Recap of Revenge Season 4 Episode 13: “The Fugitive(s)”

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‘Revenge’: Will Emily and Victoria survive Malcolm Black’s wrath?.

During Sunday’s episode of Revenge, Emily Thorne and Victoria Grayson will be forced to set their issues aside now that Malcolm Black has kidnapped them.Revenge has long been the story of Emily and Victoria, and the show is always at its best when it focuses on that central dynamic. “Abduction” is the best Revenge of the season so far, largely because one of its defining aspects is the emotional journey of a woman who realizes that, in a way, she started all this. Hellbent on finding his daughter, Malcolm (Tommy Flanagan) will use those closest to David (James Tupper) as leverage after the Clarke patriarch threatened his daughter’s life.

Here are my five burning questions from “Abduction”: During the last scene of Sunday night’s episode, it seemed as if Victoria stepped into the role of mentor as Margaux prepared to destroy Emily/Amanda for all she’s done. Little does Malcolm know, his daughter is already dead, forcing David to race against the clock to find Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe). “The furnace of hell has been lit,” Tupper tells EW. “I’m not going to let someone take my daughter away from me.

As she is wont to do, Victoria immediately assumes Emily had something to do with this—which isn’t too far-fetched given everything Emily has done—but the women quickly discover that Malcolm is behind all of it. Naturally, Victoria’s first inclination is to offer Malcolm money in return for her release, but Malcolm is an independent man and doesn’t need her money. We lean heavily into the ninja in the next episode.” Though David previously had plans to kill Victoria after suspecting she had betrayed him all those years ago, Tupper says her recent confession has changed David’s heart. “She was always the love of his life all those years in prison, so to discover the truth of it, we just parted ways, though the door is still open for something possibly to happen,” he says. On the flip side, after uncovering the truth that Emily is his daughter, Amanda, David and Emily are finally in a good place, though her kidnapping will shine a new light on their relationship. “When the going gets tough, people really reveal themselves,” he says.” It’s time for David to become a fighter.” But Malcolm Black is far from the only threat Emily faces after Victoria revealed her true identity to Margaux (Karine Vanasse)—which Ben (Brian Hallisay) happened to overhear. “Now she knows who Emily is, but she knows it through Victoria’s eyes,” Vanasse says. “Obviously the version she knows is that lady came back to the Hamptons and destroyed everyone’s lives. Ben quickly informs Jack that he knows everything, and he’s not happy about being lied to. (For some reason he expected complete honesty from a girl who has turned down all of his advances.) Ben is not particularly keen on putting his life on the line to help a bunch of people who have been lying to him.

In short, they make a hell of a team, and that sort of effectiveness is much appreciated, since David and Jack, and even Ben, haven’t always been portrayed as the most competent men at what they do, no matter how well-intentioned they might be. I’m going after you.’ In Margaux’s mind, it has to stop.” Though the obvious answer would be for the magazine editor to release the truth about Emily publicly, Vanasse says it’s not so easy. “She’s just going to investigate more and more what this whole thing implies,” she says. “She wants people to know the truth and wants this whole thing to be just and she doesn’t feel like justice has been served.” In other news, we’ll finally get to meet Louise’s mother (Carolyn Hennesy) in the flesh. Meanwhile, Margaux is still angry over Daniel’s death (aren’t we all, honey) and she hires one of her dad’s trusty colleagues to keep track of Emily so she can prove to the police that Ms. Because with Louise incapacitated, the Ellis matriarch keeps control of her inheritance. “It’s pretty close to what you’ve seen [in the visions],” Satine says of meeting Mama Ellis, who may or may not be in cahoots with her brother Lyman (Sebastian Pigott). “She’s reeling from everything that’s happened.

It’s clear that some part of Malcolm suspects shenanigans are afoot, but nonetheless, he agrees to meet David for a prisoner exchange later that night. In an attempt to buy the guys some time, Victoria—with Emily’s cooperation we later find out—offers to give Malcolm information on her daughter’s whereabouts in exchange for her freedom.

That said, it did result in a fairly moving moment, as Malcolm is about to stab Emily and throw her in an incinerator, but Victoria buys time by confessing to killing Kate. She does this, even knowing that David had planned on staging her suicide, a point which Emily hatefully reveals to Victoria during their captivity early in the episode. So Victoria manages to keep Emily alive, and stalls for just enough time for Jack to come storming in, knocking out henchmen and giving Emily a window to start doing some ass-kicking of her own.

Moments before he’s about to toss her in, David gets hold of a gun and manages to shoot Malcolm full of holes, knocking him backward and into the incinerator himself. Second, Malcolm quickly finds out that Kate’s dead when he uses a fancy laser thermometer (which apparently is a thing) to measure her body, which is still sitting in David’s van. If nothing else, she makes for a more interesting villain than Louise’s mother, who shows up (for REAL this time!) with threats of cutting her daughter off from the money her late father left behind. During the clean-up, Emily tells Jack about her and Victoria’s plan and says she thinks Victoria helped because she’s finally starting to feel guilty for everything that she has done. It’s an interesting twist, although this is another care where the story would be stronger if Louise were a better, or at least more sympathetic, character.

It almost felt like a finale, honestly, particularly when Victoria tells David that they must go their separate ways so he and Amanda can start a life, and she can finally mourn her son in peace. As David limps off to bed, Revenge reveals that it is determined to make Emily and Ben a thing, which seems kind of awful because up until now, Ben has been rather bland. Having once been undercover and knowing what it’s like to push people away, Ben kind of understands what she’s gone through and believes that it must have been for the right reasons since she sacrificed so much. This has been a fairly uneven season for , but as long as the show can manage to deliver tense episodes such as this, then I’ll gladly stick with it for however long it lasts.

If Louise goes to the press about being drugged, her mother, as her conservator, a.k.a the one who controls Louise’s inheritance, will cut Louise off. However, Nolan’s lawyers are able to find a loophole: Penelope loses control over the money if Louise gets married, and that’s exactly what Louise and Nolan do. It does feel somewhat promising as it will make Margaux feel necessary as a character and finally give her something to do—and it will be fun to see Emily Thorne on the defensive. Nolan says she and Louise have plans and her mom says she’s going to get settled in at the house – she says she rented a place in the Hamptons so they can be close like a real family should be.

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