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‘Heavy Is the Head’.

The Scandal star looked gorgeous in the black sleeveless top and short floral skirt which showed off her toned legs as she stopped by AOL Builds to discuss the new season of Scandal and her anti-domestic violence work on Friday. Get your crystal balls, Gladiators, because Scandal is back and we are making our predictions for the scandalous twists and shocking turns that Shonda Rhimes’ political drama will take us on for season 5.The former White House Director of Communications, played by Kerry Washington, was shown getting rather intimate with President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn) in several steamy scenes that opened up the season five of Scandal.After a long five months away from television’s fabulous fixer Olivia Pope, we were reunited with her and the rest of the Thursday night trifecta, created by Shonda Rhimes.(Cover) – EN Star Style – Kerry Washington’s hairstylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew has joked she becomes “sad” when Scandal is shooting because of the dramatically different hairdos. “I love the highlights on Kerry.

All this was taking place while Sally Langston (Kate Burton) can be heard making a speech, talking about Fitz celebrating ‘betrayal’ and ‘skipping down the road to Sodom and Gomorrah.’ As the pair attempt to set some sort of lovemaking world record, it is up to the viewer to decide if the speech is about them, as she waxes lyrical about: ‘A commoner, an all-American girl’ who leaves her normal life for one with a prince. I was somewhat hoping that I would be eased into the season; only one plot twist, no real jaw-dropping scenes and I even was so bold as to pray that I would be spared of the final two minutes of the show that normally have me struggling to stay in my seat. Interestingly, the anglicized republic has a strong similarity to the fictional country of Genovia, in the Princess Diaries – Shonda Rimes who wrote Scandal was a co-writer on The Princess Diaries 2. Season 5 opens with nothing other than a classic rant-like monologue by Sally Langston, who was just outraged at the amount of fictional taxpayer money was spent on a dinner hosted by the White House, to welcome the prince and princess of Caledonia, Richard and Emily.

It makes her look younger, more fresh.” “I can’t think of any Olivia Pope hairstyle that made me cringe, but I’ll tell you what I loved: the natural curls on the beach. The pair wed in June, 2013, and welcomed their daughter Isabelle in late April, 2014. ‘I’m not even Catholic but I just think what he stands for in carrying the message of God not being about judgment but about service is really extraordinary.’ The actress had just dashed outside after speaking at anti-domestic violence and financial abuse event for Allstate’s The Purple Purse Foundation in New York. Washington is the group’s ambassador, and is helping the fight against financial and domestic abuse by designing a purple purse for the group that retails for $350 online at Saks. com. I’d love to see those curls come back!” “Kerry uses product in her hair all week long, so I use Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo, and then the Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask. Olivia is beckoned to a police-filled tunnel, where the dead body of Princess Emily is being swarmed by photographers looking to get their money shot.

Then the question for new season cases and guest stars came up, and Terrero was ready with her answer: move over, Sarah Koenig, because it’s time for Olivia Pope to take a crack at the Adnan Syed case. With his estranged wife Mellie (Bellamy Young), not present, (Abby tells the press she has flu and couldn’t attend) mainly because his lover is, it looks like the writing is soon going to be on a very public wall for the pair. Prince Richard assumes the role of Prince Charming, soliciting Olivia’s help to retrieve all of the photos of his late wife before they are published for the world to see. In the wake of the dinner, the Princess is killed in a fatal car crash in a tunnel, a plot device which seems to have drawn from the tragic fatal accident involving Princess Diana. Given the fact that Huck is now taking live on Olivia’s couch in the dark while she plays house with the president, Quinn is a one-woman team and sets out on her own to pay off the paparazzi.

This of course creates some tension between Olivia and Fitz as he was given the opportunity to prosecute his royal guests but chose not to due to political reasons. She also tells the president that they should not publicly unveil their relationship, however, his former Vice President (Kate Burton) takes it upon herself to make the big reveal on national television. But as it turns out, the seemingly innocent queen discovered that the princess that the world saw was a different woman when the cameras weren’t facing her.

Terrero says that she hopes in this season, the two troubled men come together to form their own crisis management syndicate that can fix D.C. scandals just like Olivia’s does. Knowing that giving birth to a child who had no royal bloodline meant no heir to the throne, the queen gave an “off with her head”-esque decree, and had the princess and her lover killed.

I could take the Evil Queen’s dastardly deed, but what blew my mind was her telling the uncheckable Olivia Pope that she had not dismissed her yet, proceeding to read her like a Dr. So it’s Princess Emily Sally Langston was talking about, a stunning, sweet, American human rights lawyer who married into royalty — and who quickly dies in a brutal tunnel car crash. To back up for a sec, Fitz wanted to have this state dinner because he’s trying to convince Queen Isabel to let him build a naval base on Caladonia. It’s when she and Quinn (all that’s left of OPA) run into a roadblock on one last photographer that they realize he isn’t a photog but an assassin who caused the crash.

After telling Prince Richard what his hag of a mother had done to his betrothed, he demands that the queen renounce her throne and banishes her to the family’s winter home, never to be seen again. Mellie naively thought that because he showed up to hold the Bible as she was sworn in as the junior senator of the great state of Virginia, he would run back to her begging for forgiveness for his infidelity and try to fix their marriage.

Mellie, notably, isn’t there: Abby told the press Mellie had a flu and couldn’t attend, but of course Mellie wasn’t sick, just being kept away from the dinner. To make things more dramatic, Abby asks Liv how long it took Fitz to call her after kicking Mellie out, and Liv lies, simply and easily: “Oh, he didn’t call.” Liv always lies to Abby! But then I looked at my clock and realized that it was 9:58 p.m. and remembered that it is at this time when Shonda Rhimes loves to blow our minds into dark depths of stress. Just moments after Olivia proposes fixing things at home before airing their laundry, dirty and clean, to the public, it is aired for them by the forever obnoxious Sally Langston. As the previews for episode two played and the end credits rolled, I took to Twitter to inquire about why Rhimes could not just give her fans one episode to prepare themselves for the drama.

I don’t think they’d say half the things they say if they knew they were hurting an actual person.” This, my friends, is a glowing, neon sign that reads “SYMBOLISM!” You know who else might be “not a person anymore” and have hurtful things said to her once she’s in the public eye, involved with a prince-like figure? Liz won’t try to convince him for Mellie’s sake, because she hates Mellie. (“I performed voodoo to make you somebody!” Mellie says. “You didn’t do anything for me,” Liz says. “I was your prisoner, I was your puppet… your payment was that I got you elected.”) Little does Abby know, Liv convinced Fitz that he had to go (“How many times has she done this for you, whether she wanted to or not?”), so a reporter makes Abby look like an idiot at the press secretary podium when Fitz is AT the event she’s excusing him from.

She yells at Liz, who didn’t know Fitz changed his mind and went (do you feel dizzy, or is this just me?), so they both realize they’re not totally in the know. MORE DRAMA: Mellie thanks Fitz for attending, and Fitz turns full-on 100 percent evil and serves her with three heartbreaking words: “I’m divorcing you.” She’s completely taken aback, but he is still SO mean. Liv, meanwhile, is not as happy as you’d think about the d-word, because Princess Emily’s saga showed her just what life in the spotlight is really like. So in the end, just like Princess Emily said, she still was more of a symbol/spectacle than a person, because she pretty much just existed to get Olivia to realize she wants to slow things down. When Liv goes home to her dark apartment for the first time in days, who is sitting on the couch but a feral-seeming Huck, whose biggest accomplishment during Liv’s absence was “opening a window.” They have a very weird preschool conversation, in which Huck asks Liv, “Is he” (meaning Fitz) “hurting you… on the inside?” Then Liv counters with, “Did Quinn hurt you on the inside?” Give me a break.

If I could fix people on the inside I’d be running a bake sale in Ohio right now.” I’m actually from Ohio, and I feel compelled to say that yes, someone’s homemade brownies really can fix you “on the inside.” Especially if you’re 7 years old. Good ol’ Cyrus Beene, who, you’ll remember, was ousted from his post as Chief of Staff by evil Liz. (Actually, she’s not necessarily more evil than anyone else. I just want to teach Portia De Rossi that “anyway” is not pronounced “en-eh-way.”) So Mellie goes to Cyrus and tries to get him to convince Fitz not to divorce her, Cyrus says, “I’m not helping you anymore,” and Mellie gives a really heart-wrenching speech: “He doesn’t want you, Cy.

Of course, just as they decide to take things slow, Abby comes out to the balcony. (YEP, she figured out Liv was lying and, in a roundabout way, accidentally sabotaging Abby’s job.) Sally Langston is back on TV (her show’s logo looks curiously like that of The Colbert Report), saying, “Something is rotten within the walls of the White House.” See how great she is at narrating?! At least that’s the gist I get from Sally’s latest commentary with photographic proof of Liv leaving Fitz’s residential quarters at all hours of the night. Like Starsky and Hutch, Bunk and McNulty or even Rizzoli and Isles, these two will not disappoint with their banter and inventive ways of killing people.

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