The Challenge Bloodlines 2015 Recap: Week 2 – Bad Blood

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The Challenge Bloodlines 2015 Recap: Week 2 – Bad Blood.

Now we’re really in it. As is the case with most great love stories, the latest potential “Challenge” connection started toward the back of a shared passenger bus on a suburban Turkish byway.Christmas came early for The Challenge fans Wednesday night when Battle of the Bloodlines decided to make the annual disgusting food event the second challenge of the season. The Challenge: Bloodlines is underway and it’s already proving to be one of the most compelling Challenge seasons in years, even with contestants we still don’t really know. On tonight’s new “Battle of the Bloodlines” episode, Johnny Bananas, who was equipped with a GoPro camera, caught Cara Maria and Thomas getting rather cozy during a return trip from the beach.

Then, coziness turned to nose-to-nose contact and, finally, the two were (allegedly) engaged in a motion that’s typically reserved for extracting trapped ketchup from a bottle or performing several unbroken reps with a Shake Weight. As we see in tonight’s episode, literal bloodlines are tested, and for the first time in Challenge history (dun dun dun), we actually see someone cast off a family member for their MTV fam. One person from every team was forced to chew up live bugs and them spit them into a jar while their partner hung out in a separate tank with their head covered by snakes. If she’s not sincerely interested in Tom romantically like she claimed she wasn’t, and she just shot a hole through a potential alliance with him, then we’re officially out of options and would go ahead and call these some muddy waters. After they chew them up, they will be spitting them into tubes which leads to a measuring cup and the other person will be awaiting a terrifying surprise inside a glass case!

Episode 2 carried with business as usual — secret hook ups, gross eating contest, etc. — but our indomitable host dropped a huge bomb at the end of “Bad Blood.” After this week’s losers were sent home, Lavin announced, “Let’s see how you’d do if you were pitted against each other.” Yep, the teams are switching up in episode 3. But until then, we’ll continue ranking these teams in terms of screen time, maniacal behavior, and general insanity to determine the Bloodline Rankings. That sucked because they were actually a pretty great team, and you know Jill ate more bugs than half the girls there, they just had the lowest amount for any team with a dude on it. The teams square off in “Squaring Off,” a very physical elimination challenge, in which Cohutta gives it his all, but can’t hold a candle to Thomas, and loses rather quickly.

All those bugs stayed alive and in a confessional, she admitted, “I feel like this isn’t for me, and I wanna go home.” Although they came in last place, they were saved from the Pit because it was a guys week. When she goes to talk to Cohutta, he tells her that he is feeling more confident about Thomas & Stephen, but Cara Maria has a bit of a thing with Thomas. On the other side of the house, Thomas pretty easily forgave Cara Maria because everyone knew it’s a game—but this episode was a set up for a much larger battle down the road.

I’m smarter than her.” Jenna fights back and claims Brianna’s boyfriend back home cheats on her. “She thinks you’re all idiots,” Jenna tells the rest of the cast before slamming her for having a job at her dad’s bakery. “If my dad wasn’t in jail, I’d have a set job, too,” she says. She also called what she’s been doing with Thomas “flirting” while he and Bananas call it “a handjob.” It’d all be potatoes/potahtoes if we didn’t already know that Abram was going to make an unscheduled appearance on the show this season. The first round goes to Thomas, the second round goes to Thomas as well, which means that Cohutta & Jill are going home this week on The Challenge Bloodlines season 27! We don’t know or care what went on in the backseat of the van between her and Thomas — rock, paper, scissors, you say! — but Cara ditches her allegiance to Thomas, even though she keeps mentioning what “good friends” they are and throws him and Stephen into the Pit to placate her buddy Cohutta. Nany and Nicole will win awards for “Best Person to Get You to Talk About a Fight for the Cameras” and “Most Likely to Hold Back Someone in Said Fight” based on the way they handled Jenna and Brianna.

Even “rock, paper, scissors” couldn’t keep Thomas and Stephen out of the Pit, but Thomas defeats Cohutta in the elimination round, which was basically a wrestling match.

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