The Force Awakens Internationally with $14.1 Million on Wednesday

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‘Star Wars’ fans are a Force all their own in Baltimore.

LOS ANGELES — Harrison Ford has offered no meaningful advice to his young co-stars in Star Wars: The Force Awakens because everyone’s burst into stardom is so different. “I’m not going to tell them how to navigate this personal space,” the wily Hollywood veteran tells a Star Wars press conference. “But they’re in for a big ride, and they know it, I think.

The latest “Star Wars” movie, “The Force Awakens,” has set the record for movie ticket sales before its release with box office of more than $60 million.Star Wars is a piece of pop culture many of us have grown up with — even for Calgarians approaching 50, it can be the stuff of treasured childhood memories.Star Wars fans Caroline Ritter and Andrew Porters have set up camp at the front of the line outside the TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, where they’ve been sitting for the past 12 days. We wanted to know about our readers’ connection with Star Wars, so last week we sent out a call for readers to share their experiences with Star Wars. In “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace,” we find out Anakin Skywalker and his mother are human slaves on the desert world of Tatooine–but visiting Jedi warriors don’t lift a finger (or a lightsaber) to try to end slavery on the planet.

Abrams, a director who’s already breathed welcome new life into what had been a stalling “Star Trek” franchise, star warriors the world over have been awaiting this latest chapter (the seventh, for those counting) in the continuing saga of the Force and all those affected by it. He then hooks up with the heroine Rey — who is played by 23-year-old Daisy Ridley — and ends up in the orbit of Han Solo, with Ford reprising his most famous role.

Throughout the series, and in the latest installment, intelligent robots are treated as property–but the enslavement of thinking beings doesn’t seem to be a pressing concern for anyone. Dressing up isn’t unusual for the couple — Melissa shared some previous Christmas pics as well, featuring everything from ugly Christmas sweaters to the pair made up to look like seniors — she says the annual pictures have become a “huge hyped-up event for our family and friends.” As for her Star Wars plans, she says they’ve got their tickets in hand for opening weekend — but because of the intense demand, they won’t be able to go until Saturday. “I think it’s safe to say that from the time I was six years old until I was in Grade 6, it was life-encompassing for me.

The long-engaged couple were already planning to travel to Los Angeles for the premiere, and when they heard that the Chinese Theatre was considering hosting a Star Wars-themed wedding, they immediately signed on. Yes, “Star Wars” is just a space opera, and we shouldn’t take too seriously any movie franchise that once featured a character like Jar Jar Binks. As for Boyega, his character sheds his impersonal Stormtrooper designation, FN-2187, and becomes known as Finn while getting involved with the Resistance in the early scenes.

But many artificial intelligence experts believe that in the coming decades it’s not an outlandish proposition that thinking machines could become a reality. Recent TV shows (“Humans”), movies (“Ex Machina”), comics (“Alex + Ada”) and scholarly nonfiction books (such as “The Technological Singularity” by robotics professor Murray Shanahan) have grappled with the possible moral consequences of thinking machines asserting their independence. Tom Atkinson, curator of the Star Toys Museum in Linthicum (which he runs out of his house, tours by appointment), plans to show up in his Jedi robes (the same ones he wore for an MPT piece about his awesome collection of “Star Wars” toys that aired a few years back).

I want to fly back and see this with everyone here.’” The entire wedding will be filled with details from a galaxy far, far away, with hundreds of fans expected to attend in costume. The robots in the series–“droids” in “Star Wars” lingo–are portrayed to be at least as smart as humans, and they bond and form friendships with each other and with their human owners. For them, life doesn’t get any better than when they’re transporting themselves to the “Star Wars” universe. “You’ve been waiting your entire life, for most people, to find out what happens,” says Kellie Hendley, a preschool teacher in her mid-30s who notes that, chronologically, the last to feature this narrative was “Return of the Jedi,” which came out in 1983.

This was somewhat of an embarrassment for me and some of my early dates but it was eventually replaced with a somewhat generic doctor’s office pattern. Darth Vader will walk the bride down the aisle to “The Imperial March,” and although Ritter will wear a classic white dress, her mother handmade a fur wrap for the occasion, which the bride then decked out in crystal X-wing fighters. Boyega, who made his movie debut in the excellent British sci-fi comedy Attack the Block (2011), attacks the question with a giddy combination of humility and impish humour aimed. “I don’t know if I’m ready for this whole thing,” Boyega admits. “I just know that I’m just in it — and it’s going to come out, regardless. For him, the movies’ appeal is easy to pin down. “You have good guys and you have bad guys, it’s just that simple,” he says. “For me, that’s one of the things I had originally like about ‘Star Wars.’ There are good guys and there are bad guys.

Morrison says he plans to attend the movie this weekend with his son, Christopher: ” We intend to watch the first six films again in order before then. Wright is the base commander for Maryland and D.C., so you know where his heart lies this weekend. “We do a lot of cool stuff together,” Wright says of his fellow Legion members. “We hang out together, both after events and during events. One impressive thing is how Boyega refuses to turn his casting into a race issue, with his black African heritage. “I don’t really care about the black Stormtrooper stuff. Three years after the battle on Geonois the Jedi Knights and clone army have been fighting the Confederacy of Independent Systems lead by Count Dooku and a cyborg Gen. And it has an undertone and a message of courage, of friendship and loyalty.” That said, Boyega has been teased about his race, and his casting, by none other than Samuel L.

Jackson, who played Jedi Master Mace Windu in George Lucas’ prequel trilogy. “I was at a party,” Boyega recalls, “and someone behind me tapped me on the shoulder and (said): ‘Yo, black Jedi!’ I turned around and it was Samuel Jackson. But no film series has been more successful than “Star Wars” — all told, the six movies (and their reissues/special editions) have brought in over $2.2 billion at the U.S. box office, according to Box Office Mojo, while the total franchise value (including merchandising, licensing and other sources of revenue) has been estimated at $37 billion. In 1977 Carrie Fisher played Princess Leia when she was 21 years old, three years before the actress who played her mother, Natalie Portman (Queen Amidala), was born.

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