Matthew McConaughey on ‘SNL’: 3 Sketches You Have to See

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‘SNL’ recap: Matthew McConaughey just alrightAdele had a busy weekend. If you’re not ready to deal with your relatives discussing their politically incorrect opinions at the Thanksgiving dinner table, Adele’s got your back.The sounds of SNL musical guest Adele were featured in many of the night’s sketches, including a Thanksgiving video in which her song “Hello” brought the family together.

Matthew McConaughey made his first return to Studio 8H since 2003 last night, and as he promised in his opening monologue, it went “okay, okay, okay.” With nothing to plug or promote, the True Detective star gave all his energy to his hosting duties, and while he didn’t exactly go full Oscars-speech McConaughey, he did bring some much-needed weirdness to the episode. (“Welcome to the zoo.There have been many parodies of Adele’s latest hit single “Hello,” but “Saturday Night Live” found a new use for the song — a way to prevent political arguments at the dinner table over Thanksgiving.After all the recent critical acclaim, the Oscar win and the Emmy nomination for more serious roles, Matthew McConaughey made an easy transition back into comedy last night as host of Saturday Night Live. We are the monkeys.”) Sometimes monologues with extensive musical numbers can work well (see Elizabeth Banks last Saturday), but they can start to feel tired when the show relies on them week after week after week.

That’s not to say it was always funny – or even mostly funny – but he did look like he was genuinely having fun playing quirky characters along with the cast. During her visit, the singer delivered a pair of flawless, brilliant renditions, first with a performance of “Hello” and then “When We Were Young.” While Adele did not appear in any sketches during the Matthew McConaughey-hosted episode, immediately after McConaughey’s opening monologue, the singer’s presence was immediately felt in a sketch titled “A Thanksgiving Miracle.” In the clip, the SNL cast play a family with very different ideologies that are brought together at a dinner table to celebrate the holiday.

The family’s patriarch claims that “the refugees are all ISIS in disguise,” and an aunt agrees, saying, “I actually saw an ISIS in the A&P today when I was picking up the yams!” And right when this aunt starts asking her niece’s African-American boyfriend offensive questions, the youngest member of the family gets up from the table with a sigh and pushes play on a CD player. McConaughey participated as a grandfather engaged in Thanksgiving discussion with his family when a debate concerning Syrian refugees suddenly sparked arguments across the table, but they suddenly softened as soon as Adele’s “Hello” was played in the room. Instead of donning a top hat and turning to elaborate choreography, McConaughey told the history of his most famous catchphrase, recounting how he landed his first movie role in Dazed and Confused after befriending a producer in a bar. However, Cecily Strong played a more liberal family member who took issue with many of her family’s political viewpoints. “I am thankful that our governor is not going to let those refugees in here,” Aidy Bryant’s character said, continuing to claim that she “saw an ISIS” at the grocery store. The family argues about ISIS, Ben Carson and Black Lives Matter, but all their bickering halts the moment the piano from Adele’s “Hello” kicks on, turning the awkward Thanksgiving into a festive sing-along.

There weren’t a ton of laugh-out-loud jokes, but McConaughey got to show off his storytelling skills, and the result was a charming, unconventional monologue. What about those Lincoln car commercials SNL ruthlessly mocked for months last season?), so it was a missed opportunity given his talent and willingness to take risks.

As the sketch continues, the dinner more and more begins to resemble the green-tinted, wind-blasted “Hello” video itself, with all of the cast members and even McConaughey soon manifesting Adele’s look, right down to her unique fur coat. Watch: Adele will show up again on NBC on Monday night, when she appears as one of Jimmy Fallon’s guests on “The Tonight Show.” Last week, she filmed a concert at Radio City Music Hall for an NBC special, “Live in New York City,” which will air Dec. 14.

And although the song pauses first when grandma and grandpa arrive – with uninformed opinions of their own – and again when the oven timer goes off, each time “Hello” resumes all issues are laid to rest. As “Hello” plays, the Thanksgiving turkey becomes less burnt and everybody at the table gradually begins to morph into Adele, starting with her long, perfectly manicured fingernails and fur coat. Prior to the live show, the singer said she credited former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, in part, for her success as they both appeared on “SNL” on the same night in 2008 — one of the most-watched episodes.

Kate McKinnon played a twitchy Florida senator chastising the hosts and there was a random Elian Gonzalez reference which was about 15 years too late. SNL has tackled the emotional repercussions of listening to Adele before in a 2011 sketch about how it’s physically impossible to hear “Someone Like You” without melting into a puddle of tears. Mad Max will roar back out of the apocalypse while Mad Men rides off into the sunset, rock’s Antichrist Superstar and hip-hop’s Yeezus will rise again.

Tragically, that sketch has since been scrubbed from the Internet, presumably due to copyright issues, but it’s left us with some phenomenal GIFs of Emma Stone sobbing into a pint of ice cream. This time around, SNL once again acknowledged the unifying power of Adele’s voice and how it can silence even your most vitriolic relatives at Thanksgiving. His clueless line about refugees was the funniest of the sketch: “You can’t come into this country until I see you eat bacon and singing a Christmas carol.” Sadly, this is not far off from Carson’s actual rhetoric. Abrams himself stopped by to take us to a galaxy far, far away and share some never-before-seen screen tests from the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Turns out, if it wasn’t for director Richard Linklater loosening the reigns and allowing him to shoot his first ever scene unscripted – the line wouldn’t have existed.

Steve Doocy, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and Brian Kilmeade returned to kick off the show with another Fox & Friends cold open, and while this episode didn’t feel as sharp as past iterations, there were a few decent jokes about the Syrian refugee crisis. McKinnon once again went full Debbie Wasserman Schutlz, baring her teeth and promising to welcome 19,000 Syrians into her own home, and Jay Pharoah brought back his mild-mannered Ben Carson, promising, “I’m like a koala bear.

The crazy aunt (Aidy Bryant) arguing about Syrian refugees or the grandfather (McConaughey) complaining about transgender people are all united in some kind of weird, calming spell when they hear Adele’s song and lip sync together. By the end of the sketch, they were all transformed into Adele with thick eyeliner, blond wigs, and even that weird furry coat she wears in the Hello video.

Kenan Thompson’s Allen Degeneres grilled contestants on a variety of news topics, challenging them to remain silent and not add their unnecessary opinion. This recurring talk show sketch hosted by a closeted gay man (Taran Killam) and his clueless wife (Cecily Strong) was relegated to the last half hour and was as flimsy as ever. To absolutely no one’s surprise, Adele blew the roof off the place with two powerhouse performances that proved, once again, why she’s going to single-handedly keep her Columbia music label in the black for the next couple of years.

Only 24 hours after the release of her highly anticipated album 25, Adele took to the stage to perform her smash hit “Hello,” as well a her powerful new song “When We Were Young,” triggering what sounded like some of the most thunderous applause Studio 8H has seen all season.

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