Sharknado 4 confirmed

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SPOILER ALERT: Tara Reid’s fate in ‘Sharknado’ lies in the hands of social media.

“I want to do international. SyFy’s “Sharknado” series of original movies started with a very on-brand, low-budget yet CGI-heavy story about a storm picking up sharks from the ocean and unleashing them on California in a particularly inventive natural disaster.“Sharknado 3″ ended with a cliffhanger that left April’s (Tara Reid) life in flux, before the scene cut to black with a message splashed across the screen, “You decide if #AprilLives or #AprilDies,” with the announcement that fans can vote on her fate and learn of the outcome in “Sharknado 4.” The surprise announcement continued, “We’re not done yet.” Before the third TV movie premiered, director Anthony C.

Yes, a couple of years ago one of SyFy’s usual craptastic monster movies became a surprise hit on social media, sending Sharknado trending on Twitter and driving ratings through the roof for a schlocky camp fest starring 90s also-rans Ian Ziering and Tara Reid as a couple who has to fight off, you guessed it, a tornado full of sharks.The opening 12 minutes or so of “Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No,” are a whirlwind (make that shark-infested tornado) of Washington scenery, offering a glimpse of the iconic landmarks of the nation’s capital. Ferrante told Variety that he is eager to create another sequel, so long the viewers keep tuning in. “This one has to be successful, but as long as Syfy wants them, we’ll keep doing them,” Ferrante said. “It’s a summer event now. Last year Sharknado 2 had even bigger ratings, more 90s star cameos than you can shake a pair of MC Hammer pants at, and a finale where Ziering dove inside a giant shark with a chainsaw and cut his way out of the bloody mess.

So let’s think for a moment of the latest installment of the campy flick not so much as the cheesy gore-fest that it is, but rather as a series of teaching moments. But it’s less about the cities, and it’s more about, what are we going to do with Ian and Tara, and what genres do we want to play with?” he told Variety. The canon’s third installment was the best yet, causing viewers to suspend their disbelief as Fin Shepard () and his wife, April (Tara Reid), eviscerated flying sharks. So we’re here again, this time to live blog Sharknado 3 to give you the complete social media experience, snarking along with the intentionally awful dialogue and ridiculous plot twists, because this thing wouldn’t be any fun without it.

The biggest appearance did not come as a surprise — Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, likely cast due to his involvement with “Shark Tank,” was announced as the film’s President of the United States in early March. The cult TV film franchise follows residents on the east coast of America who have to survive on the streets from attacks by sharks sucked up by a tornado. Sharknado 3 follows on from the success of 2013 TV disaster film Sharknado, which was given a string of celebrity endorsements from Olivia Wilde to Patton Oswalt and Mia Farrow.

Never mind.) Finally, Fin gets into an SUV bound for the White House, which gets stalled in traffic at “First Street Southwest,” where there’s a bar called Louie’s (there’s not). Here’s President Cuban giving series star Ian Ziering a medal for saving the nation from sharknadoes in the past (via SI): Unfortunately, another pesky sharknado broke up the party. So who’s the celebrity dream guest star for “Sharknado 4?” Bill Murray. “We wanted Bill Murray in this one and I knew the reality of it,” said Ferrante. Naturally, the renowned billionaire tech mogul and outspoken leader of the free world did not go down quietly: Yes, that’s working actor, NBA TV analyst, and three-time NBA champion Rick Fox serving as a Secret Service agent. His enthusiastic nerd character was caught in a sharknado while visiting a military base, promptly had both his legs and arms eaten off, and then blew himself up to save his friends.

She does totally reasonable things like introduce the president and usher reporters around — which means, of course, that she has to get (spoiler alert) chomped by a shark. Real Housewives of Beverley Hills star Kim Richards made an extended cameo in Sharknado 3, but tragically she died via shark attack while screaming hysterically. The Today Show host (who played himself) was eaten at the end of Sharknado 3, and it’s safe to say that fictional morning television just won’t be the same. We had expected former representative Anthony Wiener (D-N.Y.) to play a pol in the movie — maybe a congressman (since he knows the drill) or a mayor (he had an unsuccessful run at Gracie Hall), or maybe some role that gave a sly nod to his sext-y scandal.

But nope — a few minutes in, we find out that Weiner plays the NASA director (or is it NOA?) whose job is mostly to tighten his jaw and look intense while wearing a headpiece. It takes the whole gang to hoist up the flag/weapon, and the group makes a formation that would be familiar to anyone who knows their Iwo Jima history. That’s the “Today Show” gang — Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie, Al Roker and Natalie Morales (mind you, the flick is brought to you by NBC Universal).

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