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‘Teen Wolf’ Creator on Season 5’s Latest Death, “Dark and Dire” Finale

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‘Teen Wolf’ Creator on Season 5’s Latest Death, “Dark and Dire” Finale.

The latest episode of the MTV drama centered on Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) fighting and killing Donovan (Ashton Moio), who was out for revenge for his father’s accident. The Monday, July 20 episode of “Teen Wolf,” season 5 episode 5 “A Novel Approach,” offers quite a bit of information on the Dread Doctors, when the book Malia found leads the pack to Eichen House and a certain patient there. The ending scene of the previous episode showed Donovan attacking Stiles, played by Dylan O’Brien, at a parking lot while Stiles was fixing his jeep with tape. Doesn’t construction work in a library make for the perfect setting for the climax of a fight? “Teen Wolf” thinks so, as that’s where Stiles and Donovan throw down to kick off this episode. Stiles kills Donovan in clear self-defense, but that doesn’t change the fact that another person’s blood is literally on his hands and creates a huge turning point for this season.

Series creator Jeff Davis tells The Hollywood Reporter that the big events in the episode will continue to have serious ramifications as season five continues. Stiles comes out on top, but Donovan ends up dead in Stiles’ attempt to save his own life, and it rattles him so much that, after calling 911 (but not saying anything), he keeps hesitating when it comes to actually leaving the scene. The upcoming fifth episode of “Teen Wolf” Season 5 is probably going to be one of the most crucial points for the wolf pack, as new character Theo is reportedly trying to hook-up with Stiles’ girlfriend Malia.

It was Theo who convinced Donovan to attack Stiles instead because he knows that going after someone who Sheriff Stilinski loves would cause him a devastating and emotional pain that will last. Instead, he watches from his car as an officer arrives to check out the call and listens in on his police scanner when he determines it to be a prank call.

Official Summary: On the eve of Senior Year, Scott and his friends find themselves facing the possibility of a future without each other, a next phase of their lives that might take them in different directions despite their best intentions. Davis also discusses the downward spiral of Scott and Kira’s relationship, the “terrible things” that Theo (Cody Christian) will soon do and the season’s “dark and dire” path heading to the finale. Once the officer drives off, Stiles goes back inside, only to find Donovan’s body is gone and it’s like it never happened – except for the blood he finds. While he’s freaking out at home and trying to figure out if Donovan is still alive and just walked out on his own or if he’s dead and someone took his body, Scott calls to tell him someone is taking the bodies (Tracy’s from the clinic, Lucas’ from the morgue), and yes, once again, Parrish is responsible for the cleanup at the library.

Stiles was being attacked at the end of episode 4 and in the promo for tonight’s episode 5, it looks like he’s with Lydia in Eichen House where the group goes to see Dr. This episode also points Lydia in the direction of figuring out what happened to her in the operating room during her surgery and whether or not it was actually a memory or something stranger.

Because Scott and Stiles have been there for each other at their darkest moments, always the ones to pull each other back from the edge when they need it most. Stiles’ conscious begins breaking through when he tries to defend Kira but Scott tells him that the chimeras are victims and they shouldn’t kill those they are trying to save. If Scott can’t find a way to appreciate the moral grey area of the supernatural world they live in, then he risks alienating the most important person in his pack.

While nothing ever escalates to a level where Stiles should be anxious about what is happening between the two of them, he should be anxious about Malia freaking and putting her foot on the gas. In last Monday’s episode “Condition Terminal,” we saw Kira spout out some phrase in Japanese and almost kill Lucas while trying to defend her friends.

Anyway, Theo is giving Malia a pretty intimate lesson and encourages her to go above the speed limit and get a little more comfy with the steering wheel. Outside Eichen House’s gates, Scott fills Stiles in on what happened with Kira and Lucas, and after what happened with Donovan, Stiles chooses instead to see the justification of self-defense. She also accidentally disabled Eichen’s electromagnetic barrier, allowing the Doctors to break in, but I’m more anxious about Kira than those wannabe surgeons.

Once inside, however, Scott and Kira have no choice but to let Stiles and Lydia go without them to see Valack, thanks to mountain ash, and it’s a long walk down a familiar hallway, one with a creature inside a cell that allows Stiles to see Donovan (a lost soul) for a moment. Well, regardless of Theo’s motives with Malia, it’s working and will continue working. “I’m going the speed limit”, Malia says in all seriousness.

Perhaps their emergence in Beacon Hills and the experiments they are doing is affecting the electromagnetic impulses in the town, and that is messing with Kira’s power. How does the tone of the second half of the season compare to that of the first, and in what ways does this episode set up what’s to come in the final five episodes?

Once scientists, they worshipped the supernatural and found their secrets in electromagnetic forces to prolong their lives, give them power and make others forget they ever saw them. Theo asks Malia if she needs a ride home from the library and when she refuses he convinces her to take a practice run with his auto. “You also don’t have to hold the wheel like that”. Unbeknownst to Kira, she’s disrupting the building’s defenses, which allow certain supernatural creatures to be kept in – and others to be kept out. The Doctors enter Valack’s cell, and even as he protests that they don’t have to “do this,” they hold him down and extract his third eye as he screams in pain.

Meanwhile, with the others spending the evening at Eichen, Malia ends up spending it with Theo, who may regret offering his form of driving lessons (which include unnecessary caressing) when she once again has a flashback to her accident and speeds before finally braking.

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