Kelli Giddish on Her Law & Order: SVU Baby Surprise and What’s Ahead for Rollins

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‘Law & Order: SVU’ Boss Talks Premiere: Rollins Is “Going to Have to Summon Inner Strength”.

Rollins learned she was pregnant in the two-hour season 17 premiere. Between holding the second-highest political office in the country and plotting his possible run for president, it’s safe to assume Vice President Joe Biden doesn’t have a lot of time to worry about TV spoilers. So when he appeared alongside Law & Order: SVU star and producer Mariska Hargitay at an event earlier this month, Biden unknowingly spilled the beans on Benson’s promotion in this coming season. Leight spoke with THR about how Rollins’ life will change, how motherhood will alter her dynamic with Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and why Amaro is not the father.

Just don’t expect anyone from within the ranks to do so, which leaves a major gap in the wake of Nick Amaro’s (Danny Pino) decision to step down from the force last May. “There aren’t enough cops. In the style of the original Law & Order, episodes are often “ripped from the headlines” or loosely based on real crimes that have received media attention. I didn’t want to have deal with fern plants in front of her and fax machines and file folders. … I just thought we would play the reality of what happens to a working detective who finds herself pregnant and how does she adjust to it.

We’re down a man,” says Leight. “We may be seeing someone new join the force about a quarter of the way through the season.” Amaro’s departure means an outsider has to come in. With the gambling addiction and her haunted past, Rollins has had quite a journey, the baby is just another leg. “Well, now she’s got another challenge.

Now you’re going to have a situation where there’s a new person on the floor, whom no one knows or necessarily has confidence in, who’s telling Fin, who’s been there for 16 years, and Rollins, who’s been there for five years, how to handle cases he knows nothing about. On tonight’s episode as per the NCB synopsis “the SVU is called to a familiar crime scene – the beach where serial killer Gregory Yates (guest star Dallas Roberts) buried his many victims. According to TV Guide, the episodes are titled “Devil’s Dissections” and “Criminal Pathology.” The season starts off with the squad heading to an area where a serial killer had buried bodies and a new, seemingly connected victim is found.

When another body washes ashore, Detective Rollins (Kelli Giddish) tries to coax him into confessing, but the surprising information he provides sends shockwaves through the police department. As the case goes to court, Barba (Raul Esparza) faces off against two hotshot defense attorneys in a trial that leads to blackmail, an incriminating confession, a new victim and a fugitive suspect. You’re just at the point where you go to the doctor, the doctor says, “I have to tell you this is less likely to happen as you get older,” and you start getting those speeches. Throughout the 17 seasons, Hargitay’s Olivia Benson has had many hairdos (only one real hair don’t—she’s said her season three haircut almost got her fired). I thought, either we hide the pregnancy, which was hard to do because we had a three-month break between episodes three and four, so that was just going to look ridiculous.

As Roberts is confronted about the similarities between the new crime and the former killings, he goes into unsettling detail about his previous crimes and he teases that he may be able to provide some help. The lab technician says that the murder lines up with Yates’s MO – but she was dismembered with surgical precision, and Yates never chopped up his victims. It seems that means that viewers will watch the characters head to very different places by the finale compared to where they begin in Wednesday’s episodes. She’s not going to be mad at Rollins for being pregnant, but Amaro’s gone, Rollins is pregnant, Carisi is still learning the ropes, Fin doesn’t want to step up and be sergeant so she’s not getting the support she needs. She reveals that she has a twin sister named Rachel, and she hasn’t talked to her in years – her husband didn’t want her around the kids because she had a drinking and drug problem.

First of all, we’ll see that instead of bringing her closer together with her family, it’s another chance for her family to malfunction and let her down and feel betrayed by her. As the season goes on, Rollins’ sister and mother will pop up, and Benson will struggle with balancing her new job as a lieutenant with being a mom to Noah. Yates tells them that back in 2002 he went to stitch up a guy in his townhouse and gives them the address – he says that a woman with red hair was hurt there by another doctor.

If you’re working a lot, and you’re home with your kid — I guess if you’re a male celebrity, you can date the nanny — but otherwise, you have to meet somebody at work. Second of all, if she does come to New York, she should try not to commit any new crimes and early on, she’s a suspect early on and it starts spiraling down from there for the Rollins clan.

Barba’s always been a pretty ambitious guy, and you get the sense that he likes being a DA, but he sees it as a possible stepping stone to a political career. Everybody had a sixth role on that squad, so when one person leaves, it creates stresses and gaps, and people have to fill in those gaps, and that causes more stresses. It may be a true blessing for her, not just the blessing of having a kid but it may be at least, at the start, she’ll be too busy to get herself into trouble.

It’s almost like a mobile that was frozen and now it’s starting to move, so now everything’s in motion, which is a good thing for a show in its 17th year. Since Amaro left the force at the end of last season, that meant the baby could not be Nick’s, because it would be out of character for Nick not to show up in that situation, he’s a very responsible guy.

We’d seen one boyfriend of her’s, the guy she knew from Gamblers Anonymous, who Thomas Sadowski has played for us, and we’ve seen one another person with whom she had great chemistry and that’s where we went. When you know it’s your last year, you can really swing for the fences, so it’s been a little bit liberating creatively, as we’re taking more interesting chances and pushing things a little bit because you don’t want to walk away and then, a year later, ask, “Why didn’t I do this?” She’s supportive of me and excited to see what happens next. They checked Lena’s passport and it says that she flew to Switzerland – they check airport security footage from 2002, and it looks like a woman dressed in drag. While Rollins and Carissi are driving Rudnick back to the police station, Olivia locates his car – he abandoned it near the airport but he left in a hurry and there is still blood in the car. Rudnick’s lawyer argues that Suzy was on a mission to clear her fiancé Yates’s name, and that she framed Rudnick for the crimes to try to get him out of prison.

The defense tries to discredit Melinda, he points out that she lost the chief position to Rudnick – and she could be upset because she lost the position to him. Carissi finds a video of Rudnick in Barba’s office, he is pacing around in circles waiting for his lawyer – he talks to himself and confesses to the murders out loud and tries to calm himself down and convince himself that he isn’t going to get arrested.

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