Stuffing Chips?! 16 Thanksgiving-Inspired Foods That Just Sound Weird

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5 places to purchase Thanksgiving pies.

I know its tradition to have pumpkin pie at the Thanksgiving table, but change it up a bit this year and add Marie Callender’s Dutch Apple Pie instead.

The local food movement has been gaining strength for years, so it’s no surprise area farmers report seeing an increase in demand for their products this time of year. I gagged down several salty bites, trying to diagnose the problem, and finally realized that instead of using a quarter teaspoon of salt, cinnamon and nutmeg, I’d used a full teaspoon of each. From the wine to the turkey, sweet potatoes, salad, to pecan pie moonshine liqueur (yes, you read that right), here are ways you can localize your meal with a few recipes, too.

These pies are made with 100 percent Fuji apples and have pure cane sugar, a dash of cinnamon and that wonderful, scrumptious brown sugar crumb topping. Pickwick, which focuses on stocking local and Missouri fare, you’ll find “all kinds of stuff” said Morgen Holt, an employee. “We carry Ozark Mountain Creamery milk based out of Mountain Grove. My punishment was to sit there for several long, merciless minutes, watching Fred politely shovel forkful after forkful of terrible pie into his mouth, to have him thank me once he was done. So if you’re stressing over what kind of pie to make for your Thanksgiving meal, pumpkin is your best bet (though if there’s no pecan, I will not be attending).

This is winter CSA time, so you can find greens, kale, lettuce,” he said. “We have certified organic Missouri pecans so as far as pies goes, we have local or Missouri ingredients for apple, pecan, pumpkin pie,” Holt said. Homemade pumpkin pie is worth the extra effort, she assures. “The taste and texture of using homemade pumpkin puree, compared to canned puree, produces a richer, creamier pie filling,” McConnell said, who shared her mom’s pumpkin pie recipe for this article. “From parsnips to turkey, apple butter to local eggs – everything can be sourced for a traditional Thanksgiving meal at the farmers market,” McConnell said. Pie Shop: With a tagline like “Pie is love,” this Buckhead shop is offering classic pies like apple and sweet potato, but the menu also includes fun flavors such as coconut cream and lemon chess.

Although butter adds flavor, over-mixing — or “over-working” — the butter while you’re making pie dough can cause the final crust to become tough and crunchy, rather than light and flaky. If you want a local turkey, it’s possible but you will have to act fast (the turkeys were close to being sold out when this article was being written). — Huffington Post Making a huge holiday meal is already pricey, but a rise in the cost of turkey and other ingredients could nudge the average price of Thanksgiving dinner for 10 past $50 for the first time.

My dad gamely slathered various cuts of meat in barbecue sauce and grilled them so thoroughly we hadn’t the slightest chance of contracting food poisoning or E. coli, and my mom could boil water well enough to make a mean plate of spaghetti. Check the website for the exact times at each location. : For the ultimate in customer service and decadent desserts, visit Southern Art’s Pie Stop. But for the most part, we ate a lot of peanut butter, boxed macaroni and cheese, Dinty Moore beef stew, fish sticks and these abominable frozen chicken patties that were the heart of several kitchen-table showdowns. To see if turkeys are still available, visit: If greens are on the holiday menu, Mockingbird Gardens, a few miles north Springfield, has kale, spinach, swiss chard, mustard greens and three types of lettuce.

Besides signature homemade pies such as bourbon pecan, sweet potato, Ellijay apple crumble and chocolate s’mores, guest can opt for curbside pie pick-up at the InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta valet where the restaurant is located, 48 hours after orders are placed. But Thanksgiving meant dinner at my grandparents’ house, and dinner at my grandparents’ house meant grandma’s apple pie, and grandma’s apple pie meant family. The act of making the dough — pulsing or cutting your fats in with the flour — can generate heat, which can toughen the dough if you’re working with a delicate fat such as butter. Considering that dinner out for two can often near the $50 mark, maybe we should all just make Thanksgiving feasts for every special occasion and live off of the leftovers for a week more than just once a year?

Lee Worman, owner, sells at Farmers Market of the Ozarks and will be there for sure the Saturday before Thanksgiving and potentially at the special market, too. — Consumerist After the heartbreaking terrorist attacks on Paris last week, city dwellers are flocking to cafés and restaurants to show they won’t let their culture or way of life be threatened by acts of violence. My parents, Arizona transplants, had followed my paternal grandparents out west, and when my grandma died when I was 3, our desert quintet turned into a fragile quartet.

Instead of letting fear keep them at home (which would also mean financial disaster for many of the city’s café and bistro owners), Parisians used the hashtag #TousAuBistrot on social media to rally together over coffee, cigarettes and, of course, Champagne at locations throughout the city. — The New York Times A woman working at Bamboo Thai Bistro in LA was shocked last week to see that a customer had neglected to leave her a tip and had scrawled “Tip for US citizens only” on the receipt instead. If you’re a beer drinker, Hailey Paige, public relations manager for White River Brewing Company in Springfield, suggests pairing these beers with the meal. Thanksgiving dinner at her house meant matching dishes and shining cutlery; fresh lettuce topped with the name-brand salad dressing of our choice; endless servings of lump-free mashed potatoes; juicy slices of never-dry turkey; and most importantly, apple pie, with sticky-sweet filling that bubbled through fork-tined vents in the flakey crust. For dinner, serve the Fall Creek Lager which is an Octoberfest style lager starts with traditional malt fullness finishing with toasted malt and floral hop flavors and pairs well with turkey., Don’t overlook Missouri wines when it comes to your meal.

Some people have even mailed in money addressed to “The Waitress That Received Nasty Tip.” Though the restaurant owner says he wished the receipt hadn’t been publicized, I think it’s important that it was. Many recipes now include dual methods for mixing — mixing bowl and food processor methods — but even older recipes should work in a processor; it just takes a little adaptation. Not only should we be reminded that disgusting acts of racism like this are still perpetrated in our country every day, but it was also good to give people the chance to reach out to someone who is in need of a kind word and a helping hand. The founder of both America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Illustrated magazine (and later, Cook’s Country), he has had immeasurable influence on home cooks, restaurant chefs and food writers across the country for nearly two decades.

My grandma very suddenly became my ex-step-grandmother, and along with her crockery, her quilts and her Precious Moments figurines went the homemade meals, the mashed potatoes, the perfect apple pies. To keep the dough even while rolling out your pie crusts and cut cookies, work the rolling pin in the center of the dough and don’t roll all the way to the edges. The moonshine is made by Missouri Spirits House in Springfield for MBW Brands, LLC, and it pairs perfectly with pecan pie (it tastes like pecan pie, too). Blind baking, or pre-baking a crust, is common when you are using a filling in the pie shell that does not need to be baked, or that bakes up quickly.

Cut the pumpkin in half lengthwise, remove seeds (but save them, they make excellent garnishes for dishes and are great toasted) and stringy fibers, and place cut-side down in a greased baking pan. On good years, someone thought to buy a pie from the grocery store, of the sort that are baked en masse and without love, with gummy fillings and soggy crusts. They were a far cry from my ex-step-grandmother’s apple pie, whose absence seemed to haunt every Thanksgiving, a ghost of good food and happier times. I also like to add some spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger to some of my puree and freeze in ice cube trays to use for smoothies.” Bake at 425 degrees for 15 minutes, then turn oven down to 350 degrees. The litany of unique mistakes is long, and there were so many attempts that the battered spine of my copy of Ken Haedrich’s 639-page tome “Pie” is held together with tape and congealed pie filling.

It’s best to make sure the pies bake until the filling is noticeably bubbling, ensuring that the thickener has had sufficient time to cook through and activate.

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