Korie Robertson: ‘As a country we’ve kind of lost our way’

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‘Duck Dynasty’: Willie Robertson doesn’t “dislike” any Republican candidate.

“Duck Dynasty” star Korie Robertson is constantly asked how she and husband Willie Robertson raised their children, so the reality star decided to write it down. “Strong and Kind: And Other Important Character Traits Your Child Needs to Succeed,” lays out their parenting philosophy and advice. It might be hunting season, but during an interview on the FOX Business Network’s Mornings with Maria, Duck Dynasty Star Willie Robertson discussed why outsiders like Donald Trump and Ben Carson have caught his eye in the 2016 race for the White House. “There [are] a lot of things that Trump says that I really like.

During the October 27 airing of Fox News’ Outnumbered, Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson spoke out against gun control by pointing out that guns are already heavily regulated and suggesting that the continuous push for more regulation is a means of blaming something else for failures in other parts of society.In her new advice book, Strong and Kind, the matriarch confesses she quietly underwent major surgery last December, and spent more than six weeks recovering in excruciating pain.

Willie Robertson stopped by “Fox & Friends” to talk about his new book American Hunter: How Legendary Hunters Shaped America, and while there took the time to speak about some presidential contenders. “It’s the outsiders. Referencing the Democrats who push gun control after every highly publicized shooting, Robertson said, “The problem [is] they keep looking at something else to blame, which is the guns.” He then referenced the tragic incident at Oklahoma State University on October 24, when a woman crashed into spectators at a homecoming parade, killing 4 and wounded approximately 50.

The mother of five says she had a hysterectomy, or invasive surgery to remove a woman’s uterus and sometimes other reproductive organs, at just 41 years old. “I never dreamed it would be two weeks of getting out of my bed only to move to the recliner,” she writes, adding she was shocked when a doctor told her she would likely be just 85% recovered in six weeks. “There were moments of bravery during this awful time,” she recalls. “I had to do a couple of interviews for the television show, and I had to make one appearance. Kennedy is the Bremerton, Washington assistant high school football coach who has been asked by district authorities to stop praying on the field after games. It’s somebody that talks like a normal person and not just this ‘political soundbites.’ And that’s what I love about Trump, because like him or hate him, he’s authentic.” Robertson made sure to add, “I’m like everybody else. Robertson said: God forbid we find out that that car that just went through that parade–God forbid she has mental illness and that’s why she just ran her car through. I managed to fake feeling good.” Already frustrated with her limited ability to move, Robertson says she burst into tears when she realized her children— Rebecca, 27, John Luke, 20, aspiring fashion designer Sadie, 18, Will, 13, and Bella, 13— failed to help out around the house during her time of need.

I certainly share his faith.” The question over Carson’s religion comes after GOP frontrunner Donald Trump took a few swipes at Carson’s religious affiliation as a Seventh Day Adventist. I just don’t know about,” Trump said at a campaign rally last week. “I remember when he said it and I think it was the first time I ever heard someone actually say it who is running for president,” he said of Trump’s attacks on the terrorist group. “This whole country was founded on the Christian faith,” Robertson said. “I’m with the Founding Fathers of this country who were strong believers.

Robertson still stood with his friend and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, but readily admitted that his campaign was not going well and did not appear that it was going to be successful. Attempting to make light of Carson’s religion, Trump told an audience in Florida that he, himself is a Presbyterian, but then, referring to Carson, added, “I mean, Seventh-day Adventist, I dont know about.

Julie Roginsky, the show’s only liberal-leaning host, added in a call for universal background checks, citing a claim that gun owners are more likely to commit suicide or be involved in accidental shootings. He has previously appeared at a Trump campaign event in Oklahoma City, and, according to US Magazine, has stated, “I do like me some Trump.” Robertson’s book, written in conjunction with William Doyle, is available on Amazon. “American Hunter” is about the impact of hunting on the formation and continuation of our country. Nonetheless, some additional back-and-forth happened among the panelists until Faulkner managed to rejoin the conversation and brought it back to Robertson’s original point, remarking: “Are we going to take away everything that people use to kill each other? He discusses specific individual hunters and their contribution such as: Daniel Boone, Teddy Roosevelt, Davy Crockett, Kit Carson, Ernest Hemingway and more. In another recent interview, Robertson also noted that there is a particular reason why Ben Carson and Donald Trump are striking a chord with Americans.

Kids sense weakness a mile away and if you as a parent are not confident in your beliefs, in knowing that God gave you these children to raise… the kids will sense that, and they’ll use that to their advantage. Those worldly values like what you look like, how much money you make or how successful you are, sometimes it seems more important because you’re just seeing it all the time, comparing yourself to others, and that can be detrimental. I’m saying that is a negative thing to look at and think, ‘That’s what I should have,’ or ‘What I need,’ or ‘What I have to have to be happy.’ When really it’s what’s on the inside that counts and that’s a callback to character.

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