Scandal: Who leaked those scandalous Fitz and Olivia photos?

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‘Heavy Is the Head’.

It didn’t take long for Scandal to burst the happy Fitz and Olivia bubble after photos of them leaked to the public in the closing moments of the premiere. After agreeing to get their affairs in order before going public with their romance, someone leaked photos of the president and his mistress to former vice president Sally Langston to reveal on her new talk show.Well, everyone — Olivia Pope and co. are back, and we all know that when things look rosy at the start of an episode, you better believe it’s going to go downhill fast. The No. 1 suspect among the cast: Mellie Grant. “Who else would’ve leaked the photos?” Tony Goldwyn, who plays Fitz, tells EW. “That’s my guess and it’s reasonably Fitz’s guess. Scandal stars Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, Guillermo Diaz as Huck, Darby Stanchfield as Abby Whelan, Katie Lowes as Quinn Perkins, Tony Goldwyn as President Fitzgerald Grant, Jeff Perry as Cyrus, Bellamy Young as First Lady Mellie Grant, Joshua Malina as David Rosen, Scott Foley as Jake Ballard, Portia De Rossi as Elizabeth North and Cornelius Smith Jr as Marcus Walker.

Steaming over Fitz asking for a divorce, the first lady could be gunning for revenge. “He was gleeful handing me those papers,” Young says. “Regardless of whether of not she’s the leak, that is definitely true — when has Mellie ever let somebody have the last word? That’s never going to happen in a million years.” “I think it was Mellie that leaked it,” Guillermo Diaz (Huck) concurs, “Because it’ll make her seem like the wife who has been wronged. Sally’s making a speech about Fitz celebrating “betrayal,” and “skipping down the road to Sodom and Gomorrah,” all while we’re watching Mr.

People are going to be sympathetic to her and like her a little bit more because they feel bad for her, and look at Olivia [Kerry Washington] like she’s a whore and this horrible mistress.” But people who live in glass houses should not throw stones — especially ones with potential presidential aspirations. “Mellie’s holding public office,” Young says. “There are so many secrets, so much dirt, so many things that can bring her down at any moment. It’s like walking on eggshells.” However, there are several other suspects who could be behind the leak, including the jilted Cyrus (Jeff Perry). “What about Cyrus going, ‘Look what happens when I’m taken off the watch?’ ” ponders Perry, who has an inkling that his White House replacement Elizabeth North (Portia de Rossi) could have a hand in this. “I always suspect our dear Liz is up to something because she’s the worst kind of traitor,” Perry says. “When I’m a traitor, I do it so I cover up my tracks.

So it’s only natural to think Sally’s speech might be about them: “A commoner, an all-American girl,” who leaves her normal life for one with a prince. You can see her footprints on everything.” A more heartbreaking suspect is Abby (Darby Stanchfield), who was seething in the premiere over Olivia basically doing her job behind her back. “It could be Abby,” Stachfield says. “Abby feels ultimately betrayed because Olivia lied to her face and she was totally thrown under the bus up at the press podium.

Turns out Fitz is throwing a state dinner for Prince Richard and Princess Emily, of the English-speaking, Anglicized country Caladonia, which is totally not the exact same place as Genovia from The Princess Diaries (as someone on Twitter reminded me, Shonda Rhimes co-wrote The Princess Diaries 2! Bellamy Young (Mellie): Verna (the Supreme Court justice played by Debra Mooney that Fitz murdered) planted a time capsule and it had some sort of strange feed to the interior of the White House and a great reporter dug it up. She’s mad … It’s someone who has it out for either Olivia or the administration.” With David “Attorney General of the United States” Rosen (Joshua Molina) leading the charge, it shouldn’t be too long before we find out who it was. “In the near future, he’s going to focus in on the investigation into who leaked the photos of Olivia and Fitz that led to the affair becoming public knowledge,” Molina says. So it’s Princess Emily Sally Langston was talking about, a stunning, sweet, American human rights lawyer who married into royalty — and who quickly dies in a brutal tunnel car crash. To back up for a sec, Fitz wanted to have this state dinner because he’s trying to convince Queen Isabel to let him build a naval base on Caladonia.

Mellie, notably, isn’t there: Abby told the press Mellie had a flu and couldn’t attend, but of course Mellie wasn’t sick, just being kept away from the dinner. To make things more dramatic, Abby asks Liv how long it took Fitz to call her after kicking Mellie out, and Liv lies, simply and easily: “Oh, he didn’t call.” Liv always lies to Abby! It’s messy and awful, but it’s really exciting that Shonda is pushing this in that direction as opposed to the back and forth that we’ve always done. it’s different now.

I don’t think they’d say half the things they say if they knew they were hurting an actual person.” This, my friends, is a glowing, neon sign that reads “SYMBOLISM!” You know who else might be “not a person anymore” and have hurtful things said to her once she’s in the public eye, involved with a prince-like figure? Let’s speed through the rest of this story line quick to get back to the main event: Turns out princess and prince never spent time together, so she fell in love with her bodyguard. Back in the “real world,” Fitz is refusing to go to Mellie’s swearing-in ceremony because he’s a monster, so Abby tells the press he won’t be there. She yells at Liz, who didn’t know Fitz changed his mind and went (do you feel dizzy, or is this just me?), so they both realize they’re not totally in the know. MORE DRAMA: Mellie thanks Fitz for attending, and Fitz turns full-on 100 percent evil and serves her with three heartbreaking words: “I’m divorcing you.” She’s completely taken aback, but he is still SO mean.

Liv, meanwhile, is not as happy as you’d think about the d-word, because Princess Emily’s saga showed her just what life in the spotlight is really like. So in the end, just like Princess Emily said, she still was more of a symbol/spectacle than a person, because she pretty much just existed to get Olivia to realize she wants to slow things down. When Liv goes home to her dark apartment for the first time in days, who is sitting on the couch but a feral-seeming Huck, whose biggest accomplishment during Liv’s absence was “opening a window.” They have a very weird preschool conversation, in which Huck asks Liv, “Is he” (meaning Fitz) “hurting you… on the inside?” Then Liv counters with, “Did Quinn hurt you on the inside?” Give me a break. If I could fix people on the inside I’d be running a bake sale in Ohio right now.” I’m actually from Ohio, and I feel compelled to say that yes, someone’s homemade brownies really can fix you “on the inside.” Especially if you’re 7 years old.

Good ol’ Cyrus Beene, who, you’ll remember, was ousted from his post as Chief of Staff by evil Liz. (Actually, she’s not necessarily more evil than anyone else. Fitz is pissy because Liv wasn’t thrilled about his divorce papers, and Liv explains that they need to fix their problems in private before their scandal thrusts them into the spotlight.

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