Once Upon A Time S5: E11 ‘Swan Song’ Review

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‘Once Upon a Time’ stars dissect the heartbreaking winter finale.

After Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) resurrected all the old Dark Ones in order to snuff out the light, a number of Storybrooke residents were marked for death, forcing Emma (Jennifer Morrison) to take drastic measures in a bid to save the town. From Camelot to Neverland, the show has never quite been able to sustain itself when it’s simply Storybrooke, as much as some of the better stories have been rooted there.

After Dark Ones took over Storybrooke, ready to drag everyone to the underworld so they could walk the Earth freely, it seemed like there was no hope — until someone made the ultimate sacrifice to save Storybrooke.VANCOUVER, Canada — Another epic winter finale for ABC’s Once Upon a Time is headed our way, but the episode title, “Swan Song,” gives the impression that someone’s future may be on very shaky ground.

There were many crazy moments throughout the big finale, but here are the five most shocking ones — from a killer flashback to the emotional moment that we’ll be reeling from for the next three months. In last week’s episode, Dark Hook summoned all the Dark Ones, including Nimue, to basically make sure darkness will rule over light, but we’ll have to see if Emma can somehow rid herself of her own darkness, defeat her lover and, along with the help of her friends and family, be victorious. To get prepped for what we’ll be seeing this Sunday, Jennifer Morrison (Emma) and Colin O’Donoghue (Hook) gave Mashable some scoop about the winter finale — and beyond — straight from the Vancouver set.

The ever-crafty Gold (Robert Carlyle) took all the darkness and, when the next half of the season picks up in March, he’ll be more evil than ever, as Emma and her family/friends try to bring Hook back. The bigger (and more interesting) question at stake is the fact that now that we’re in the Underworld, how many previously dead characters are going to get a chance to return? While we have some time to wait until March, Morrison and O’Donoghue were more than happy to chat about the shocking developments when Mashable hit the set of the show in Vancouver. We’ve already had confirmations of past-dead characters like Cruella and Cora, though both of those characters are supposedly strictly for the show’s 100th episode.

Years later, the Evil Queen tries to get Hook to kill Cora, and to test if he’d be up for the task, she finds his deadbeat dad and tells Hook to kill him. After what she went through — she thought she was doing the right thing by saving his life, even though he said not to, and then she realized there were all these repercussions to it.

First up, Morrison took a break from filming to answer questions about Emma’s motivations and losing her loved one after everything she did to try to save him. Hook and his dad actually end up making amends after a heart-to-heart, but then after seeing dad with his new son, Hook comes unhinged and murders his pop instead. Jennifer Morrison: I think ultimately Emma knows she’s responsible for the circumstances, and it’s deeply upsetting and conflicting for her to come to that conclusion — not because she doesn’t want to save everyone but because she has evolved. Unsurprisingly, the man of the hour (Hook) had a backstory that took us back in time to when he was just a wee lad aboard a pirate ship, traveling with his brother and father.

During a storm, Hook wakes up scared, and his father Brennan (EastEnders’ Adam Croasdell) comes in and reassures him. “Whenever you feel scared, all you have to do is look inside your heart,” he tells his son, before asking him, “what kind of man are you going to be?” Predictably, Hook wants to be just like his brave dad, but maybe that’s not such a good person to emulate: When Hook wakes up, he finds out his father has abandoned him (he was a fugitive, and, well, he could’ve gotten caught at the next port). Not quite as manic and not as extreme, but it’s fun to get to play that again.” Morrison added, “It’s just been such a pleasure to work on and I felt so grateful for the opportunity and also just to enjoy the collaborative process with Eddy and Adam. Emma advises that they split up to find Hook, and Regina and Robin run into a haughty Zelena, who wants to have a chat about their custody arrangement. We operate from the assumption that certain things get shared off screen and there are certain pieces of information that each character is sharing with each character even if the audience doesn’t see it … she probably knows the CliffsNotes version of it, but she doesn’t know the actual details. While everyone is confused as to what’s just happened (a usual occurrence in Storybrooke these days), Rumple arrives and lays down the law: They’ve all been marked.

It was easy to root for Gold the whole episode since he seemed like he was saving people — including giving Belle the magic she needed to go over the town line and live out her dreams — but he ended up committing the ultimate betrayal. Turns out that he has the dagger in his shop and he is the Dark One again Emma agrees to not tell Belle about Rumple’s Dark One status if he helps her get Hook back.

But she knows she can’t deny him this because that’s exactly what he was saying to her in the first place, which was, ‘You should have let me die when I was cut by Excalibur in the first place’ and she couldn’t. Gold is definitely held responsible for taking away the act of heroism that Killian offered, so that is where the betrayal feels strongest because he really did have to overcome so much. In flashbacks, Regina and Hook meet up and make a deal: He’ll kill her mother if she’ll send him to a land without magic so that he can get his long-awaited revenge on Rumple. Brennan breaks down and apologizes for abandoning him, telling him what happened after he left: He got caught, and then was saved by true love’s kiss. It’s a pretty emotional moment for both of them, Emma and Hook, because she asks him to sacrifice him and kill him and she, naturally, doesn’t really want to do it even though she says she’d do whatever it takes to protect her family.

While Henry is trying to figure out a way to remove the mark from his skin (silly Henry, once you’re branded, you’re branded), Snow has accepted her fate. He changed before that to become Captain Hook, but killing your father is a pretty big thing. [laughs] Essentially, he was willing to help his father.

It’s interesting because at times Hook portrays himself as being similar and doesn’t care about the world, but I think deep down Hook has always had a code. It’s been fun playing two completely different characters trying to relate to each in the way that old Hook and Emma related to each other, but they just keep missing the mark because they’re Dark Ones so it’s been interesting to see that.

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