Mike Holmes helps deserving families become ‘Home Free’

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‘Home Free’: TV Review.

NEW YORK – TV host and celebrated contractor Mike Holmes knows a thing or two about fixing up houses. In the opening monologue of the new Atlanta-based reality series on Fox “Home Free” debuting Wednesday at 9, host Mike Holmes gives away the big surprise upfront: the nine couples competing to win a brand new home by renovating eight others are all guaranteed a house at the end of the competition.WINCHESTER, Va., July 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Mike Holmes is hosting the new FOX unscripted series, HOME FREE, featuring Waypoint Living Spaces®, makers of quality cabinetry, beginning Wednesday, July 22nd at 9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT. Along the way, he promises viewers—as well as the couples on the show—will learn a lot about how to renovate. “There is no doubt in my mind that viewers are going to learn along the way,” Holmes told FOX411. “Each of the houses are totally different problems, so I could teach you what you need to know, as a viewer watching. Holmes will be with the competitors every step of the way, picking apart their work and demanding they meet his high standards, while also sharing his expertise and guidance to help them reach new heights.

When the work is done for the day, the couples don’t have far to travel to get home, because not only must they work together to restore the home, they must all live together in the same dilapidated work site, 24/7. If Holmes comes along, that slippery contractor is shaking in his steel-toed boots – probably knock-offs, not real ones – and is a quivering mass of fear.

The competitors include sisters who want to provide a home for their sick dad and a couple with four kids who lost their home during the recession and filed bankruptcy. Each week, the couples with the best work will move forward in the competition, while the couple that didn’t perform up to code will face elimination.

CREDIT: Rodney Ho/rho@ajc.com The aspirational nature of the show is similar to that of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” which ran for nine seasons on ABC from 2003 to 2012 with former Atlantan Ty Pennington as the megaphone-wielding host. Waypoint® is a division of American Woodmark Corporation, with more than 1,200 dealer/designer distributors nationally, and is proud to sponsor and participate in this exciting new reality series remodel contest. General contractor Holmes, known to viewers for the HGTV series Holmes on Homes, Holmes Inspection and Holmes Makes it Right, is an enthusiastic host. HOME FREE is produced by Relativity Television and executive-produced by Tom Forman, George Verschoor, Trice Bartow, Brad Bishop, Andrew Marcus and Mike Holmes. They have me on top of them every single day.” Early in the first episode, he sees one of the contestants during demolition wildly swinging a crowbar through a wall too close to other people.

And even what they are allowed to do seems exceedingly dangerous: They’re on roofs, using jackhammers and, in a scene that I was sure would result in a severed finger, cutting wood with a chop saw. And if you thought Gretzky leaving Edmonton for Los Angeles was a tear-filled, teeth-gnashing moment of national trauma, imagine the angst of Holmes abandoning us. They tell me ‘it’s Renovation Boot Camp with Mike Holmes,’ that’s what they said.” “In the long-run they are battling it out for the biggest thing, to be home free. In fact, he tells the person to sit down for a few minutes, placing her in effective “time out.” “Mike is going to remember this and this will be a reason for us to go home,” she worried.

Every American wants a home and if they can get it for free, they’re gonna work really hard for it,” he said. “My job is to make sure they earn it.” “The one thing about this is, not only are all the contestants learning and going through the opportunity of a life time, but there is a family out there that deserves a home and they get it.” Executive producer George Verschoor, who was a producer on the first four seasons of MTV’s seminal reality show “The Real World” from 1992 to 1995, is feeding lines for Holmes to say. “The winner of the drill down finished eight seconds faster than the runner up,” the producer says calmly. Is a professional crew going to come through and fix the inferior workmanship or is the “winning” couple going to have to pay for that themselves? But this is different.”For 14 years, I’ve been helping people in trouble, educating the viewer,” he said during a break in his trailer. “This show moves it to the next level.

I need an episode where the show follows up with everyone at some point down the line and lets viewers know if they are still living in the house they won. There’s a whole lot of heart so it’ll make you feel good when you watch the show.” The shoot was rigorous and much of it was shot outdoors. “It’s been very very hot,” Holmes said that day. “Consecutive day after day, it will catch up to you. Today, I’m a bit dehydrated.” The Marietta home that day was what he called an “old frat party house.” The producers “seasoned” the home with props and graffiti to exaggerate the effect before the teams began fixing it up. One half of the couple falls to the floor while the other admonishes, “Get off the floor of our new home.” To its credit, the series has a diverse cast of participants, but the whole thing feels akin to when you were a kid and you got an awesomely wrapped birthday present only to find there were socks inside.

This also includes “Knock Knock Live,” which debuted Tuesday night and features hosts knocking on deserving family’s doors and giving away prizes. We lost everything we own.” If that doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, meet Andi and Kate, twins, comely gals who want a house for their parents. “Returning the favour for all the years they supported us.” Oh Jiminy. Our hero marches around in his dungarees shouting, “Get that pump working!” But when he gets annoyed, he goes all Canadian and sighs, “My goodness!” And when a contestant goes squirrelly, is she derided and mocked?

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  1. the show was so emotional and exciting at the same time. My 4girls and I never missed a show. We hope to be one of the next contestants in “Home Free” next season

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