On ‘The Bachelorette,’ as in life, there’s a thin line between sweet and creepy

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‘Bachelorette’ Kaitlyn Bristowe shops for wedding dress — with Jimmy Kimmel.

Kaitlyn and Shawn stopped by Good Morning America in New York City on Tuesday, and stole a few kisses in Times Square before heading into the studio, where they discussed their wedding plans.

When the bridal stylist asked what Kaitlyn was looking for, the 30-year-old said she wanted something that was ‘not poofy, lacy, sexy, but not too sexy’.“Bachelorette” Kaitlyn Bristowe said yes to her last suitor standing, Shawn Booth, after he presented her with a square-cut Neil Lane engagement ring during Monday’s season finale.”Bachelorette” Kaitlyn Bristowe chose Shawn Booth over Nick Viall in the dramatic season finale last night — and now that she’s engaged, it’s time to pick out a wedding dress.The Bachelorette suffered through series lows during 2014’s run with Andi Dorfman, but it bounced back in a major way with its recently concluded 11th season, starring Kaitlyn Bristowe.Jimmy Kimmel invited The Bachelorette’s Kaitlyn Bristowe onto his show on Monday to go wedding-dress shopping, in honor of her engagement to Shawn Booth.

The couple – who got engaged on Monday night’s finale of the hit ABC dating show – looked very much in love as they held hands and wrapped their arms around each other. While Bristowe and Booth have stayed together since the show wrapped earlier this spring, the real test of their relationship is about to begin now that they can finally flaunt their love in public. Fortunately, Jimmy Kimmel was on hand to help with the shopping, accompanying her on a trip to LA’s Lovely Bride on Monday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” The late-night host was an attentive companion, answering questions on behalf of the bride-to-be. Kaitlyn was a gorgeous sight in a skintight little white halter-neck dress with cut-out sections on the stomach and a high hemline to show off her slender legs. When store owner Rebekah asked, “Have you tried on dresses before?” Kimmel immediately replied, “Yes, I have.” When Rebekah suggested a gown in a pink hue, Kimmel joked, “I think that’s very rude.

When she suggested dresses that weren’t white, he alluded to the criticism Bristowe has received for being sexually active on the reality show. “Have you been watching the show? But the most show-stopping part of Kaitlyn’s look was her $150,000 3.5-carat diamond engagement ring from Neil Lane, which is the most expensive ring on The Bachelorette to date. ‘Right now we’re just so excited to finally be able to hang out and do things in public, but more importantly we just want to spend some time with our friends and family first,’ Shawn revealed. ‘We’re going to do that for the next month – go to my hometown, go to her hometown, and kind of relax, and then start figuring out the long-term plans. ‘He’s never been to Vancouver, I’ve never been to Nashville,’ she admitted. ‘So we’re kind of going to do both and figure out where we want to be. Either one I’m not going to be upset with.’ ‘We’re really excited to be engaged and be cute,’ Kaitlyn said. ‘It makes little things more exciting now, to be out in public and just go get coffee, and that fun stuff.’ The reality star, who says she is ‘not good at keeping secrets’, insisted Shawn was always the one for her, but the Bachelorette tried to ‘confuse’ her about her feelings. ‘I think from night one I was like, OK!’ Kaitlyn shared. ‘Obviously you go through the show and I think they try and confuse you, but the whole time I just kept being like, “Nope, still thinking about Shawn.”’ Inevitably she was asked how it felt to come face-to-face with runner-up Nick Viall once again on Monday night during the After The Final Rose special. ‘I actually just sat there, he did most of the talking, it went exactly how I thought it would and it was done like that,’ Kaitlyn said as she snapped her fingers, eager to change the subject. Is that why you told her you can’t wear a white dress?’ he asked, as Kaitlyn giggled. ‘It’s really flattering in the bust area, really brings out your chest hair.

Sex always has been a presumed part of the equation for the franchises, but they long have been loathe to directly suggest that the contestants consummate things on the show, instead merely hinting at such activity during evenings referred to euphemistically as “fantasy-suite dates.” But this season was different, as the episode in which Bristowe and Viall first did the deed featured an onscreen caption of Viall’s line, overheard from behind their closed bedroom door: “I want to know every part of you.” Speaking of those fantasy-suite dates, this season was the first time the show aired footage of the couples in their hotel room on the morning after the night of off-camera bonding. Bristowe tried on a series of dresses as Rodriguez and Kimmel took tequila shots before they decided that they, too, should try on bridesmaid dresses. “I don’t want my bridesmaids looking better than me,” joked Bristowe after seeing them in a few options.

The brunette said she wasn’t surprised to see Nick toss away the engagement ring he picked out for her after he was sent home in the limo, instead saying: ‘I thought it was kind of funny.’ Shawn, who never saw eye to eye with the two-time Bachelorette reject, teased: ‘A weak toss – that’s expected – I would have done overhand. And while it may be easy to tack Bristowe and Booth’s names onto the list for good measure, we think these crazy kids just might make it to the altar. This meant viewers got to see Viall shirtless and Bristowe in her sleepwear while they enjoyed room service and discussed the finer points of Canadian bacon (Bristowe is from British Columbia). Kimmel had Bristowe and fiance Booth swear on a stack of Us Weekly magazines that they would still be in a committed relationship in one year — or else they would pay Kimmel $1,000.

Jimmy couldn’t help but crack a joke when he emerged in a purple sequined gown, saying: ‘I feel like if Prince got married, this is what his mother would wear to the wedding.’ Jimmy and Guillermo’s third and final look was a pair of tangerine dresses, with the talk show host also sporting the black leather leggings Kaitlyn arrived at the store in. From the moment Booth stepped out of the limo on Night 1 at the mansion, he made it clear to Bristowe that he was there for her, not for “Bachelorette” runner-up Britt Nilsson.

The year’s journey began with the 25 men voting between Bristowe and her fellow Bachelor season 19 also-ran Britt Nilsson to determine which woman would be the focal point of the season — a gimmick attempted only once by The Bachelor, back in season six. On Monday, Kimmel also played a game of “Which K(C)aitlyn said it,” asking the audience to discern Kaitlyn Bristowe quotes from Caitlyn Jenner quotes. Season 10’s runner-up, Viall rubbed #BachelorNation the wrong way for slut-shaming ex-girlfriend Dorfman in front of a live audience during the “After the Final Rose” special last summer.

Shawn said: ‘I just feel like we’re real people, and we don’t even feel like we’ve been on a TV show and every day it just gets stronger and stronger. Never before has a returning castmember become such a key figure — not to mention that Viall widely was seen as the villain of Dorfman’s season, in which he was also the runner-up. In past seasons, a former contestant would often ask to join the fray and be permitted to participate for an episode or two, until the star got fed up with the pushback from the other competitors and showed the returnee the door. I guess it’s different, but I’m sure the people before us said the same thing, I guess we’re just going to have to wait and see.’ He briefly tried to claim to the hosts that he tried to play hard to get, although Kaitlyn quickly said that was far from the case, and then admitted that they secretly wrote letters to each other every day during the show.

Amen.’ While they aren’t planning on walking down the aisle any time soon, Kaitlyn revealed there will definitely be a few familiar faces from The Bachelorette at her wedding. Kaitlyn also revealed she went into ‘full panic mode’ when she inadvertently revealed that Shawn was the winner of the show by accidentally posting a Snapchat of them in bed together. Since The Bachelor’s debut back in 2002, each rose ceremony — in which the star bestows flowers on the lucky contestants who survive to the next episode — has taken place at the end of each episode. For Kaitlyn’s run, the rose ceremonies were seen well before each episode’s end, with the final scene instead featuring a fight or conflict that was concluded in the following episode in order to entice viewers to return.

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