The Blacklist boss on Keen’s new predicament, team’s double loss

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The Blacklist Fall Finale Recap: Did Liz Manage to Elude the FBI Yet Again?.

Tonight was the fall finale of “The Blacklist,” and it seems we are inching closer to a resolution of Liz being on the run from the FBI. The Blacklist finally brought Liz and Red’s on-the-lam roadtrip to an end during the midseason finale—but it was someone else from the Post Office who paid the ultimate price.Now that Ressler and Samar have hooked up on “The Blacklist” we are wondering if this is going to be a one time thing or is this going to be built into something bigger?

We feel like “The Blacklist” season 3 left you on about as tremendous a note as they possibly could on Thursday, given that they finally answered the question as to whether or not Liz Keen could evade the FBI forever. After a gang of highway robbers stumbled upon the biggest score of their lives upon taking Red (James Spader) hostage, Liz (Megan Boone) worked desperately to get him back. He’s faced so many top-notch blacklisters and even members of the cabal, and yet the hour expected us to believe that Red wouldn’t have handled the situation within minutes? It wasn’t some demented blacklister that Red had his eye on for years, and it wasn’t even the FBI task force. (Well, it sort of was, but more on that later.) Rather, the people who got the upper hand over Red and Liz were a ragtag bunch called Kings of the Highway, a bunch of trailer-park dwellers who make a living kidnapping and robbing people during their travels. Meanwhile, Tom seems to have convinced Karakurt to talk to the FBI and clear Liz’s name, though Red says he has other ideas for how they can use Karakurt.

Ultimately, Liz was willing to trade the “care package” that would help exonerate her in exchange for Red’s life, but there was one tiny caveat. After Liz turned to Samar (Mozhan Marnò) for help in tracking down Red’s whereabouts, Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) kicked the latter off the team and personally arrested Liz in the closing moments of the episode. Mere hours after sleeping with her Ressler fired her, as it was revealed that she was the one who made life all the more difficult for him in the search for Liz and Red. If anything, their side of the story feels like there’s some actual stakes involved, some tension as whatever bad guys are coming to kill them and/or Karakurt.

As predicted, their plan to exonerate Liz goes south at an unassuming rest stop, where Liz comes out of the bathroom to find that Red and his car are both gone. Elsewhere, Liz finally was captured by Ressler after an extended search, but mostly from our vantage point because she was distracted with Jasper and getting Red back from the Kings.

We’re sure that Ressler at this point probably doesn’t care why he has her, just that he does … but here’s to thinking that this plan of getting her behind bars does not work quite as well as he thinks. Given that the winter premiere is entitled “The Director (Pt. 1),” it’s fair to assume that the show is going in a strictly serialized direction to tell this story, at least for a little while. For extra-extra guac at Chipotle?) While Red tries to get out of this pickle, Liz tracks down Jasper, the tow truck driver who brought Red’s car to a nearby salvage yard after he was kidnapped. Tonight, it was Reven Wright who met a grisly fate at the hands of Chairman Hitchen, proving yet again that asking too many questions about shady operations probably is not the right way to go about your business. We’ll give “The Blacklist” some credit for actually doing something unexpected in locking up Liz, which we assumed was not the direction that this was going.

But their tryst is interrupted by a phone call from one of the Kings: They’ve discovered that Reddington actually is Reddington (until now, he’d been calling himself “Kenneth,” a much better fake name), and they could make a fortune if they bring Red and “that Russian girl” to the authorities. At the same time, there were almost too many stories going on for the show’s own good, and for a fall finale, we would’ve preferred a little more focus.

Naturally, this information totally kills the mood between Jasper and Liz, and they duke it out in the truck driver’s kitchen. (Any Sons of Anarchy fans have a major Tara-death flashback when Liz was dunked in the sink? However, I felt bad for Aram, especially after he found out about Samar staying at Ressler’s, followed by the fallout after he told Ressler about Samar speaking with Liz. After realizing that Reddington is worth way too much money to kill, another member of the Kings, Pablo, turns on his co-conspirator and puts a bullet in Cash’s chest.

He gives her a kiss as he leaves and playfully says, “Don’t be late to work, I hear the boss is a jerk.” At the FBI Post Office, Ressler hands his laptop over to Aram. It comes out every weekend and in addition to getting the top stories of the week and previews for the upcoming week, our subscribers also enjoy some first look scoop! (photo: NBC) Thanks to a tracking chip in Karakurt’s chest, the group is quickly followed by Solomon and two of his associates — but Tom removes the chip quickly (and painfully) enough to get The Cabal members off their tail.

For shame, Charlene. * Last, but certainly not least, Reven Wright pays a visit to Chairman Hitchen (returning guest star Christine Lahti), looking for information on a CIA operation that Solomon led back in the day. Aram tries to defend her but Samar admits to helping Red and even to telling Tom and Liz that Ressler was coming to get them in the Chinese Restaurant. We’re going to see Laurel and the Director aligned, and a little bit on their heels, and making big moves to try to strike at Red and Elizabeth Keen.

But Ressler tells a story about how his father was a cop who got killed by some crooked police because papa Ressler would not be part of their crooked plan. He could tell from the IP address on the computer that Samar was using Ressler’s computer early this morning at Ressler’s apartment. “I’m sorry,“ Samar says to the broken-hearted computer tech. “Yeah,” he replies, “Me too.” Ooooh, that was cold!

The idea that Elizabeth Keen is out there and is a fugitive, and the idea that she’s been captured, that is something that’s incredibly difficult to handle in a PR capacity.

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