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Survivor 2015 Know It Alls | Episodes 10 & 11 Cambodia Recap.

Each week host Jeff Probst will answer a few questions about the latest episode of Survivor: Cambodia—Second Chance.’This week, he answers questions about both episodes 10 and 11, which aired back-to-back.It was two big blindsides for the price of one Wednesday night on Survivor: Cambodia Second Chance as CBS aired two episodes back to back and each came complete with twists galore.I don’t remember Survivor ever airing a two hour episode the day before Thanksgiving in the past, but here we are with the extra large installment “Like Selling Your Soul to the Devil; My Wheels Are Spinning”.

ENTERTAINMENT WEKELY: Look, bad weather is nothing new on Survivor and you even had 21 straight days of rain in the Philippines once, but how bad was this sustained downpour that had multiple players calling it the lowest point of their entire life? The Ponderosa jury is building and there were plenty more to come with ten castaways left on the beach and high stakes that forced them to choose between comfort and safety. The only rule was that you needed to chug every time someone said the phrase “voting bloc.” I figured you’d get a few Fishbach mentions, in between him also overstating this to once again be “the craziest most strategy-filled season of Survivor ever that is not even like a season of Survivor because it is a completely new game that is completely incomparable to every single season that has preceded it!” So, just a few drinks, I figured. In a move that put a target on Collins’ back but was necessary to make sure that his alliance with Fishbach remained, the Foxborough native used the first of his two hidden immunity idols to save Fishbach and nullify any votes made against him in tribal council. In the second hour, Collins enjoyed the spoils of a rewards challenge victory by Fishbach as him and Tasha Fox went along for a day of drinks, food, and strategizing.

Little did I know that every single other contestant — and the host! — would pick up on that and also start promoting this code phrase and we would be inundated with voting bloc mentions for two straight hours. Of surprise was the fact that four-time immunity challenge winner Joe Anglim lost his first challenge since the merge, with Spencer Bledsoe picking up the win. Reports of massive inebriation have already come in from coast to coast as a result of this rampant overuse of a innocuous catch phrase that most people speaking it do not even seem to fully understand. (“Wait, I can’t call it an alliance anymore? There was not one moment of coasting throughout the season, so the players were exhausted on a level that made that rain just that much more devastating.

Does that make me sound too “old-school’?”) Hell, I’m so wasted right now I think I’m writing a freakin’ Code Black recap…AND I’VE NEVER EVEN SEEN CODE BLACK!!! Despite the gesture from Collins at the last tribal council, Fishbach was voted out at the game, with four votes, just ahead of Abi-Maria Gomes, who had three votes. Going into the 12th episode, there are only eight contestants remaining and a game where once you figure what the alliances are, it all changes in an instant. Jeff, you gave all the players the option to not compete in the first immunity challenge and if five said they would not, they would get a pimped-out new shelter. Fishbach used the vote steal advantage to send his nemesis Joe home (reveling in the moment while using Joe’s vote to vote for … Joe), but it was not enough because he, Jeremy, Tasha, and Kimmi split their votes while Spencer flipped to give the other group a new majority.

It might make for some pretty shots and for some good looking challenges, but it’s not very compelling television to see a bunch of very sad people huddling for warmth in a shelter. Thankfully the reward challenge was pretty fun, but I wasn’t quite sure why Jeff even seriously asked if he thought the reward was worth playing for. While they’ve both been a bit off in their public proclamations about the gameplay of this particular installment of the franchise, we can say this about the season and tonight’s swan song for them: This was the night when Survivor: Cambodia — Second Chance turned from a very good season into a great one.

It’s a night time challenge where Jeff tells them a story and then they have to answer questions at stations and be the first to get all five answers correct. As the castaways are running around we see Kelley find a hidden clue to the next immunity idol now that Jeremy played his and put another back in play. We have two hours to get through and it’s a holiday, so I will attempt to jam through this as quickly as possible with all the odds & ends that deserve comments and commentary. I loved the first reward challenge, which has become a modern day Survivor classic where Probst throws a ball out in the water and teams of three have to wrestle for it and toss it into a basket for a point. (Is it just me, or does this challenge always seem to take place in the rain?) Again, because I am terrible person I love watching contestants push their faces down into the water and wrestle each other within an inch of their lives just so they can attend a Cambodian circus.

Once again we were rewarded with an amazing reality beat where Joe, the favorite to win every challenge, is one of only two who doesn’t give up his immunity. Villains) or it can end up being something of a waste (like when Malcolm did it to get Phillip out but then left himself vulnerable for the next vote-out in Caramoan).

The pre-tribal scramble ended up splitting between Stephen or Ciera, with seemingly the majority of people wanting to oust Fishbach and put him out of his gastrointestinal misery. But I realized I need to stop being such a Survivor strategy snob and just enjoy Keith for who he is, which is a hilarious dude who just sort of hangs around, works hard, and makes the occasional wacky comment. I would not want 20 contestants like that, but we have enough gamers running around like crazy that it works to have someone like Keith to lighten the mood.

The assault went all through the night and into day 26. “I need some ray of hope,” begged Stephen. “I just need the sun to come out for 15 minutes or something.” Such language is almost always followed by a break in the storm and the sunshine finally peeking through the clouds, but not this time. It’s a little unfair that Jeremy just had to pretend to take a dump and then walked away from the group to very easily find the idol, and Kelly had to find it under the freakin’ shelter! But Stephen’s body was sending him other signals. “Severe gastrointestinal distress,” he called it, which also happens to be the name of my new death metal band.

The immunity challenge was the fun stacking-blocks-with-your-feet challenge that we had a few seasons ago, and it was only notable in that it brought Joe’s epic win streak to an end. The other challenge is having me tell a story that is difficult enough for the players to remember but also interesting enough and short enough to entertain the audience. I went into this review a little bummed that I had to review two whole hours, but if they are as entertaining as tonights episodes then I got no complaints.

Have a great Thanksgiving everybody! – I liked the fancy editing of the “Orkun” letters being hidden behind the baskets and then slowly revealed as the camera pans through camp. When I was out on location for Survivor: Philippines we had nonstop rain for days on end. (That was the season where it infamously poured for 21 days straight.) My feet did not quite approach Fishbachian levels, but they also got so bad I could barely walk and was doing that awkward wobble and eventually had to visit Survivor medical for treatment.

Sticking with that challenge, I have always maintained that it is best to not win any reward where you will be forced to include and exclude people, because it more often than not leads to problems, and we certainly saw that with Stephen here. I’m going to get Stephen a pass on this one because his foot was so bad there was no way in a million years he was going to even stand on there for 30 seconds in his condition, but what were the others thinking?!? Ciera attempted to paint herself as being selfless by abstaining from the challenge: “I’m willing to give up my spot for the team, but who else is?” Then Tasha continued that thread by asking out loud, “My first question was, who is going to be selfish and who is going to be unselfish? These people show up and play this incredibly difficult game knowing their odds of winning are so slight and yet they pour their heart and soul into it. Fishbach came up short, and I think in hindsight he will see he was too focused on snagging the big catch (Joe) and he ultimately robbed himself of his greatest asset — observing.

Stephen’s game is a great illustration of how Survivor can truly bring you to your knees and then lift you up above the clouds and then slam you back into the ground again. We’ve never had a group play this hard and it comes on the heels of White Collar, Blue Collar, No Collar, which I thought was another outstanding season.

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