT Ben Higgins, Kait’s third place finisher. Max and Elias (an MMA fighter who is undefeated in the UFC), a dating couple from Toronto in their “honeymoon phase,” faced a major set-back when Elias’ dyslexia made the already difficult pronunciations even more challenging and the two were ultimately the last couple to reach the season’s first pit-stop located at the Air Canada Centre. When Ian told Kaitlyn (Week 6) that he was leaving because he thought she was “shallow” and only there to “make out with a bunch of dudes on TV,” fans instantly made him out to be more villainous than JJ and Clint combined — not that they were particularly good at being villains.

Shawn, who looks like a beautiful combination of Ryan Gosling and Calvin Harris, was a fan favorite from the beginning as well as a Kaitlyn favorite (hi, First Impression rose!). Not even the power of the last laugh could save 27-year-old California poker dealer Da’Vonne Rogers from eviction when she became the second houseguest eliminated from the Big Brother house, following a devious week. But he started to unravel with more than a little bit of jealousy once Nick came into the fold, which makes Us worried that he may not be cut out for this whole Bachelor/Bachelorette thing. Although the entire house had been targeting pot-stirrer Audrey Middleton, it was Head of Household Shelli Poole who had different plans, gunning for Da’Vonne from the start once tension grew between them.

In the end, Shawn decided that even though he was upset by the news, he wanted to stay and try to make things work between them because he’s an awesome dude. One would hope she would understand that Ian probably didn’t intend to talk down to her — perhaps he was disappointed that he didn’t find a connection and spoke out of frustration. But he totally broke our heart during last week’s one-on-one when he told Kaitlyn his last breakup made him feel “unloveable.” Is it possible that this season’s Nice Guy could be too fragile to be The Bachelor? Once Da’Vonne won the week’s BB Takeover twist that allowed her to choose three houseguests to sit out of the week’s vote, it looked like she may have earned a fighting chance to remain in the game.

Not much info just yet on what Ben Z. talked about, but our guess is that the producers wanted to test out his audience appeal for the next Bachelor 2016 gig. For an extremely smart guy, he didn’t choose the best parting words, but he who knows how much of his conversation was edited — especially the parts where they didn’t show him actually speaking.

Nick’s pre-Fantasy Suite romp with Kaitlyn was the heavy breathing heard ‘round the world, and judging by the Internet’s reactions, he could be approaching Juan Pablo Galavis-levels of hatred by the majority of Bachelor Nation. Ian’s former castmate Josh Seiter tells Radar Online that many of the contestants on the show were told what to say, and their actions were controlled by producers. He’s always been upfront, which leads us to our next lesson… Especially on a show like this, there’s really no time to hold back what you’re feeling because you never know when you are going to get a chance to be alone or talk again. Seiter went on to say that producers also made most of the decisions as to who stays and who goes, making the whole show sound just like the scripted series UnReal.

Both Kentucky insurance agent Joe Bailey and sensitive restaurant manager Jared Haibon were eliminated when Kaitlyn narrowed down her pack of bachelors to only three finalists. She then decided to finally come clean to the hyper-sensitive Shawn about her one-on-one overnight engagement with Nick a few weeks prior, that had been causing her mountains of stress, sleepless nights and probably a few grey hairs. “At night we went back to my place and I just felt like it went too far and it’s hard for me to admit it, but we had sex,” she said. Kaitlyn and Shawn’s first kiss after a week apart from each other brought back all the feelings they were missing and proved that they had a strong connection. But that didn’t stop the blonde bachelor from taking his anger out on “The Other Guy.” Following his perfect overnight fantasy suite date with Kaitlyn, Nick returned to his hotel room, where Shawn confronted him. After seven incredible weeks of original, daring and jaw-dropping auditions, America’s Got Talent ended their spirited 10th season try-outs with high-octane energy.

Then, professional extreme eater Patrick “Deep Dish” Bertoletti broke a world record on stage by chugging down 120 raw eggs (weighing 15 pounds in soggy goodness). “Nobody’s dumb enough to do this but me,” he said with pride. And Duo Volta, an ex-couple of trapeze artists mastered their coordinated number. “He’s the one that catches you and holds onto you but in life, he let you go,” Howie Mandel joked about the previously dating-duo. Next week, guest judges Neil Patrick Harris, Michael Buble, Marlon Wayans and Piers Morgan help narrow down the acts. 31-year-old North Carolina home cook, Kerry Prince was eliminated from MasterChef after failing to nail a pan-seared scallop with quail eggs during the week’s pressure test. After relentless judging and choreography testing, So You Think You Can Dance determined the season’s top 20 dancers, consisting of 10 on Team Stage and 10 on Team Street.

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