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‘Scream Queens’ recap: It ain’t over till the Red Devil sings.

Scream Queens wrapped its freshman season on Tuesday with a two-hour season finale addressing a number of burning questions, one of the biggest being: Who is the remaining Red Devil?It’s been quite a bloody season at “Scream Queens’” Wallace University, which has been terrorized by a serial killer — make that a trio of killers.

After it was revealed earlier in the season that Boone (Nick Jonas) and Gigi (Nasim Pedrad) were two of the Red Devils, additional murderers were uncovered in the finale, starting with Pete’s (Diego Boneta) confession to Grace (Skyler Samuels) that he donned a Red Devil mask in order to get closer to the other killers and learn more about their plan. See, on the one hand, it was a wise choice because most of us felt like screaming our collective heads off after having to slog through two hours of a finale that could’ve been easily whittled down to a half-hour.

Of course, Pete wasn’t exactly innocent: Once he discovered Boone’s involvement, he got caught up in his mission — and paid the ultimate price himself. Here goes nothing: Sympathy for the Red Devil – Pete’s Confession: OK, pledges, things got a little confusing tonight with the reveal that there were in fact three Red Devil killers, Pete (Diego Boneta) being one of them. The tight cast got bogged down by a murky-turned-tiresome plot line, and really, all “Scream Queens” had going for it were its rapid-fire insults, usually delivered by the always-entertaining Emma Roberts as Queen Bee Chanel Oberlin.

Neckbrace (Lea Michele) — who had been giving everyone plenty of reasons to suspect her — Grace devised a plan to have her father (Oliver Hudson) sleep with Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) so that she and Zayday (Keke Palmer) could hack the dean’s computer and find out more about Hester. Turns out the unhappy family members — Gigi, Boone and Hester — had spent 20 years in an insane asylum painstakingly plotting their revenge on the sorority. “I was the brains of the operation,” explains Hester, who even faked scoliosis as her “cloak of invisibility.” She stabbed herself in the eye with a stiletto, framed the other Chanels (who ended up in that same asylum after botching their defense at trial) — and ended up the treasurer of the newly reformed Kappa Kappa Tau. There were some clever moments, like the episode devoted to the Mia Farrow/Dory Previn/André Previn love triangle and Jamie Lee Curtis‘s re-enactment of her mother Janet Leigh‘s iconic shower scene from “Psycho,“ but otherwise, this is a series that left me more bored and frustrated than anything else. I was like “Oh, did you get the final script? … Who’s the killer?” And they were like, “It’s you.” I was like, “Are you serious?” And they were like, “Yeah, you get away with it.” I marched right over to [series co-creator] Ryan [Murphy], and I was like, “Okay, but am I going to live?

When Hester’s records proved to be very obviously fake (her transcripts note that she attended the fictional Sweet Valley High), Grace and Zayday have reason to believe she could be the baby in the bathtub. Here, Michele talks to Variety about playing the killer — and what it means for a potential Season 2. “I’m really feeling like a job well done for 2015,” says Michele. “I wrapped up ‘Glee.’ I’m happy to have another season of a successful TV show under my belt. Given Murphy’s clout with Fox, it is very likely he’ll be given one more chance to redeem himself with “Scream Queens.” However, I think the director/producer would make much better use of his time by focusing his attention on his continued success with the “American Horror Story” franchise and the upcoming, solid-looking “American Crime Story: The People v.

What Chanel doesn’t expect is for her hateful email to be forwarded to all of Wallace University by her Red Devil sister and then picked up and mercilessly covered by mainstream media, causing a outcry of hate towards her. The only main character to bite the big one was Grace‘s milquetoast wannabe investigative reporter boyfriend Pete, and even that was more of a relief than a shock to anyone. Devastated by her fall from power, she decides to end it all by killing herself the way Cleopatra did: with an asp — seriously, she orders an asp online. Hester’s devilish turn only further emphasized the creative leap Michele took on Scream Queens – which marked her first major television role since Glee ended in March.

Over the course of the horror comedy’s first season, Michele has had a chance to show a bit of a markedly different side than she did as earnest underdog Rachel Berry. Oh, and in case you cared – but you really shouldn’t – Pete’s murder confession last week wasn’t a lie, but it wasn’t terribly interesting either. I got to be funny, weird, a little sexual, vulnerable — like in that Chad Radwell (Glen Powell) episode with the family — calculated, villainous, and then, at the end, happy and relieved.

Zzzzzzzz…..) But just as Pete was going to reveal the name of Boone’s murderous twin sister to Grace – whom he confirmed was indeed a Kappa House resident – he was killed. Boo-hoo – let’s now skip ahead to the second hour, “The Final Girl(s),” because trust me, you could fast-forward through all of the first hour, “Dorkus,” and you wouldn’t have missed anything.

Long story short, Hester’s mother was the Kappa member who died after giving birth to Hester and her twin brother in a bathtub during a party; none of her awful sorority sisters would call for help. Anyway, Boone dies, but Hester gets away with the crime and pins it all on the trio of terrible Kappas: Chanel (Emma Roberts), Chanel No. 3 (Billie Lourd) and Chanel No. 5 (Abigail Breslin). Hester takes on an entire new persona of being quirky and socially awkward — and yes the neck brace was just a disguise — to infiltrate the Kappas and the Chanels’ inner circle. The final Greek life dig comes courtesy of Chanel, the pure evil Kappa president, as the three Chanels go to trial and are pronounced guilty of murder, sentenced to a life in an all-female insane asylum.

Then we had to watch how she pinned the murders on Chanel, Chanel #3 and Chanel #5 (*snore*) who were then arrested and, in the biggest “screw you” possible to Hester, who really just wanted to see them ousted from their social perch, were sent not to prison, but to the mental asylum. In the end, Chanel is even voted president yet again. “And now here we were, about to spend the rest of our lives trapped with a bunch of mentally unstable women totally divorced from any sense of reality and therefore capable of anything,” Chanel said via voiceover. “From the second we stepped foot in that asylum, I knew we were going to feel right at home.”

And when you do find out that she didn’t actually kill anyone — she only killed Pete, but he was murdering people — she sort of makes that her way out of getting out of this with her hands clean. But I started to think, ‘Well, I could be related to [Nick] Jonas.’ I thought, ‘Maybe I’m related to him and I’m the other baby, but that I was left for adoption and I had nothing to do with anything.’ That’s what I thought was happening. After No. 3 is also arrested, Hester moves on to accuse Chanel Oberlin of being involved in the murders as well and even purchasing all the murder weapons at the home improvement store — the security footage of this is just Hester in a Chanel wig, but it looks convincing enough. Except he may have bitten off more than he can chew here, as clueless Chad hadn’t realized that when you say “for charity,” you have to actually choose a particular organization. Dean Cathy Munsch published a ghostwritten book called “New New Feminism,” and was about to turn Hester in to the authorities for the campus deaths.

One moment that stood out the most to me was when I had the knife in the Thanksgiving episode, and it said in the script, “Hester comes in devilishly, holding a knife, saying that it was easily going to cut through roasted flesh” or something like that. But, Hester threatens to expose the academic administrator’s killing of her husband as well as her role in covering up the bathtub birth/murder 20 years ago.

Last but not least, we have the Chanels, who have apparently settled in quite nicely to the asylum – although I was bummed to see #3 had returned to her usual earmuffs after she had briefly rocked some beautiful Princess Leia buns during her trial. Hopefully Emma Roberts will be back for sure, too. (As for everyone else), it depends on how many gift baskets to Ryan Murphy Productions people can send in time. For three girls who had lived their entire lives around strict social rules, the mental institution is like a vacation: They walk around in pajamas all day, and for the first time, they’ve ditched the cotton balls for real food.

It was late at night, [and] it took us two days to film, so when that was done, even though it wasn’t the actual wrap of the show, it felt like the wrap to me. I feel like there were so many people along the way in the process of Glee who wanted to go out and spread their wings, wanted to go out and do other things, and I love Ryan and think he’s where it’s at. You love them in films and you know great things about them, and then you meet them and they’re even more incredible than you could have ever imagined. Unfortunately, she was raised surrounded by so much craziness and so much evil, with Gigi being so depressed and so angry and then growing up in such a wacky place.

Ryan, Brad and Ian did an incredible job of enlisting such a great group of actors and actresses who really understand how to handle that balance of comedy and yet that intensity. And having played the same character for over seven years on my previous show and then coming to this and really getting to stretch my muscles and do totally different work was unbelieveable.

I think it’s really easy for people to have just seen me as one character, and once people heard a few of those one-liners in Scream Queens, that definitely was no longer an issue. I can’t be here without you.” We really bonded in this experience together, and I’m so grateful, because I’ve been a fan of hers for so many years.

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