Kim Kardashian Posts Bare Baby Bump Selfie, Tells Unborn Son: “Ready Whenever …

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Kim Kardashian Posts Bare Baby Bump Selfie, Tells Unborn Son: “Ready Whenever You Are LOL”.

Tick tock, baby. Los Angeles: Reality TV star Kim Kardashian, who is pregnant with her second child, says she has already started thinking about having another baby with her husband and rapper Kanye West.

Quite the opposite, really, when you consider the swelling limbs, pock marks, breathlessness, exhaustion and sleeping only on your left side, which leaves half of your body as tender as a bruise. Kim showed her concern over having a third child with West during a conversation with her mother Kris Jenner during a sneak preview of their TV show ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’, reports Still, if you’ve seen Beyoncé in burnt orange at the MTV Awards or Angelina Jolie swathed in forest green chiffon at Cannes, it’s difficult to quash the notion that those 40 weeks of expanding stomach should represent something of a fashion opportunity. Speaking to Kris, Kim said: “I’m not worried about after (giving birth to my second child)…I’m just worried about number three, that’s when your body really starts to slip.” She said: “I’m 25 pounds up on the scale today, and I’m only half way there, last time I gained 50, but I delivered six weeks early and they say you gain the most at the end.”

Earlier in the week, the pregnant reality star shared an update with fans on her blog with a post titled, “Baby West Update: All Turned Around!” “So I wanted to give you guys an update on my pregnancy since my last post,” she wrote. “This weekend, I checked into the hospital and underwent a procedure called an ECV (External Cephalic Version, or a Version), which is done to manually turn the baby from a breech position to a head-down position. According to the conspiracy theories of one Los Angeles doctor, a staggering amount of celebrities aren’t really up the duff, anyway; the use of prosthetic bumps is rife in Hollywood, he claims.

And given that Kardashian has previously blogged that she feels “fat as f—k” at nine months pregnant and that her “cankles are out of control,” it would appear that the reality star wants to stop at two children. Unlike most celebrities, Kardashian is photographed almost daily – clearly, spending weeks watching Scream Queens while mainlining cornflakes is not an option with 53.2 million Instagram followers to entertain. And while recreating her exact wardrobe of Balmain and Givenchy would require Kardashian-levels of time, money and contacts, there are lessons in gumption for everyone.

After complaining that she’s already gained 25 pounds in the first half of her pregnancy, Kardashian is reassured by Jenner, 60, that the Selfish author was in the best shape of her life after giving birth to North. Kardashian has made it her business to swathe her bump in the kind of stretchy fabric last seen in the Girls Aloud Love Machine video – and she looks all the better for it. She wore bodycon in the early months, when baby bumps tend to look more post-Pret bloat than earth mother, and she’s sticking to it in the third trimester, too, a time when most in the public eye wear apologetic, tent-like smocks if they leave the house at all. Obviously, no selfie-respecting social media star would pass up the opportunity to pose nude with a bun in the oven – although when Kardashian did it she bolstered her own social media following with the image, rather than doing it to flog copies of Vanity Fair, which would be totally 1991. Never one to hide her light under a bushel, Kardashian’s clothes have been revealing, too, featuring see-through fabrics, bra tops and racy cut-outs.

In October, she laughed louder in the face of pregnancy style criticism, wearing a dizzyingly meta Halloween costume: she dressed up as herself at the Met Ball in 2013, the last time she was pregnant, when the internet decided she looked like a sofa. Dressing up as yourself is remarkably easy to achieve when you are not famous, too, though few are likely to get the joke; the true lesson here is to ignore the pressure to suddenly “dress like a pregnant person”. For you, that could mean channelling Kanye, not Kim, in Doc Martens, maternity jeans and an oversized, longline jumper – whatever you wear, it doesn’t need to be demure.

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