Kanye West’s inspiring graduation speech

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Kanye West Gives Words of Wisdom to Graduating Fashion Students: ‘When You’re the Best, You Get Hated On the Most’.

“You’re going to prepare yourself for politics, bad bosses, hating employees… Kanye West returned to Los Angeles Trade Technical College on Friday night – the school where West taught after being ordered to serve community service following a scuffle with a photographer – to address this year’s graduates. “It’s a tough world out there.But instead of attending a class or serving as a guest professor, Kim Kardashian’s husband decided to support the university’s gold thimble fashion show featuring many up and coming designers. Sitting in the front row with a smile on his face, West payed careful attention to the wide variety of sportswear, children’s clothing, bathing suits and evening wear that crossed the runway and were made strictly from students. “If it’s in your gut, if it’s in your soul, there’s nothing, there is no worldly possessions that should come between you and your expression,” he explained. “I always had to fight to be accepted to love and I empathize with anyone in this era who has ever loved fashion.” Last September, West spent about two hours speaking to a group of 40 students from their digital communications department as well as troubled youth who are part of a summer bride program and may not have graduated from high school.

People really try to box you in to what they know you best for.” “The most successful artists are as close to who they were when they were five years old or four years old or three years old, or when my daughter wakes up and decides to change her career seven times a day,” he said. But in what has resembled the backlash sparked by the booking of Jay Z in 2008, some festival-goers have been angered by the selection, with an online petition calling for Kanye to be replaced by a rock band attracting more than 133,000 signatures. In a new interview with The Times, Eavis, who organises the festival with her father, Glastonbury founder Michael, has asserted that attracting West is “an amazing coup”, but said some of the abuse she’s received has been “just horrible”. “I had death threats and stuff. In between traveling around the world to perform at festivals, Goulding has been working on her fitness (and tan) in sunny Southern California. “Sun deprived Brits doing runyan be like,” she captioned on Instagram Saturday while hiking near the popular Hollywood canyon. “My training is part of my life,” she recently shared with Self magazine. “It’s something I need to do every day, because it affects my mood, my fitness, even my mind-set onstage.” From boxing and martial arts to Barry’s Bootcamp and gymnastics, the 28-year-old is down to try anything. If she had a preference, however, it would definitely be yoga. “I get the biggest high when I do yoga,” she revealed to the publication. “People don’t realize that there’s such an incredible drug in life that doesn’t involve any substance.” The season-one finale has assuredly left viewers with a wild disparity of emotion—disgust, infatuation and hope—in what was one of the most gripping hours ever to air on television.

This incredible onslaught worldwide.” “It was quite upsetting because we were talking about something that was so exciting and interesting and fresh and brilliant for the festival. You Can Breathe a Little Easier: The Rape Storyline IS Over. “This is not a new template for the show going forward,” Moore explains, “in the same sense that if you look back on the first 16 episodes, they’re all different. Each week we sort of gave you a different little movie to look at and they varied in tone and story and what was happening and where they were, and these are two episodes that are very different from all the rest, and going forward, they’ll be different yet again. There will be reverberations and repercussions, you know, how this impacts Jamie’s life, how this impacts his relationship with Claire, certainly those things will continue forward, but no, we’re not going back to prison cells every week in season two.” Nothing Will Ever Be the Same. “Season two will be the second book,” Moore explains, “which is Dragonfly in Amber (by book series author Diana Gabaldon).

You’re talking about fine linens and silks, you’re talking about gilt chandeliers, you know, everything that your mind conjures up when you say Versailles or Paris of that era. Suddenly our characters who lived in a Scottish world for all of season one are in that world, so it’s going to look and feel very different, which is exciting, you know. And the story is also different in that it’s much more political, it’s much more conspiracy, it’s much more lies and gossips and double dealing in Paris salons and so on, and building towards a war.

So it was the perfect way to end it, because you had gone through such a harrowing journey over the course of two episodes and it was so emotionally draining, you just wanted a moment at the end to take a breath and kind of feel good again and feel that there’s hope in the universe and see our two characters back in each other’s arms. You feel good at the very end, and that I thought was very important.” There’s a Reason Jamie’s Rehabilitation Place and Timeline Was Different From the Books. “In the books,” Moore explains, “they rescue Jamie from Wentworth [prison] but then they leave, immediately and go to France, and the abbey’s actually in France in the book, and Claire is helping Jamie to rehabilitate and that’s where the whole story of what happens between him and Jack Randall comes out, you know, much later. “In television terms, I felt that it would be better if the abbey remained in Scotland so you still had the tension of, ‘Are they going to get away or not?’ which could still be hovering over them. It allows it to be an objective scene instead of a subjective one, and then escape, and then we’ll still do flashback now, so we can preserve the secret of what happened in there as something that Claire is trying to figure out and understand, but we’ll sort of make it more of Jamie’s memory and less of him telling the story to kind of preserve his point of view of what happened there and sort of get to the characters’ emotions and what happened between them through his eyes.” For You Book Fans: Brianna and Roger Are Still Unknown. “Those two characters have not been cast,” Moore tells me. “It’s an ongoing process. I think having her keep touch with the 20th Century life she had was really important to the show.” Ron Moore Does Not Believe Jamie and Claire Are the Most Epic TV Romance of All Time, Clearly Has Bumped His Head. Just this one time. #EmmysForOutlander Is Not Just Something The Fans Are Hoping For. ” I hope the Academy looks at the episodes,” Moore says. “I hope we garner awards.

On a personal note: I just want to say that I have had more pleasure covering Outlander in season one than any series since Lost (and you fellow Lost fans know what a deep connection I had to all things Flight 815).

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