Kris Jenner reportedly files to trademark the term “momager”

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A Kardashian Stumbles Upon a Chemtrail.

Those white trails left by airplanes in the sky? Kylie Jenner, worried about the children, wants to know who or what all of this plane exhaust is exterminating, if it’s the honeybees, and who’s paying to kill all of these honeybees.Bruce Jenner appears to have dyed his hair blonde after announcing that he is undergoing a sex change to become a woman, which has now allegedly taken place.

On Monday night, 17-year-old reality TV star (and apparent conspiracy theorist) Kylie Jenner tweeted a typo-ridden meme about airplane condensation trails.In an episode of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians,’ the 17-year-old model is seen confiding in sisters Khloe, Kendall and Kourtney, as she admits to going through such times where she feels low, reported the Mirror.

It seems like he wants to really follow his step-daughters, Kim and Khloe – who have recently tried lighter locks – as he was seen with platinum locks as he sat shotgun in a car. It’s the kind of photo more at home on your kooky uncle’s Facebook page than on the social media account of a teen starlet: “Why did I see 75 planes spraying white stuff into the sky?” it wondered. “Does this have anything to do with why Honey Bee’s [sic] are Dying off really fast? It’s worth quoting the post in full: For the record: No, Kylie Jenner, you do not need to be afraid of “chemtrails” — the term commonly used by conspiracy theorists to refer to the condensation trails that come from planes.

The reality TV star’s sister, Kendall added that they both were handling their father’s transition differently and her elder sibling was really bottling up her emotions. In the past year Bruce has been pictured with bright pink nail polish, and spoke to Diane Sawyer about his female wardrobe, even having dinner with the chat show host off-camera all dressed-up. ’s step-daughter Kim Kardashian was recently filmed going through Bruce’s new wardrobe picking out the items that she liked even given him advice on how to be “chicer”. Whos [sic] is responcible [sic]?” Scientists have tried to dispel the swirling theories for years, and when we contacted the Environmental Protection Agency to see if they’d like to comment, the media office pointed us to this fact sheet that five agencies (EPA, NASA, NOAA, and the FAA) released in 2000 (back when Jenner was a preschooler).

Condensation trails, or “contrails,” are a byproduct of airplanes — formed naturally when the warm air that comes from a plane’s engine mixes with the cold temperatures of the upper atmosphere. Commenting on her daughter’s state, the 65-year-old former Olympian said that his concern was just that they had such a close relationship for so many years, but she was having a hard time dealing with this, and had shut him out lately. If Kylie Jennner can get her fans to risk permanent facial damage for the #KylieJennerChallenge, we don’t even want to think about the misinformation she’d be able to impart on her followers, a bogus set of faux-scientific views as easily attainable as her specialty hair extensions and PacSun clothing line.

Mother-of-one Kim, who was seen visiting her stepdad Bruce with husband Kanye West recently, has spoken candidly about how the family is dealing with Bruce’s transition. “The procedure involved reshaping Bruce’s male genitalia into that of a woman. Per the fact sheet, “contrails have been a normal effect of jet aviation since its earliest days.” In other words, say the feds, maybe Jenner should focus her attention on more pressing matters.

Conspiracy theorists argue that the government is using contrails as a cover to spread chemicals across the country, with a wide array of alleged effects (most commonly, controlling the weather and making people sick). Let’s hope Kylie follows this tweet with a joke, because we don’t want to live in a world where America’s most marketable family also sells pseudoscience. The new pictures of Bruce with his platinum locks is the first time that Bruce was seen out since April 30th, but it’s reportedly because of the TV show. “Bruce’s kids have never seen him so happy. If you’d rather not take a federal agency at its word, Gawker’s independent weather blog The Vane is one of many sources — including scientific journals, universities, and and major media organizations — to feature a thorough, scientific debunking of the conspiracy theory. Scott Meslow The court has never officially clarified whether the phrase refers to voting districts having the same number of people or the same number of people eligible to vote, The New York Times explains.

Am I the only one who sees this? [sic]” Jenner has unknowingly stumbled into the chemtrail conspiracy theory which dates back to August 1996, when the United States Air Force’s university, Air University, published a paper (PDF) titled Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025. There is a lot to unpack in Jenner’s grammatically disastrous meme, but seeing as nine million people have been exposed to it in less than 24 hours, it’s now irresponsible not to try. Sue Evenwel and Edward Pfenninger, the challengers who brought the case against voting districts for the Texas Senate, explained in their briefing that “there are voters or potential voters in Texas whose Senate votes are worth approximately one and one-half times that of appellants.” Evenwel and Pfenninger, who are both voters, said in a statement that they want the lawsuit to “compel Texas to equalize the number of eligible voters in each district.” Under current laws, most state and local governments define districts based on total populations, rather than eligible voters. The water vapor contained in the jet exhaust condenses and may freeze, and this mixing process forms a cloud very similar to the one your hot breath makes on a cold day.” No.

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