The Following Series Finale: EP Talks Rogue Ryan, No-Show Joe & ‘Forever …

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‘The Following’ Season 3 Finale News, Spoilers: FOX Unveils Promo Video for Series Finale Episodes.

To the disappointment of fans, Fox’s hit psychological thriller “The Following” featuring Kevin Bacon as Ryan Hardy, is one of the many cancelled series announced last week and this Monday will see the last of its airing.The Following signed off on Monday by answering the question of whether Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) could actually get a happy ending following the death of Joe Carroll (James Purefoy). Tonight, we get the final two hours of The Following‘s three-season run, and while we don’t want to say goodbye, we are also eager to see how this season ends. Spoiler reports indicated that show’s season ender will exceed such expectations with more bloody encounters and death counts including a major character.

In the wake of Theo (Michael Ealy) kidnapping Gwen (Zuleikha Robinson) with an aim to raise Ryan’s unborn child to be a serial killer, Ryan shot this season’s bad guy, who ultimately got the last laugh by sending them both over a bridge to the dangerous waters below. We were all sad to hear that Fox wouldn’t be granting us a fourth season of the inventive and chilling drama that we’ve been watching through our fingers for the last three seasons, but as we have little say in the matter, we can at least send the show off in style. EW caught up with executive producer Alexi Hawley to find out what would’ve happen had the show been renewed: ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did you ever consider changing the ending and actually killing Ryan, or was there not enough time once you found out the show was canceled?

But Ryan has risen above the controversy, returning full-time to the FBI, alongside MIKE WESTON (Shawn Ashmore) and Ryan’s niece, MAX HARDY; and finding a pure relationship with GWEN (Zuleikha Robinson, “Homeland,” “Rome”). It remains to be seen how the suspenseful dramatic situation will play out. “The FBI hunt for Theo continues and the stakes are higher than ever as some of their own come under attack. But his happiness is shattered when a new threat arises – one that will tear open old wounds and expose the sins of the past – forcing Ryan and his team to unravel a twisted web of violence before it destroys them all – while leading them to face a terrifying truth: Joe Carroll was just the beginning. As suspicions rise, alliances are shaken and no one is safe in the harrowing final heart-stopping moments on the all-new, special two-hour “Dead or Alive/The Reckoning” Season Finale episode…” The reality of it is given the way we were airing our last four episodes back-to-back and then back-to-back, we had to lock everything before we found out our fate.

Hopefully all these questions (and so, so many more) will be answered by the end of tonight’s two-hour finale, and we will have closure on a series that was original, terrifying, and always kept us on the edge of our seats. Personally, I feel like the ending is incredibly dynamic in the way it would’ve held us into season 4 if we had one, but I also feel like, as a place to leave off, it leaves off with more story left to tell, which I don’t think is a bad thing. We set out at the beginning of the season to tell this story and we wanted to end it with Ryan coming to realize that the questions he’s been asking for three seasons—”Can I have a life outside of my obsession?

These final two episodes are titled “Dead or Alive” and “The Reckoning,” and the show details that one person’s true nature is about to be revealed. The idea that people with almost unlimited resources could actually protect themselves and their evil proclivities would’ve been an interesting direction to take the show.

People with those kind of resources who can corrupt FBI agents like Lisa Campbell (Diane Neal), who have money to buy off anybody, would’ve changed the show in a really interesting way. How do you come out of it a good person?” At this stage, knowing the risks, knowing the dangers to everybody he loves, Lisa Campbell was obviously a bad guy and people were dead because of her. That felt like the most compelling—even though it was the meanest thing we could do—version of their proclaiming their love and also dovetailing with Mike and Mark (Sam Underwood) on the resolution to their story.

Obviously Mike survives, but I don’t know if you noticed, but our last shot on Mark, he actually has the trace of a smile on his face because he thinks that he’s succeeded.

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