Scream Queens recap: ‘Thanksgiving’

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Emma Roberts admits to being a beauty product junkie.

A quiet, uneventful Thanksgiving for Kappa Kappa Tau? Yes, Gigi had apparently been roasted to a succulent gray, but the net body count for the episode ended up flat, because Hester, after seeming to die last week, turned up alive.Emma Roberts, 24, plays the lead character Chanel Oberlin, a terrifying sorority co-president who lords over her minions (the Chanels) on TV’s “Scream Queens.” In real life, Roberts, who was born in New York’s Hudson Valley and grew up in the Hollywood Hills, is quite a bit more approachable and a beauty product junkie to boot.If you thought Chanel-o-ween was a festive “Scream Queens” treat, you had to love the hot dish of humble pie that was being served up at the Radwell Family’s Famous Thanksgiving Table in this week’s new episode, which aired Tuesday (Nov. 24). I was certainly not expecting Gigi to die off-screen, within the first few minutes, only to reappear at the very end as a decapitated head on the Kappa dinner table, that’s for sure.

Because Chanel (Emma Roberts) and Hester (Lea Michelle) both sallied up to that table — riiight, so Chanel didn’t actually kill No. 6 last episode because the neckbrace kept her from breaking her neck, obvi, and she may have in fact cured her scoliosis altogether by laying her on that freezer floor. Although some sleepier moments felt rife with a Tiburon-sized shot of tryptophan, the final moments of tonight’s episode showed once again that it’s not a holiday at Wallace University without a merry murder. To have raised a one-of-a-kind dude like our beloved Chad Radwell, we knew they were going to be a bunch of weirdos, and the show delivered on that front. Meanwhile Gigi (Nasim Pedrad) supped on mini-quail with her Red Devil friend in a hotel room, and Dean Munsch hosted the KKT girls in their own house and beckoned a game of whodunnit while the previously pardoned campus bird roasted in the house oven. And then there was the Radwell household, where both Chanel and Hester turned up, making for an awkward dinner and a downright vicious game of Pictionary.

Unbearably pretentious Bunny Radwell verbally skewered her son’s potential love interests as her lush of a husband swilled wine, intermittently made priceless facial reactions and attempted to bribe Chanel with money to skedaddle. His family members — Dad (Alan Thicke), Thad (Patrick Schwarzeneggar), Brad (Chad Michael Murray), Buffy (Julia Duffy), and Muffy — are near-clinically insane. “Let’s all give a round of tolerant Radwell applause to our newcomer,” greets the mother while the father follows up with the oh-so-warm toast, “Welcome Chanel. Then, Dean Munsch said that she and Number Three were thrilled to announce that the turkey was ready, right before heading off to “freshen up.” Then Number Three and Number Five went to get the turkey as Number Five remarked how heavy it was, right before the reveal that it was actually Gigi’s head.

Now, if you’ve been paying even the slightest attention to this show, you’re probably doubting right about now that the body is even in the freezer. It kinda seems like everyone’s brain is in a constant state of hurting given the back and forth of all the killer theories that were flying around that dinner. Ever.” Throughout the day, she and Hester are insulted — with a $50k-to-get-the-eff-out offer, by being referred to as gold-digging hoochies and swarthy little runts (props to Momwell for the extra oomph in her disses), e.g. And you’re right. “I don’t understand how this keeps happening,” Chanel screams when she finds the walk-in short one sorority sister. “Is this a meat locker a wormhole to an alternate universe?” Chad and Chanel depart for the Hamptons — but not without Chanel worried Hester has her number.

Dean Munsch thought it was Number Three, Number Three thought it was Dean Munsch, Dean Munsch thought it was Wes, Wes thought it was Grace (his own daughter!), Pete thought it was Wes again, and Pete actually had some excellent points to make. One of those points was that with some help from bribery, breaking and entering, and a friend who works at Maury, Pete conducted a DNA test and concluded that Wes is Boone’s father! I also speculated in my review of Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 9 that Hester’s neckbrace, which conveniently reappeared immediately prior to the attempted murder, may have saved her life. For some reason, the girls stick it out ’til the round of Pictionary where “Neckbrace Whore” is the obviously-finagled clue card, and that’s when Chanel decides to stand up for herself and her Kappa sister, No. 6. While that doesn’t necessarily make Wes seem innocent to the dean and the Kappas, that does eliminate him from our list of Red Devil suspects, since we know from Gigi’s little chat with the Red Devil that Boone is the Red Devil’s brother, so either Grace is actually the killer, or she and Boone have yet another murderous sibling.

We’ve seen moments of empathy cross Chanel’s lips before, and even though they were all false before, we somehow got the sense that maybe she wasn’t kidding when she said her sorries to Hester for being a b-word to her over Chad. That Grace’s father is apparently the father of dead Boone and presumably the other baby in the bathtub. (“It’s not out of the question,” he admitted. “I was a bit of a man-slut back in the day.”) Hmm. Even though Chanel’s supposedly heartfelt apologies seem to spring up and vanish from one episode to the next, Chanel telling off the Radwells and sticking up for Hester was a wonderful moment. As for the Grace theory, we actually learned that she was in the Kappa house the night that former Kappa president Melanie Dorkus was murdered via spray tan. Aside from her big announcement at dinner about her faux-baby, she basically lapsed into a shocked kind of silence once the formidable Bunny verbally smacked her down.

Nevermind the fact that Pete snuck into his apartment when he wasn’t home to raid his hairbrush for samples, and nevermind the fact that he just conveniently showed up after Gigi had the weirdest Thanksgiving dinner ever while her companion was still en masske, Pete’s list of reasons to hook-eye it at Wes is pretty legit. Elsewhere, after revealing that she “killed” Number Six, and then after discovering that Number Six’s body had disappeared from the freezer (meaning she and Chad could, unfortunately for Chad, not have a three-way with it), Chanel headed to the Hamptons with Chad to meet and be horribly humiliated by his awesomely awful family, including Chad Michael Murray as his brother Brad and Patrick Schwarzenegger as his porn-obsessed bro Thad. I’m not sure what I expected of Chad Michael Murray’s and Patrick Schwarzenegger’s guest spots as (respectively) Brad and Thad Radwell, but they felt like little more than set pieces. I mean, interrupting his wife Muffy was amusing, and his little speech about making bank off the backs of creative people was a good moment, but there could have been more.

But he swears he’s on the paleo diet and just wanted to take advantage of the girls’ bounty of meats — fair enough — and explains away his knowledge of that secret tunnel system under the house as a memory washed away with the next day’s hangover cure. Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Chanel No. 3 (Billie Lourd) have been harboring some weird feelings for one another lately, and after seeing how very dissimilar 3 is from her frozen dinner empire home life, and how unfazed the Dean is by No. 3’s outright admission that she doesn’t eat, we’re wondering if there’s not more between these two. We also briefly got to know Number Three’s family of frozen dinner magnates and discovered that their idea of a family Thanksgiving is to sit in individual recliners with frozen TV dinners while watching sports on multiple televisions.

Number Three: She clearly thought the serial killer at her sorority house was going to get her some attention from her distinctly unattentive family, so perhaps she was feeling a bit abandoned and wanted revenge for not getting the family she deserved. They will probably get extra murdery too, since there’s only one more episode before the two hour season finale and a whole lot of people are still very much alive. The only thing that shuts the group up is when the turkey timer finally goes off, and they left the serving lid to reveal that – dun dun dunnnnn – Gigi’s head is on a literal platter. That was a clever meta nod, because fans have absolutely broken down, piece by piece, all of the evidence for each of the potential suspects named during “Thanksgiving.” I loved these scenes. The Dean does have a motive for killing Kappas — when her grand plan to rid the campus of the sorority didn’t pan out, she decided to take out the sisters one by one.

And we know she’s capable of killing as evidenced by her bologna non-allergy. (Her supposed intolerance had helped clear her name in her ex-husband’s murder. Now the girls know better…) Next up is Wes, and he’s not holding anything back: He can clear suspicions for everyone involved, save his own daughter. She was, after all, one of the only ones not buried up to her neck during the Deaf Taylor Swift Murder. (Although with two Red Devils running around, that seems like sort of a moot point.) The girls support his claim, though, accusing Grace of creating the campus killer so that her mom wouldn’t be the worst byproduct of Wallace. Wes and the Chanels presented new (unseen by the audience) evidence against Grace – she visited Kappa at the time of Melanie Dorkus’ maiming, and she was spotted talking to a Red Devil (supposedly Pete, but who even knows anymore?).

Many of the twists in Scream Queens so far have been predictable, but Gigi’s head winding up on that table and Wes being the tub babies’ father were two things I didn’t see coming. It also adds another layer of intrigue to the whole mess – what could the last killer standing’s motivation be in offing his or her accomplices, Gigi and Boone?

I’m staying the course and saying it’s No. 2, who’s not actually dead. (Though, could there be a better presumed-dead suspect?) Leave your guesses, theories, and sweet potato pie recipes in the comments below. This bit of info would seem to put the kibosh on the idea that Gigi was related to the bathtub twins or the dead girl (any idea I’ve seen floated around).

I get that Niecy Nash is a guest star and not a main cast member, but it made literally zero sense that they introduced her as having moved into Kappa house only for her to be missing with no explanation or mention in the very next episode. A huge pet peeve of mine with shows is when they know a character is recurring/guest starring and yet treat them like a regular who is sporadically absent. They set up the final dinner scene so that nearly anyone present may have been the one to switch out Tiburon the turkey for Gigi’s head, which was very clever and well done.

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