Once Upon a Time’s Jennifer Morrison on the evolution of the Dark Swan

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‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 5 Premiere Preview.

When Once Upon a Time returns for its fifth season, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) is struggling with what it now means to be the Dark One — which you can also read all about here.Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) chose to save her friends and family in the Season 4 finale, but in the process, it was her name that ended up on the Dark One’s dagger. And while no two seasons of this mystical series are ever alike, Season 5 promises to pack an extra big punch, considering that the main villain hits a little closer to home.

Now that Emma is the new Dark One, it’ll certainly be interesting to see how the dynamics shift between all of these characters — not just regarding their relationships with Emma, but also their relationships with each other. The Dark Swan, with an extensive chat with Morrison about what’s in store: ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let’s talk about where we’re picking up with Emma, since the Comic-Con video showed her in a jail cell in the Enchanted Forest. All summer long, the series has been slowly teasing out what lies ahead for our Storybrooke gang, which means we already have a ton of details in our magical arsenal of knowledge. While, yes, the show subverts some of those tropes, and the root of it all is in fairy tales, I have to wonder if the show is starting to hit the same story beats again and again. Though we’ve seen what she’ll eventually transition into, it will definitely be a gradual process. “Part of what we saw with Rumpelstiltskin [Robert Carlyle] was his struggle, and we watched the Darkness consume him,” executive producer Edward Kitsis recently shared with Entertainment Weekly. “We’re going to see the same with Emma.

We pick up right where we leave off in terms of everyone in Storybrooke standing over the dagger and realizing that Emma sacrificed herself to save Regina’s happy ending, and save the town, and save everyone. The show’s pulled from the Disney animated library for four seasons straight, but season five marks the first appearance of a character from the Pixar canon with the introduction of Brave heroine Merida. It marks the debut of Merida from “Brave,” played by Scottish actress Amy Manson. “She came in and read and just was the character and we have some stuff that we’re really excited for her coming up… that I think’s a lot of fun,” Adam said. He had good intentions in the decision to do it, and then we watched him through flashbacks struggle with the good and the bad inside of him once he took that on.

Back at Comic-Con, the producers hinted that the character’s involvement in the show will go beyond her encounters with Dark Swan Emma, which were revealed in the sneak peek clip released earlier this week. “Merida just fits right in. It means that it’s within you, and now there is the struggle between what was once you and how to reconcile that with the Darkness that’s also within you at this point. Of course, there’s another redhead around who will continue to spice things up – Zelena (Rebecca Mader) – who is pregnant with Robin’s (Sean Maguire) baby. There are things that she’s faced with where her instinct now is incredibly dark and incredibly violent, but then there’s still that part of her that wants to overcome that — and then that part of her that wants to overcome that is then going to come against that darkness inside of her, and there’s this internal struggle. I will say that even though the season premiere felt familiar, I’m curious as to what happens next, and I could have a completely different opinion next week… especially considering the cliffhanger they leave us with, which makes me hopeful.

She’s incredibly different in the sense that everything that the good Emma has always done has been motivated by wanting to do the right thing and being willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good. The last few minutes set the season up in such a way that you’ll be desperately wishing you had more episodes at your disposal immediately after the premiere.

There was always this fight within her to be able to overcome things and try to be a stronger, better person, and now that she has this Darkness within her, her instincts are to be selfish, which has never been her instincts as good Emma. Not only will Red/Ruby and Lancelot make appearances throughout the season, but it was recently announced that OUAT character favorite Mulan (who hasn’t been seen since Season 3) will also be returning for a multi-episode run. Some of it comes out pretty quickly, and then some of it gets hung over our heads a little while through the first several episodes and then starts to come out slowly, but surely over time. What’s Emma’s relationship like with her parents right now, since Adam and Eddy have teased she may harbor some anger towards them over what they put her through in the past?

It’s just good to keep in mind the motivations for someone, because if Emma, as her good self, was faced with a struggle or something that was painful, her first reaction would be, “How do I overcome this, and what do I do to make this better?” Emma, surrendered to the Darkness, faced with something that hurts her or upsets her, her first reaction is, “How do I destroy what hurt me?” It’s not entirely the metaphor that we’re using for it, but if you were to consider extreme, extreme depression, if you’re consumed with the heaviness of extreme depression, your decision making would be really different than when you had a balanced amount of serotonin in your mind and you were feeling light, and connected, and present. I don’t know the answer to the second half of the question just because we haven’t gotten far into into season for me to know if there’s truth to that. It becomes an accumulation of the events that happen after the surrender or sacrifice that add up to her having these resentments, and selfishness, and all those things. It’s interesting because, so far, what you’ll see is that Henry (Jared Gilmore) is Emma’s kryptonite as Dark Swan, because that love is so pure and so strong and similar to how Baelfire (Michael Raymond-James) was kryptonite to Rumple’s Darkness.

There was something about that bond that makes it hard to completely lean into the Darkness, and so I would say Henry has the most powerful effect on keeping her from wanting to lean into the Darkness. It’s always a complicated thing between Dark Swan and Hook because it’s a mixture of her true feelings with her new capacity for these darker deeds. That clearly affects them, and it clearly affects whether or not he can trust her decision making, and he knows that because he has been dark, and he was a villain at some point. I think that she will clearly have regrets and things to overcome because of it, but I also think that there are going to be things that she learns about herself that will be important for her to know moving forward.

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