Ryan Gosling Channels His Childhood Dancer Days On ‘Saturday Night Live’

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‘SNL’ Recap: Ryan Gosling Laughs During Sketches, Sings With Mike Myers.

First off, they made a skit called ‘Birthday Party’ where Ryan plays the father to a thirteen year old whose celebrating her birthday. Saturday Night Live viewers were in for quite the surprise during this week’s episode, as one of the show’s biggest legends, Mike Myers, crashed the stage.During a sketch on extraterrestrials, Gosling is shown holding in laughter while Kate McKinnon’s character demonstrates on Cecily Strong how aliens lined up to “gently batting her knockers” during her abduction.

Gosling had started it by pretending he was ‘so excited to be back home’ in New York City, saying: ‘It brings back all these great memories of growing up as a kid.’ But he was soon reminded that he was actually Canadian, finally admitting: ‘Not everybody’s a fan of immigrants right now, y’know? Myers, who was sporting a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey, told Gosling Canadians have plenty to be proud of — like “our hunky new Prime Minister Trudeau,” Degrassi Junior High and “Sir Justin Bieber.” “Santa’s coming don’t you pout, it’s time to break the Molsons out. While Gosling was pretty good (especially his Scarecrow), the defining moment of the episode came from Kate McKinnon in the show’s “Close Encounter” skit about the NSA talking to alien abductees. Gosling continued to have a case of the giggles in a later sketch where Strong plays a writer for GQ who interviews the actor in a bar, only to be interrupted and embarrassed by Gosling’s childhood friend (Kyle Mooney). The camera focuses in on Gosling as he tries to keep a straight face after Mooney jokes about Gosling taking dance classes as a child where he would “parade around in parachute pants.” Gosling later shows off his dancing and singing talent as he breaks into song at the bar.

All throughout the skit, Ryan can be seen trying to hold back his smiles and laughter and would sometimes even take a few seconds before he could deliver his lines. When Kate’s turn to tell her alien abduction came, Ryan couldn’t help but laugh to her narration – which may or may not have included having to pee in a bucket and get her ‘knockers’ touched by aliens. She recalls an ordeal that left her without her pants, being left on the roof of a Long John Silver’s, and a ritual that involved 40 aliens taking turns knocking her breasts.

Naughty and nice became a theme of the show, with The Big Short actor upping the hot factor in sketches including a teenage girl sleepover where he bared his chest as a “Dad crush.” And let’s be fair, Kate McKinnon was really funny in that alien sketch that left him in stitches. (Heh heh, she said “knockers.”) Here’s the sketch of which we speak, in which the NSA interviews three recent alien abductees about their experiences aboard the mother ship. When Kat McKinnon starts describing her experience peeing in front of grey space creatures, Gosling (and the audience) just lose it, and can’t ever find it again.

Cecily Strong and Ryan Gosling’s experiences are remarkably different from Kate McKinnon’s — so much so, that Ryan Gosling breaks so hard he has to claim he’s crying to cover up his laughter. We actually begin the episode with Donald Trump and Melania’s holiday greetings, including Trump’s “naughty and nice” list (his idea), featuring Santa and Hillary, who, to everyone’s surprise, made the nice list.

Gosling is joined by one (of many) of SNL’s fellow Canadian performers, Mike Myers, to sing about Canadians. (Not that this is important to the episode, but does Mike Myers have a book coming out about being a Canadian or something? In a pretaped short (which means little opportunity to break), Gosling and Vanessa Bayer are a couple who still believes in (and fantasizes about) Santa Claus. Between this and his appearance on Last Week Tonight a while back, he’s setting himself out as the Representative Canadian, and I’m just curious as to why.) Anyway. The song was fine, I guess, but I am always of the impression that when SNL feels the need to pad the opening monologue with guest stars and musical numbers, it suggests they don’t trust the host to be entertaining on their own merits. B- The first of two commercial spoofs of the night is for a dating app called “Settl” for women who already own a wedding dress, but just need a groom.

C Anthony Crispino, the second-hand news expert is back with his buddy, the third-hand news guy played by Ryan Gosling, which is basically just the two of them in mullet wigs making whiny noises. B- In this sketch, Ryan Gosling takes a reporter from GQ (apparently Cecily Strong is your go-to “reporter” actor) with him to his hometown, where he is bullied by an old frenemy. B- So, The Wiz Live! happened this week over on NBC, and the funniest thing to come of the performance were all these dummies complaining about there not being an all white Wiz.

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