“The Flash” Recap: Wally West Debuts in Emotional Winter Finale

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“The Flash” Recap: Wally West Debuts in Emotional Winter Finale.

It’s safe to say that Wally West is one of the most beloved characters in the DC universe, where he’s been a mainstay since his comic book introduction as Kid Flash in 1959.Earlier this season, Iris (Candice Patton) uncovered the real reason why her mother Francine (Vanessa Williams) returned to town: She’s dying… oh, and she has a kid she never told Joe (Jesse L.

As many comic book fans know, the Flash Family is nowhere near small, and fans are already getting a taste of it on the CW show “The Flash,” especially as three iterations of the character, as of this season’s mid-season finale are all in Central City. There just happens to also be some life-or-death drama surrounding it during “Running to Stand Still.” It’s the dichotomy between the two that demonstrates just how strong The Flash’s character work can be when it isn’t about the heightened stakes of a world full of metahumans. Ever since the producers of “The Flash” announced that the speedster would be joining the show in Season 2, fans have been clamoring for a look at Barry Allen’s (Grant Gustin) comic book sidekick-turned-successor, who is portrayed in live-action by Nigerian-Australian actor Keiynan Lonsdale. Only when he shows up on The Flash Tuesday night, his Wally will be power-less, instead bringing in a powerful dose of family drama for Iris and Joe West. Barry is, knowingly in some cases and completely oblivious in others, wrapped up in all of them, but the emotional struggles of those around him make his actual battle with the returning Weather Wizard and the Trickster look like any average brawl.

His mind goes directly to that: Will I be able to have a relationship with this kid, and if so what kind of relationship am I going to have if I haven’t been in his life since he grew up?” Joe is even able to forgive Francine rather quickly, which leads to their relationship being in an “awesome” place, says Martin. “He could be really upset that she didn’t tell him, but this news comes up, and for whatever reason, Joe feels like he needs to forgive as opposed to being angry about it.” But how will Wally feel about Joe trying to be his father? There were some intense emotional moments, especially between Joe and Iris, and Barry came very close to telling Patty the truth about being The Flash. However, more recently, in the New 52 line of DC Comics, Wally was portrayed as Iris’ bi-racial nephew whom she asked Barry to keep an eye on as he had ended up in bad company. Wally is making his debut in the ninth episode of the second season, “Running to Stand Still,” in which he will interrupt some early holiday celebrations to reunite with his family.

Lonsdale spoke with USA TODAY about how he came to be Wally West and why he found himself drawn to the role — and it wasn’t just because he would get to wear a super suit. James Jesse is in, of course, because if the multitude of Flash drawings on his cell are any indication, he hasn’t thought of much else since his last battle with Barry. One thing I can say is Wally’s really into drag racing, which is not the ideal thing when your father is a detective and your sister’s a reporter. [Laughs.] So that’s going to cause some tension, and Iris, especially … she’s a fierce character so she’s pretty concerned over that, which kind of shows that she’s accepting him as a brother, really. However, those who are hoping to see him being light hearted will not be getting it in the mid-season finale and in the episodes centered around the Wests when they are dealing with family, as those episodes will be a little bit more serious in tone for now.

When they told me at the audition that I was going for a really iconic character, and they said it was Kid Flash, I was like ‘That’s crazy.’ Because I’d looked it up and I’d kind of done my research. Then maybe about a week later, my team called me, “You’re not going forward for Legends, but they want you to come in and audition for this show called The Flash. He also mentioned that his iteration will have an inherent love for drag racing, and mentioned that it will take some time for the entire West family to come together as a whole unit, especially as they will have to take some time to get to know Wally, and vice versa. Wally — who would eventually become the main Flash, and even join the Justice League — is known for his pasty skin, fiery red hair and a personality to match.

Hamill previously portrayed James in season one, but something about his performance tonight felt a thousand times more over the top than any portrayal of The Trickster so far. Iris has revealed to him the secret of her previously unknown brother, sitting alongside Iris as she finally breaks the news to Joe. (Cue the first of many times Jesse L. It hasn’t yet been confirmed when the future speedster will be getting his powers, which Lonsdale himself is preparing for, but the fact remains that from here on out, Wally will become quite an important member for the show and for Team Flash. As the opening of this episode started, Mark Mardon/Weather Wizard (Liam McIntyre) is seen breaking into Iron Heights prison and busting out two imates: Leonard Snart/Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller,) and James Jesse/The Trickster. That man knows how to do a “fighting back the tears” face like few others.) The name is what really gets Joe — Wally is short for Wallace, which is what they would have named Iris had she been a boy.

It’s curious to note that Zoom’s plan mirrors what Wells wanted to do last season — they both want to use Barry’s power for their own nefarious purposes. Zoom’s scheme aside, most of the episode revolves around an unlikely team-up of Weather Wizard, the Trickster, and Captain Cold, a trio of supervillains with completely different styles and desires. Knowing that Mardon killed her father, Barry tries to be there for her, not wanting her to be reckless, but she believes zeroing in on Mardon isn’t being reckless. Well, Barry’s a good guy, and they’re all good people, but I think that that can sometimes be frustrating for Wally, because he’s trying to find his place in this family, but his place is almost already filled by this other son that Joe has. Barry is going to try to do his job, too, even if Patty thinks he’s so far behind on the Central City gossip that he doesn’t even know about Harrison Wells.

Lonsdale got to step into a well-established franchise with his character of Uriah Insurgent, but his research going into The Flash was on a whole other level. Whereas he could read two books to prepare as Uriah, Wally West has a rich, 50-year comic history (the character debuted in Flash #110 in 1959) that would make it difficult for Lonsdale to even scratch the surface. She does decide to tell The Flash about it, which, as it turns out, isn’t just about killing Mardon — it’s about getting rid of the incredible guilt she is carrying for thinking her father’s death was her fault. It’s a lot more to think about with ‘The Flash’ because it’s a part of the comic book world and there are so many different versions to research, and so many different versions of Wally West, then there’s the show, then there’s the original show.

Even if I don’t get the job, I still like this show, and I really like The Flash, so I’ll keep the comics anyway.” Luckily it worked out, because I have a few now. Oh dear lord the thirst is real,” as Cisco puts it, sums up that flirtmance perfectly), so it seems feasible that another wand can be built as an early Christmas present for Barry. So, Snart decides to break into Joe’s home to wait for Barry. (While sitting around, he fires up some hot cocoa and delightfully drinks it from a reindeer mug. I’m sure like a lot of other kids, I spent a lot of hours creating superhero powers for myself in the laundry room, and running and jumping all over the place.

Unfortunately, it also sends Patty into the line of fire. (ASIDE: It’s tough not to have the iconic Batman: The Animated Series episode “Christmas With the Joker” in mind throughout the episode, from the Trickster mentioning “Harley” to him singing “Flashy the Red-Nosed Speedster”: “Flashy the red-nosed speedster had a very shiny suit. And if you ever saw him, you might even want to puke.” It may not go down in history as iconic as “Jingle Bells, Batman Smells,” but it’s nice to see Hamill delighting in the chance to once again bring a devilish character to life. Even more recently, I’m still learning more and more about Wally because the guys at DC just sent me a bunch of the old comics, which is really cool. It’s cool, it’ll definitely be interesting to watch their relationship, and Wally’s relationship with everyone kind of grows, because he’s being introduced and he doesn’t know these people, so that’s always kind of a tough thing. END ASIDE) The two separately follow a reflection in the video to an abandoned factory — here’s your weekly reminder that half of both Central and Star cities is just neglected real estate that a realtor could clean up with the right buyers — only to fall into the Trickster’s first trap.

It’s even the discussions that we had during the auditions, which really helped me as well … allowing me to go into the Wally that has his defenses up, that’s got quite a bit of attitude. Lonsdale said that growing up with half of his siblings (of which he can boast 11 total), and meeting the other half later in life has helped him achieve an appreciation for family. He has the two surrounded by spinning dreidels ready to explode. (James Jesse doesn’t let something like religion get in the way of a good, deadly trick.) But Barry uses his windmill arms to propel him and Patty out of the facility, missing the ensuing explosion but leaving Patty only more enraged. Because deep down, especially when you’re growing up, you have your personality, and you are who you are, but usually it’s covered up by something else. I grew up with my mom and my mom had 6 kids and I was the youngest, but I had a different father than my brothers and sisters, and I only met him when I was 10 years old, then he introduced me to his other children.

Barry can’t track down the bombs on his own, so Weather Wizard gives him a choice: if he lets them publicly execute him, they’ll promise to not detonate the bombs. And on top of meeting these new family members, which would be overwhelming enough after all these years, his mom is sick too, which must be its own unique kind of burden.

I suspected Patty would maybe catch on at that point, but it seems the secret-identity revelation is meant for another episode.) But she can’t give up the chase just yet. Weather Wizard knocks Barry up and down the street, then the Trickster leans in finish the job — but Cisco, Jay, and Harry nix the bomb problem just in time, thanks to an Earth-2 portal and the power of science. The only person who doesn’t enjoy the Christmas spirit is Harry, who decides to make a deal with Zoom in exchange for his daughter Jesse’s (Violett Beane) life. The magnetic pull causes all of the other bombs to fly into the portal as well (I missed the science class on interdimensional magnetism, so I can’t speak to the veracity of this plan), just as Barry has taken quite the beating. I mean, he is serious and he is reserved and defensive and he has an attitude, but at the same time, he can switch things up with his humor, which is sometimes kind of dry. [Laughs.] I think that’s a big part of Wally, his humor, and obviously, more so in other versions where it’s more of a lighthearted kind of thing.

The environment on set is super positive and happy and everyone chatting together, everyone joking, or rapping, or a couple of people dancing, you know what I mean? I’m not surprised that the show decided to reveal him at the very end of the midseason finale — hopefully his presence will lead to more screentime for Iris, too. Wally is being introduced as a regular guy, but we all know that he has a heroic future to fulfill — have you been doing any training so that you’re prepared, just in case they decide to power you up? I feel like with my luck, they’ll be like, “hey, so tomorrow you’re going be in the suit.” You never know. [Laughs.] You mentioned that you were a fan of the show before you even auditioned to be part of it. I think all the actors are amazing — I think Grant, as Barry, you’re really rooting for him, and that’s such an important thing for a superhero, for your lead guy.

Obviously, every TV series has their last episode, the thing for the audience to be waiting for until the end, and [in Season 1] we’re waiting for him to come face to face with the Reverse Flash, but what we were really waiting for was for him to make that decision about his mom — whether he got to save his mom, or whether he gets his dad out of prison.

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