Kanye West slams censorship at Billboard Music Awards

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Kanye West Slams ‘Unwarranted Censorship’ by Billboard Music Awards.

You can imagine muttering the word ‘sorry’ must not come easily to Kanye West but that’s exactly what he’s done after his controversial Billboard Music Awards performance. ‘Non-profane lyrics such as “with my leather black jeans on” were muted for over 30-second intervals. As a result, his voice and performance were seriously misrepresented. ‘Although West was clearly set up to face elements beyond his control during the live broadcast, he would like to apologise to the television audience who were unable to enjoy the performance the way he envisioned.’ The famously antagonistic rapper and performer must have sent the show’s production team (and its broadcast partners ABC) reaching for the panic switch with his lyrics in those songs, as the show’s censors bleeped out close to a quarter of his airtime, according to Rolling Stone.

The researchers from Stony Brook University first discovered the Kenyan site in 2011, but the findings have only now been confirmed as the oldest-known stone tools. Their content – which can sometimes be profane, but not overly so by modern hip-hop standards – shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone at the awards show staff or the network, so it’s disappointing they decided to lean on the kill switch even during entirely prosaic lyrics. Meghan DeMaria Osama bin Laden’s extensive digital library inside his Abbottabad, Pakistan, hideout included numerous think tank papers, computer manuals, conspiracy theory books and, as you’d expect, more than a few writings about the 9/11 mastermind himself.

Included in the collection: Obama’s Wars, Bob Woodward’s 2010 examination of the president’s early handling of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. “If he read Obama’s Wars, bin Laden’s takeaway should have been Obama does not like war but is willing to use lethal force,” Woodward said in an e-mail. “The American commander-in-chief in fact prefers covert Special Forces raids targeted and aimed at capturing or killing known high-value terrorists in their hideouts. A close reading might have sent him back to a mountain cave.” [The Washington Post] Fresh off a well-received premiere at Cannes, A24 has released a trailer for Amy, the new documentary chronicling the life of singer Amy Winehouse, who died of alcohol poisoning in 2011 at the age of 27: The trailer offers a microcosm of Winehouse’s career, depicting her ups and downs — including her slew of wins at the 2008 Grammy Awards. “I’m not a girl trying to be a star,” says Winehouse at the end of the trailer. “I’m just a girl who sings.” Though the trailer is made up of intimate home video footage, several people who were close to Winehouse have already criticized the film — including her former partner Reg Traviss, who appears as one of Amy’s interview subjects. Amy “can only be described as a fictionalized biopic centered around a distorted depiction of Amy’s life,” wrote Traviss in an op-ed at The Telegraph. “It upsets me that this film may now shape how people remember her.” If Late Show host David Letterman has a single, trademark late-night segment, it’s the Top Ten List. Blood typically drives healing at the site of a fracture, and Alman and the study’s other authors believe young blood may secrete an unknown protein that speeds up the process. But before you go looking for a supple neck, Smithsonian cautions that “[s]haring human blood… raises a number of red flags.” Scientists are instead focusing on identifying that mysterious molecule so they can derive drugs from it.

Rubio said during a Senate Committee on Foreign Relations hearing that Cuba’s “views on human rights are not legitimate, they’re immoral.” He added that Americans visiting Cuba would benefit Cuba’s government and military, since many tourist destinations are government-owned. Rubio also criticized Cuba’s policies blocking full internet access. “This is a government that won’t even allow you to bring in certain books to the island,” Rubio said. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), meanwhile, responded to Rubio’s comments by saying that businesses in Vietnam and China are government-owned, but the U.S. doesn’t restrict travel to those countries.

Bobby Jindal (R) on Tuesday issued an executive order enshrining protections for people and businesses that do not want to serve same-sex couples. “We don’t support discrimination in Louisiana and we do support religious liberty,” Jindal said in a statement. “These two values can be upheld at the same time.” The order came shortly after a panel in the state legislature voted down a proposed bill, the Marriage and Conscience Act, that would have had a similar effect. In nixing the legislation, the panel said it was concerned the so-called religious freedom bill could trigger a backlash similar to those seen in other states that pursued religious freedom laws this year. Critics of the move accused Jindal — who launched a presidential exploratory committee this week — of pandering to the religious right in an attempt to improve his odds of winning the GOP nomination.

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