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Survivor’s Abi-Maria Gomes: I ‘Absolutely’ Could Have Won the Game

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Parvati Shallow rooting for Jeremy to win ‘Survivor 31’ tonight.

As always, after the winner is declared, we’ll get the “Survivor Reunion” (9 p.m., CBS/Ch. 2), in which all the contestants come together to answer host Jeff Probst’s questions. • “The Magicians” (11 p.m., Syfy): In a preview of this new series — which will air commercial-free — follows a grad student as he enrolls at Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy. “Lie, Cheat and Steal” — Tasha Fox, Spenser Bledsoe and Jeremy Collins during the two-hour season finale of SURVIVOR, Wednesday, Dec. 16 (8:00-10:00PM, ET/PT), followed by the one-hour live reunion show hosted by Jeff Probst (10:00-11:00PM, live ET/delayed PT), on the CBS Television Network.For the current edition of CBS’s “Survivor,” Kelley Wentworth shared a key advantage with all the show’s other contestants: They knew what to expect.Part one of the ‘Survivor’ finale took the final six to the final five with the craziest tribal council ever — and something happened that even blew Jeff Probst’s mind.

NBC re-airs the stop-motion animated holiday special “Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas” (NBC at 8), based on the popular 2003 film “Elf” and the Broadway musical it inspired. “The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons stars as Buddy, an elf who travels to New York in search of the father he didn’t even know he had. The entire cast is made up of returning players in this “Second Chance” season. “The first time you play ‘Survivor,’ there’s just a learning curve. However, Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance (9Go! 7.30pm) is definitely all about redemption: those brave survivors who failed to fulfil their dreams the first time they were on the show get to come back and fail to fulfil their dreams again. If you were watching the first hour of the Second Chance finale, you were probably freaking out just like I was — even Jeff Probst had to literally draw on a photo after the elimination to show the audience how it all broke down. After all, as depicted in the original inspiration for , the Highlander series, “There Can Be Only One”, so although 20 contestants got their second shot in this series, 19 of them will end it with their suspicions that they are born losers confirmed.

FINALE WATCH: In the last episode of the three-part series “Childhood’s End” (Syfy at 8), humans question what the advanced abilities of their children mean for the future. “Nashville: On the Record 3” (ABC at 10) takes viewers behind-the-scenes with the stars of “Nashville,” including Lennon and Maisy Stella, Charles Esten, Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio as they tour the country performing music from the show. Before her eviction she received limited screen time to the point that she wasn’t recognized back home. “When I’d be with my dad, people would be like, You’re the guy from ‘Survivor,’” Kelley said, but those same “Survivor” viewers didn’t recognize her.

After the re-vote of Kimmi and Tasha, we were left with a situation where if they had to draw rocks, Keith would’ve been the only person eligible to go home … and he almost fell on his own sword! Heck, Tasha almost drowned and Joe fainted during competitions. “They really want this,” Shallow said. “No one is quitting.” Shallow visited Cambodia and met the cast at the start of the competition.

It began when most reality formats were a mere gleam in a creatively bankrupt executive’s eye, and has survived the reality boom, the predictions of the end of the reality boom, and the unexpected continuation of the reality boom. On “American Horror Story: Hotel” (FX at 10), Alex asks for John’s help in containing an outbreak, and Donovan discovers the true intentions of The Countess. She used her background in marketing to promote herself on social media sites, she posted a video on YouTube, gave interviews to “Survivor” fan podcasts and her father helped out, too. “My dad told me he printed off posters and was posting them in our hometown and going to casinos in Idaho, Washington and Oregon. Meanwhile, there was lots of drama back at camp: Kimmi decided it was time to turn on the group (Spence, Tasha and Jeremy), so she pitched to Keith and Wentworth to both vote out Jeremy and they were in, obviously.

Meanwhile, Liz and Iris plan to leave the hotel. “Christmas Through the Decades” (History at 10) tackles the ‘90s with a look at the Beanie Babies craze, Mikhail Gorbachev’s Christmas Day resignation and the “Home Alone.” I don’t know where all my face has been.” “Now I occasionally do get recognized in the grocery store,” she said. “It’s not huge, just once in a while, but now that my dad is not around people can see me on my own.” Being on her own also gave the 29-year-old Wentworth the chance to employ new strategies while filming “Survivor: Second Chance” in Cambodia over the summer. “It’s hard working with somebody else, it’s hard to focus on yourself and what you want to do,” Wentworth said. “I knew I wanted to make big moves but I didn’t want to come off as super-aggressive to people.

I honestly felt like Peih Gee and Vytas were trying to plant that bracelet against me. [Laughs] It wasn’t a big deal; I was just wondering what the heck had happened. In fact, you might say that Survivor itself is tired and hackneyed, but nobody who has gazed upon the beauty of Jeff Probst’s fine chamois-leather skin could possibly say that. He could have gotten further in the game, but apparently he chose not to on the basis of “integrity.” Yes, it’s easy to kill him for that, but at the same time he wasn’t going to win the game if he stayed. If Wentworth does win the Sole Survivor title and the show’s $1 million prize, she plans to take her family on a relaxing vacation and then maybe buy a house. “Do you know what the housing market is like in Seattle?” she said, laughing. “I definitely would use it toward a house or invest it in something.”

Now, having almost drowned, one might say Tasha is deserving of victory in the finale: if nothing else, Survivor does reinforce the idea that pointless suffering merits great rewards. Further viewing: World’s Most Expensive Christmas (Nine, 8.30pm) will either make you feel inadequate, or smug about your well-ordered priorities, depending on your mood.

But he’s also super strong in challenges. [He’s won a couple.] I could see him winning a final challenge and being in a power position to take whoever he wants to the end. Armed with a shotgun, a chainsaw and a monumental lack of self-awareness, Ash is once more doing battle with the Deadites, a bunch of evil, bloodthirsty spirits who have been holding a grudge against him for decades. So Keith, like the standup man he is, pretty much said he’d go home so Kimmi could stay — but Wentworth talked him out of it — and that is how Kimmi was sent home.

It’s perhaps not as consistently funny as you might expect, it gets quite dark in places and – most surprising of all – it’s frequently touching and even tender. Most of these poignant moments are a product of the suddenly inverted relationship between Jimmy and his incapacitated big brother, Chuck (the marvellous Michael McKean), and of the back story of the formidable Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks). Tragic secrets lie beneath it all, and Danny’s siblings (Kyle Chandler, Linda Cardellini and Tony winner Norbert Leo Butz) have to decide where they stand – and how much guilt they can stand. Marty and “Moog” are the Mighty Car Mods, a couple of knockabout lads in Sydney whose video channel documenting their DIY adventures with cars has more than 1.6 million subscribers.

They should be grease-smeared yobbos, but they’re not; they’re just a pair of lads and best mates with an infectious enthusiasm for modifying and mucking about with car engines and fellow enthusiasts. Their shows are made on the smell of an oily rag, but they’re crisply edited, funny and as vicariously enjoyable as watching a kid in a chocolate shop.

If it ends up being Tasha, Keith and Kimmi, Tasha will win.” CHANCE OF WINNING: Long shot at best Kelly Wentworth: “She does have some tight connections on the jury with Cass and Ciara and now Abi. Biting in its attacks on organised religion, the series was slated for mainstream release through HBO, made it to the Sony Crackle channel for a year and now sits as a hidden YouTube gem. This top-notch series about the rise of Pablo Escobar is both a fascinating history lesson and a ripping geopolitical crime thriller that would be difficult to believe if it wasn’t all true.

Doing their best to bring Escobar down are real-life DEA agents Steve Murphy (Gone Girl’s Boyd Holbrook) and Javier Pena (Pedro Pascal, last seen in Game of Thrones), along with a veritable army of police, soldiers, politicians, judges and diplomats. Created by and starring Claudia Karvan, Spirited originally screened on Foxtel’s W channel (now rebranded as SoHo) in 2010, following Karvan’s Suzy Darling, who leaves her husband (Rodger Corser) and moves into a haunted apartment. The hook here however is that in true The Ghost and Mrs Muir style, we quickly see Suzy and Henry are perfect for each other and that he – although dead – is just what she needs.

It’s here we first met Lilley’s grotesque schoolgirl Ja’mie King, overexcited physics student Ricky Wong, unlikely motivational speaker Phil Olivetti, country hick Daniel Sims and the earnest Pat Mullins. By the time Ja’mie returned for two subsequent series viewers were already primed, but here we are invited to delight in the exquisite revelations of her deviousness and the wretched misery her parents and friends endure.

Given the influence this series has had on pretty much every crime drama since it was released in 2002 The Wire remains a cult program loved by those who have found it and unknown by many.

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