‘Scream’ TV Series Spoilers: Who Died In Episode 3? Brandon James Kills …

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‘Scream’ TV Series Spoilers: Who Died In Episode 3? Brandon James Kills Again [RECAP].

Alright Scream fans, I’m angry. Episode 3 of the new TV series based off of the 1996 slasher film revealed more details about mass murderer Brandon James, and his connection to Emma’s (Willa Fitzgerald) family. Billy Joel songs included, here are five reasons she was bound to become the killer’s latest victim: When Riley got a desperate text that was supposedly from Tyler, she insisted he was innocent of the recent murder spree and vowed to help him. “He said he didn’t do it, but he’s afraid no one is going to believe him,” she told her pals. Sadly, one character didn’t know any better on the July 14 episode of ‘Scream.’ After a hot make out session, with lots of dry humping, [SPOILER] died.

In this week’s sneak peek, Emma finds out that Kieran’s dad has some information that might help solve the Brandon James mystery, so the two plot to meet up later under the guise of ‘studying’ to help the shaken teen find some answers. The killer chooses this moment to ask Emma, “You and mom have a heart to heart yet?” Emma is starting to have serious doubts about trusting her own mother. Here’s our problem with that: If you got a text from a guy who’s been accused of brutally slaughtering his girlfriend and then killing two other innocent people — all while terrorizing an entire town — wouldn’t you be a tiny bit wary? The guy told the girl that somebody “got what he deserved.” However, when he turned back around he discovered that his frightened female companion had her throat cut. And while it’s also extremely important to mention that Riley was the only ethnic character on the show, we probably shouldn’t start that line of conversation.

Emma walks in on her mother and Sheriff Hudson unofficially ruling Rachel’s death a homicide in order to give the family one more day to have her wake and grieve her death before launching a murder investigation. Emma overhears the whole conversation – including Sheriff Hudson revealing that they’re trying to locate her dad to question him about a heart that showed up on their doorstep. And while that is important information Emma immediately shares with Audrey — who was about to test the limits of Rachel’s supposed suicide before Emma walked in — what’s more important is that Emma finally discovers her mother’s big secret: She is the Daisy that made Brandon James go crazy.

Once she confronted Maggie (Tracy Middendorf) about her true identity as Daisy, Emma revealed that she’s been getting creepy phone calls and texts from a stalker. Everyone still thinks he might be responsible for murdering her, as well as Rachel (Sosie Bacon), so the sheriff (Jason Wiles) tried luring him to a park restroom, where they had a Riley lookalike waiting. This serial killer is clearly taking his notes on how to be a modern-day villain from Pretty Little Liars’ big bad “A,” considering his dependency on technological communication. (At this point on that ABC Family series, the only way the “A” reveal could live up to the hype is if “A” were Scream’s Brandon James killer.

Once they discovered it wasn’t Tyler, the man said he was paid to deliver a message, which said, “nice try.” Meanwhile, Emma tried getting answers about Rachel’s murder from the killer, via text. Teen show cross-pollination would definitely bring in the viewers.) Will and Jake’s story line gets even weirder as they fight over buried money that only two of them and the currently missing Tyler knew about.

She just wants to protect Emma, but she’s also playing right into the killer’s hands. “I’m the only one around here telling you the truth,” he tells Emma in a phone call later. He separated Brooke (Carlson Young) and Riley, thanks to some mysterious text messages, and then asked Emma which one she’d save — the bad girl or the good girl. In an effort not to keep any more secrets from Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus), Emma decides to tell her about the police investigation into Rachel’s murder.

Noah surprises her with several television screens playing video games and Riley mutters an adoring, “You get me,” before the two nearly go all the way. I’m genuinely excited about this team up, because it provides a reason for these previous best friends to start to reconcile and allows two women to potentially kick a whole lot of ass, but at the moment Audrey and Emma are way over their heads.

Branson makes an appearance continuing his creepy lust for Brooke, but he also pairs the students up into partners for a class assignment that progress the story along further. All we know is that it earned them a lot of money, which Will has now hidden, and it’s a secret big enough to make Will consider killing Jake. (Did you see that knife?!)

The threat causes Emma to cut off her stalker’s “game.” But that’s not an option. “Then I’ll find someone else to play with,” he texts her. The gang goes to the police who tell Riley to set Tyler up to be brought into the police station so that can figure out whether or not he really is innocent. Maggie has very little to do in this episode aside from bearing the consequences of her daughter’s confrontation over Maggie’s connection to Brandon James.

Audrey is clearly still hurting from Rachel’s death, but the fact that it was her idea for Emma to be in contact with the killer gives me pause to take all suspicion off of her. Emma tells her to stay put, and texts back the stalker: “Do NOT hurt Brooke.” His response? “As you wish.” Unfortunately Riley does not listen to Emma.

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