Nigel Hayes releases diss track vs. teammates over Drake’s ‘Back to Back’

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Drake disses Meek Mill in new freestyle: ‘Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour?’.

Nigel Hayes may not be rapping like Drake yet, but he put out a diss track aimed at a couple of his teammates over the beat of Drake’s “Back to Back” track that took shots at Meek Mill. Rapper Meek Mill is outspoken about many things, but in a new interview with Billboard, he admits making a political statement isn’t something that’s particularly easy for him to do. “I’m scared to be political,” he told the magazine in an interview released Wednesday. “You get too powerful and more people try to take you out.Hours after Drake hit Meek Mill with his second haymaker—a banger by the name of “Back to Back”—New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady channeled his inner Drizzy and hit the studio. My son ain’t trying to hear that his dad got put away because he was fighting for the country.” Mill, originally from Philly, also spoke about his 2008 arrest. Now, I wouldn’t know Mill Street or Meek Mill or whoever it is if he was sitting on the stool next to me crooning his greatest hits – nor would I really care about my ignorance – but when you start messing with The Global Ambassador, we’re going to have an issue.

At the time he was 18 years old and was convicted of gun and drug charges, spending a year in prison. “[The police] beat the sh-t out of me,” he alleged to Billboard. “[I had] a concussion, stitches, braids ripped out. He was released the following year, but returned to jail last year after violating his five-year probation by performing shows out of state without permission. Another line asks, “Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour?” calling out Mill’s opening slot on girlfriend Nicki Minaj’s The Pinkprint Tour. Through a track titled “Hold Please,” B/R’s imaginary Brady spits fire at Goodell, scorching those pesky accusations of destroying his phone to hide information from the league. He spent five months behind bars with the majority of it spent in solitary confinement. “Imagine being locked in your bathroom 23 hours a day,” he said. “That’s the closest I ever came to losing my mind.

Read Mill’s full interview at Billboard, where he talks about his relationship with girlfriend Nicki Minaj, and an argument the pair had over their “All Eyes on You” collaboration featured on the former’s new album, Dreams Worth More Than Money. The Drake-Mill Street, er, Meek Mill thing is one for the ages but I’ve lived through feuds and here are some that come quickly to mind – and they don’t involve “diss tracks” which I think is a totally cool phrase, by the way I once covered a basketball game involving purported professionals who were supposed to be trying to win WHO WOULD NOT PASS THE BASKETBAL TO EACH OTHER!

Jalen Rose and Rafer Alston simply would not give each other the ball all night, teammates who were there are to this day amazed whenever I bring it up in conversation. The couple teamed up on single All Eyes on You and while they had a few teething problems in the early stages of production, Meek is pleased with the end result. “She wanted it to be my single, and I didn’t. It turned into an ego argument,” he admitted, before insisting her success is no threat to him. “She killed me on that song but I don’t really care. Didn’t last too long but it was in Orlando one night and Sam, quite unprompted, went totally off on poor old Moiso, who seemed to like the NBA lifestyle without liking the, you know, work that went with it. I have no idea what it was about nor do I care to find out because IT WAS RICK BRUNSON AND CHRIS JEFFERIES and that should be enough for high comedy in itself.

Began when Oak took a shot at him before a pre-season game in Chapel Hill, continued unabated all season until Ty showed up at the Raptors team hotel the morning of Game 7 of the Toronto-Philly playoff series with a bag of money to pay off the debt. The fact the United States and Tonga were playing Pacific Nations Cup rugby in Toronto on a Wednesday afternoon in July or that the Americans were at least in part sponsored by the Heathrow Express, which is the successful, affordable, easy, sensible way to transport travellers to an airport that the UP Thing here isn’t.

Those who have connections to the peninsula and are Of A Certain Vintage might be saddened to hear of the passing of Bob Kauffman, who was original star of the Buffalo Braves. They had all kinds go through that franchise who were memorable like the vastly under-rated Randy Smith chief among a group that includes Bob McAdoo, Ernie D, Matt Goukas (who should still be broadcasting games), John Shumate and the legendary Dr. And I know teams have far, far, far too many uniforms these days but the next time the HOTH play the Clippers, a Huskies dark blue-Braves baby blue throwback night would be special.

You think they put the Tulowitzki name up along the ring of honour this weekend or do they wait until hits the homer that puts the TOD into the playoffs for the first time in eons? But watching him a bit during his introductory news conference and then watching him play a little bit, it struck me they got about the polar opposite to Jose Reyes and that’s pretty important. Now, I don’t know Reyes but you could certainly see the open enthusiasm with which he played the game, smiling and kind of goofy in his own way and that’s all well and good because I think you want players who openly enjoy what they do.

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