‘Revenge’ Recap: Emily & Victoria Fight To Escape From Malcolm Black

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‘Revenge’ season 4, episode 13 recap: Dangerous games.

During Sunday’s episode of Revenge, Emily Thorne and Victoria Grayson will be forced to set their issues aside now that Malcolm Black has kidnapped them. Hellbent on finding his daughter, Malcolm (Tommy Flanagan) will use those closest to David (James Tupper) as leverage after the Clarke patriarch threatened his daughter’s life. Gone are the days where we would get a big, mini-revenge plot weekly, replaced instead by an increased focus on the direct conflict between Emily and Victoria, and their attempts to manipulate the ones around them. Little does Malcolm know, his daughter is already dead, forcing David to race against the clock to find Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe). “The furnace of hell has been lit,” Tupper tells EW. “I’m not going to let someone take my daughter away from me.

That’s not to say that there isn’t merit in this form of storytelling – I’m still watching, after all – but it was nice to see “Abduction” offer a more energetic hour of television. They’ll get into hilarious scrapes that they’ll have to work together to get out of, but they’ll also be trying to kill each other at every turn. We lean heavily into the ninja in the next episode.” Though David previously had plans to kill Victoria after suspecting she had betrayed him all those years ago, Tupper says her recent confession has changed David’s heart. “She was always the love of his life all those years in prison, so to discover the truth of it, we just parted ways, though the door is still open for something possibly to happen,” he says. In fact, the ending had a finale feel to it, with Victoria admitting Emily and David deserved a life together and suggesting they all go their separate ways. On the flip side, after uncovering the truth that Emily is his daughter, Amanda, David and Emily are finally in a good place, though her kidnapping will shine a new light on their relationship. “When the going gets tough, people really reveal themselves,” he says.” It’s time for David to become a fighter.” But Malcolm Black is far from the only threat Emily faces after Victoria revealed her true identity to Margaux (Karine Vanasse)—which Ben (Brian Hallisay) happened to overhear. “Now she knows who Emily is, but she knows it through Victoria’s eyes,” Vanasse says. “Obviously the version she knows is that lady came back to the Hamptons and destroyed everyone’s lives.

Ultimately, Black took several bullets and a tumble into the furnace, which pretty much wrapped up the main David Clarke intrigue that’s dominated the season. I’m going after you.’ In Margaux’s mind, it has to stop.” Though the obvious answer would be for the magazine editor to release the truth about Emily publicly, Vanasse says it’s not so easy. “She’s just going to investigate more and more what this whole thing implies,” she says. “She wants people to know the truth and wants this whole thing to be just and she doesn’t feel like justice has been served.” In other news, we’ll finally get to meet Louise’s mother (Carolyn Hennesy) in the flesh. Meanwhile, Margaux is still angry over Daniel’s death (aren’t we all, honey) and she hires one of her dad’s trusty colleagues to keep track of Emily so she can prove to the police that Ms. Because with Louise incapacitated, the Ellis matriarch keeps control of her inheritance. “It’s pretty close to what you’ve seen [in the visions],” Satine says of meeting Mama Ellis, who may or may not be in cahoots with her brother Lyman (Sebastian Pigott). “She’s reeling from everything that’s happened. It also frames her story as one that can be built into a revenge plot, maybe even a lighter-hearted one that fits Nolan’s snarky sense of humor better.

Luckily, after a series of expected blunders they found their way to the women (although David got there as a hostage rather than a savior) and somehow managed to kill Malcolm Black. Now a lot of her anger was fueled by Victoria giving her a warped view of events, so a simple conversation with Emily could potentially defuse the whole situation. A fight ensues and once Malcolm grabs Emily to throw her into the incinerator (at which point Victoria looks very distraught) David shoots Malcolm dead. (Side note: It’s a bit unfortunate that this is the last we’re going to see of actor Tommy Flanagan, he could have been an interesting villain to have on the show for longer than two episodes.

Back at the Beach Club, Nolan and Louise confront Penelope and tell her that the loophole to her plan was Louise getting married — AND THEY GOT MARRIED!

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