‘Scream Queens’: Lea Michele Goes Inside Finale’s Killer Reveal

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‘Scream Queens’: Lea Michele Goes Inside Finale’s Killer Reveal.

One of “Glee’s” specialties was musical mash-ups, blending different songs and even genres in ways that were sometimes fabulous, others clunky. Scream Queens wrapped its freshman season on Tuesday with a two-hour season finale addressing a number of burning questions, one of the biggest being: Who is the remaining Red Devil?

It’s been quite a bloody season at “Scream Queens’” Wallace University, which has been terrorized by a serial killer — make that a trio of killers.The identities of the killers in “Scream Queens” haven’t really mattered since about the third episode, when it became clear that the show was mostly interested in milking caricatures and seeing how many pop-culture references it could cram into every hour.After countless gory deaths, red herrings, and one unspeakable lawn mower mishap, the Fox series’ Season 1 finale aired Tuesday, Dec. 8, as Hester (Lea Michele) was shown to be the season’s mastermind, having worked in tandem with Pete (Diego Boneta) and Gigi (Nasim Pedrad).On tonight’s “Scream Queens,” the comedy/horror series from executive producer Ryan Murphy, the Red Devil killer will be revealed — and the cast promises a satisfying conclusion to the season-long mystery. “Honestly, could it have been anybody else?” says Oliver Hudson, who plays Wes, the overprotective father to Skyler Samuels’ sorority pledge, Grace. “It was always a mystery throughout the show for all of us.

The unsurprising thing we learn at the start of the episode: she loves it because she buys crud for her friends to make them question their relationship and try to earn their way back on her good side. Granted, comedy has always been a staple of the horror genre, especially in theaters, where the goal is often to get young audiences chuckling out of tension, right before the ax or chainsaw gets put to use. Of course, Pete wasn’t exactly innocent: Once he discovered Boone’s involvement, he got caught up in his mission — and paid the ultimate price himself. Michele, 29, tells Us Weekly that she had no idea Hester was the killer until she received the season’s final script. “I was excited!” she says of finally getting the big news. “It was so funny because, throughout the whole season, everyone was like, ‘Do you know?’ And I was like, ‘No!'” the actress says. “And we honestly didn’t, and it wasn’t until that final episode, and I was like, ‘Oh, my god.'” Michele, who says she was convinced that Wes (Oliver Hudson) would be the killer, was at a press event with series creator Ryan Murphy when she learned that Hester would be the culprit.

However, as the Chanels head out to get their Black Friday on, they are stopped by Dean Munsch who, reasonably, insists that they stay at Kappa House until the police arrive, seeing as someone just tried to serve them Gigi’s roasted head for Thanksgiving dinner. But as constituted, “Scream Queens” merely felt like “Glee” with less music and more blood sprays, a chance to see the mean girls not just say outlandish things but occasionally wind up skewered.

Bathtub Baby), but in a season full of suspicious sorority sisters, devious deans, and peculiar parents (not to mention more than a few red herrings), there really was no way of knowing for sure how it all would end on Screams Queens. The big reveal in the finale (and SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t watched) really wasn’t particularly revealing, mostly because the narrative had been such a madcap mess in the preceding weeks that any suspense had dissipated long ago – not in terms of whodunit, but having any reason to care. Elsewhere, Grace, Pete and Professor Oliver Hudson head to the police station only to find that the entire homicide department has been fired on account of being a bunch of worthless dummies who allowed some 19 murders happen on their watch.

Neckbrace (Lea Michele) — who had been giving everyone plenty of reasons to suspect her — Grace devised a plan to have her father (Oliver Hudson) sleep with Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) so that she and Zayday (Keke Palmer) could hack the dean’s computer and find out more about Hester. Turns out the unhappy family members — Gigi, Boone and Hester — had spent 20 years in an insane asylum painstakingly plotting their revenge on the sorority. “I was the brains of the operation,” explains Hester, who even faked scoliosis as her “cloak of invisibility.” She stabbed herself in the eye with a stiletto, framed the other Chanels (who ended up in that same asylum after botching their defense at trial) — and ended up the treasurer of the newly reformed Kappa Kappa Tau.

When Hester’s records proved to be very obviously fake (her transcripts note that she attended the fictional Sweet Valley High), Grace and Zayday have reason to believe she could be the baby in the bathtub. Here, Michele talks to Variety about playing the killer — and what it means for a potential Season 2. “I’m really feeling like a job well done for 2015,” says Michele. “I wrapped up ‘Glee.’ I’m happy to have another season of a successful TV show under my belt. The first hour featured an apology tour by Chanel No. 1, some dissing of Nickelback and a can’t-scrub-it-from-my-mind scene in which Grace’s father, wearing only his briefs, seduced Dean Munsch.

Chanel forces the Chanels to go down to the Esplanade Mall in the middle of the night to buy some junk at Claire’s, which is where the Chanels present Chanel with her gift from them: a classic flap crocodile Chanel purse. While the two-hour finish, written by Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan, featured some impressive displays of breathless dialogue by Roberts and Michele, the cartoonish nature of the characters made Hester’s long explanation of the crime – and its aftermath – wholly anticlimactic, concluding with more of a whimper than a bang.

Is everything fine?” He’s like, “Yeah, you get away with it.” I got to go home a few days later to New Orleans and read the script and got the whole breakdown. Moved that her friends would make such a grand gesture despite the fact that she was about to buy them earrings that would turn their earlobes green, Chanel drops her plan to buy them junk and offers to take them across the street to buy them matching pink Jeeps instead. According to Nielsen data, “Scream Queens” has tallied just over 5 million viewers on a seven-day basis (including a week’s worth of delayed viewing). Pete was going to turn him in but ended up buying all of Boone’s anti-Greek-system rhetoric — ultimately agreeing to help him off a couple of people as long as Boone ensured Grace’s safety. Before they can slip out of the mall, however, the lights are shut off, and the Chanels (and everyone else at the mall, not that they are anywhere to be seen, suddenly) discover they’ve been locked in by a crossbow-wielding Red Devil.

As noted, Murphy’s real genius stems from an ability to promote his shows through concept and casting (witness the Lady Gaga-“Horror Story” pairing), the tradeoff being that those qualities have a bad habit of trumping execution. Hester’s devilish turn only further emphasized the creative leap Michele took on Scream Queens – which marked her first major television role since Glee ended in March. Of course, the beauty of “Scream Queens” is that by killing off much of the cast, the producers can enlist a new flurry of demo-friendly stars to try wooing viewers back should the series return. And so it was that Pete killed Roger (or was it Dodger?) and Boone and Gigi. (He had to squelch the source of the savagery, after all.) He was also the one in the mall who took a crossbow to Chanel’s shoulder, as revenge for some Clan of the Cave Bear role-playing gone wrong.

However, when Pete wasn’t busy masquerading as one of Wallace University’s angels of death, he was investigating the identity of Boone’s twin by surreptitiously DNA testing the Kappas. Throw your own opinion in the comment section, but I’ve seen enough; what was occasionally cute and witty once would be hard-pressed to be either a second time. In the Chad Radwell episode with the family, “Thanksgiving,” there are moments where Hester seems sympathetic to Chanel (Emma Roberts), like when Chanel defends Hester and herself to the Radwell family. I do, however, want to see a spinoff show, “The Radwells Plus Eight.” In the second hour Tuesday we saw the overprivileged Chad and the daffy Denise, who had become lovers, decide to break up. All right.) Now, Screams Queens isn’t afraid to let its references show, and tonight’s episode was no exception, blatantly recalling through Chanel’s leaked “missive of all missives” the Delta Gamma incident of 2013.

Because this is the first time that her name has been mentioned since the first episode, and the next episode is entitled “Dorkus,” so I’m thinking she’s going to prove important. Anyway, the point is, Chanel announces they are going to poison Dean Munsch, and Grace is like, “COUNT ME IN!” much to Zayday’s dismay. (OR IS IT?) Over at the Dickie Dollar Scholar house, Chad reads Nick Jonas’ will to a confused Pete, to whom Nick Jonas left everything, including a large box of lube. Which ended, of course, with a reference: “Don’t You (Forget About Me),” the Simple Minds song identified with “The Breakfast Club.” Reference-dropping, apparently, is the new originality.

Which is explained when the girls pull off part of his disguise to reveal a pizza delivery man with dynamite strapped to his chest, muttering “She made me do it.” No sooner do the Kappas take cover than the pizza man (and his precious pie) are blown into a million little pieces. And when you do find out that she didn’t actually kill anyone — she only killed Pete, but he was murdering people — she sort of makes that her way out of getting out of this with her hands clean. While Chanel decamps for an image-rehabbing apology tour (first stop: Melanie Dorkus’ house), Grace hatches a plot to, essentially, pimp out her father and his righteous playlist to Dean Munsch for an afternoon to distract her long enough so she can look into the Chanels’ permanent records. HE’LL BE MURDERED TO DEATH! (OH WILL HE?) Meanwhile, Chanel and Grace head to Dean Munsch’s office where they announce they want to start a Wallace University Feminist Collective with her, and ohbytheway, they’ve brought her some apple cider, don’t worry about why, just drink it.

But I started to think, ‘Well, I could be related to [Nick] Jonas.’ I thought, ‘Maybe I’m related to him and I’m the other baby, but that I was left for adoption and I had nothing to do with anything.’ That’s what I thought was happening. What the girls neglect to mention is that they laced the apple cider — Dean Munsch’s all-time favorite drink — with enough puffer fish venom to kill the entire school. The duo narrowly succeed, and the gang rushes back to KKT in time to find Hester lying on the ground with a high heel stuck in her eyeball — and her finger pointed at No. 5. One moment that stood out the most to me was when I had the knife in the Thanksgiving episode, and it said in the script, “Hester comes in devilishly, holding a knife, saying that it was easily going to cut through roasted flesh” or something like that.

Because we flash forward, to winter semester rush, where president Zayday, vice president Grace, and treasurer Hester are greeting a new class of pledges. Hopefully Emma Roberts will be back for sure, too. (As for everyone else), it depends on how many gift baskets to Ryan Murphy Productions people can send in time.

But just because Grace is kicked out doesn’t mean Zayday is going anywhere, as she explains that she’s suddenly and inexplicably on board with The New Plan to Kill Dean Munsch. It was late at night, [and] it took us two days to film, so when that was done, even though it wasn’t the actual wrap of the show, it felt like the wrap to me. Hester saves her biggest fish for last: Chanel, whom she impersonated at a home-improvement store buying an ax and a lawn mower for all security cameras to see. (Insert well-oiled-machine joke here.) Anyway, Chanel says she won’t be taken alive, but as she runs for it, a bevy of stripper-cops-turned-real-cops grab her and cart her off to jail. Meanwhile, the Chanels take Dean Munsch to a cryogenics chamber for “beauty treatments,” but instead lock her into the sub-zero tank and leave her there to freeze to death.

It doesn’t work, and Dean Munsch emerges after ten minutes refreshed and revigorated. (OH DOES SHE?) Back in his dorm room, Pete takes a mysterious call wherein he tells the person on the other end of the line that “[he] can’t” (OH CAN’T HE?) and that the “point has been made,” (OH HAS IT?) that he “feels guilty” (OH REALLY?) and it’s “not who [he is].” (OH IS IT NOT?) He then orders the person to never call him again before hanging up angrily and opening the armoire exposing his Red Devil costume to remind us that he owns one. But for me, just knowing [co-creators] Brad [Falchuk] and Ryan [Murphy] and Ian [Brennan] so well, I really thought that if it were me, then I would get some kind of feeling from them. The highlight of which is Chad and Denise’s short-lived romance. “We were chasing waterfalls,” Denise tearfully tells Chad as she leaves him for Quantico. Chanel passes out new phones to all the Chanels, phones equipped with a light that will illuminate when she is ready for them to join her and drown the Dean. I feel like there were so many people along the way in the process of Glee who wanted to go out and spread their wings, wanted to go out and do other things, and I love Ryan and think he’s where it’s at.

You love them in films and you know great things about them, and then you meet them and they’re even more incredible than you could have ever imagined. Unfortunately, she was raised surrounded by so much craziness and so much evil, with Gigi being so depressed and so angry and then growing up in such a wacky place. Ryan, Brad and Ian did an incredible job of enlisting such a great group of actors and actresses who really understand how to handle that balance of comedy and yet that intensity. Right before their phones go off, Chanel #5 pointedly places her phone down on a table and begins shrieking at the sales lady, demanding that she alter the size tags. And having played the same character for over seven years on my previous show and then coming to this and really getting to stretch my muscles and do totally different work was unbelieveable.

I think it’s really easy for people to have just seen me as one character, and once people heard a few of those one-liners in Scream Queens, that definitely was no longer an issue. I can’t be here without you.” We really bonded in this experience together, and I’m so grateful, because I’ve been a fan of hers for so many years.

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