Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Bachelorette Blog: ‘The Power Was Back in My Hands’

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How Not To Slut-Shame A Woman (A Guide For ‘The Bachelorette’).

Will it ever end? Now that The Bachelorette has finally revealed that Kaitlyn Bristowe will be season 11’s leading lady, beating out Britt Nilsson in a vote in the premiere, their former Bachelor Chris Soules is sounding off on the “weird” results. “I’m glad Kaitlyn is going to have that opportunity,” Chris told E!The two-Bachelorette drama may be over (mostly — we’re expecting to see more of Britt and her new suitor Brady), but during Tuesday night’s season highlights, ABC amped the anti-woman sentiment way up.

“There was something inside of me that was just always a ‘Yes,’ ” Britt said of her decision to return to the show after being eliminated on the last season of The Bachelor. (She does laugh when Kimmel says, “There’s no way you would have moved to that farm.”) Britt goes on to talk about Tony, one of the more bizarre contestants, who describes his occupation as “healer,” which sounds only slightly less fake than his real job, which is “flexibility therapist.” She had no idea that he was a bit off – or that he “meditated with ferns,” as Kimmel phrased it – only that he seemed “cool” and “compassionate.” As she reveals, Tony actually wrote her a “long-winded” letter to try to explain the black eye he was sporting, telling her to “come find him.” Because she got kicked off the show, she never actually learned the reason for the black eye, which is a true shame. Britt also discusses being pursued by Nashville singer-songwriter Brady, though she gets tight-lipped at one point, because it’s an ongoing development with the show. “Maybe they’ll eliminate you a third time,” Kimmel quips. She’s hilarious.” Still, Chris, who is still engaged to his season’s winner Whitney Bischoff, said he wasn’t exactly into the whole two Bachelorette twist, which another former Bachelor, Sean Lowe, called “disgusting.” Everybody loves a good superhero show and everybody loves a good TV series revival, so it just makes perfect sense that Warburton’s zany hero will be coming back to your screens soon.

The preview (see below, starting at around 2:30) shows Kaitlyn sobbing, berating herself for making a “mistake,” while bachelors accuse her of just going on TV to make out with a bunch of guys. Warburton, who can next be seen opposite The Good Wife and True Blood veteran Carrie Preston in NBC’s midseason comedy Crowded, will once again don the blue suit. It’s why they most common phrase on the show apart from “here for the right reasons,” is “to be continued.” What’s surprising is that it took them this long to figure out they can double other things, too. In case ABC needs a little reminder, here are some simple guidelines to help them portray Kaitlyn’s search for love in a way that doesn’t hearken back to the Victorian era: 9. Viall was smitten with the former Assistant District Attorney (he sent her a letter after the defeat!), but raised eyebrows when he talked about their fantasy suite sexcapades during After the Final Rose.

The serie was based on Edlund’s comic book, which also spawned a cartoon series that ran from 1996-1998. “Well, I’m really looking forward to diving into this one more than any of the other shows I’ve been involved with, and the reason is that I’m integrated with the full family here. There’s a great father dynamic with Stacy Keach, a great husband-wife dynamic with Carrie Preston, [and I’ve] got these two daughters that are just super fun and amazing. Sure.” (As if anyone was watching for anything else.) Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe (“so nervous”) and bachelorette Britt Nilsson (“so excited”) were very adamant in repeated cutaways that they were very different women. Being sexual does not make you a bad person. (Repeat this again 100 times.) You can check out our future episodes of Here To Make Friends and other HuffPost Podcasts on The Huffington Post’s Sound Cloud page. And when they stepped out of their respective limos, the men greeted the women separately, resulting in thrown shade and further cutaways of Kaitlyn and Britt as different people, discussing their differences to camera.

Once they were inside, it was all the men could talk about, too, and they quickly concluded that the split between the men who preferred one woman to the other (because of their differences) was very narrow – probably why they had two bachelorettes, they concluded. But if you do, see if he has a brother? #TheBachelorette,” she joked. “If Ryan Gosling and Calvin Harris miraculously had a baby….#ShawnB #TheBachelorette.” But the series, which sees two adult children and some grandparents moving into Warburton’s character’s house, isn’t as crowded as Warburton’s real life. “We’ve got 10 people living under our roof. I had just been through such a roller coaster of a night, there were so many conversations and emotions happening, I couldn’t comprehend doing another cocktail party and then having my first rose ceremony.

Not ours.'” Dean’s (Jensen Ackles) continuing struggles with the Mark of Cain led him to make some pretty shocking decisions in last week’s episode, killing an unarmed teenage boy from the (Franken)Stein family just because of father and uncles, not to mention ruthlessly beating the crap out of Castiel (Misha Collins) when the angel tried to talk some sense into him. It might have been nice, given the circumstances, if Britt or Kaityn dismissed Ryan, rather than it being left to the man in charge, but of course, the traditional power dynamic is never truly upended on this show, no matter what anyone says about handing the control to the women.

With the votes cast, and 24 hours of programming passed, it emerged that Kaitlyn won out – but by a slim majority. “I don’t know if that makes it better or worse,” Britt said on hearing how close she’d come. She was grateful, she said, to have met the men but that she now almost wished she hadn’t. “I’m so confused,” she cried, perhaps realizing there was no other woman immediately close by against whom she could directly contrast herself. On hearing that Kaitlyn had been chosen, singer-songwriter Brady was cast into inner turmoil, and at the rose ceremony finally removed himself from the running in favour of asking Chris Harrison to put him in touch with Britt. “My heart is with the woman who left a couple hours ago,” Brady told Kaitlyn. “Life’s too short,” he decided.

We’re terrified at what’s about to go down on Supernatural, so we got executive producer Jeremy Carver to attempt to put our fears to rest and answer seven burning questions about the season 10 finale. News: After all he’s done this season thanks to the Mark, especially last episode killing that kid and beating up Cas, is Dean too far past redemption at this point? And yet, while Idol eventually suffered from exhaustion, there seems to be an entirely inexhaustible pool of folks willing to sign up to try their hand at love on The Bachelor and Bachelorette, and possibly an even bigger lot who will watch them (mostly) fail. The thing reality TV has always been able to achieve is some semblance of interactivity, either almost literally (casting votes as in American Idol), or through the documentary-style cutaway interviews that mimic a one-on-one interview in which the viewer is asking the questions. We may or may not want to learn to be a better singer, but chances are we do want to learn to be better at human relationships – either at observing them or taking part in them.

They make us feel like experts – and not just at the beginning like American Idol did when it allowed us to backseat-judge the auditions, but all the way through. One hint, borrowing somewhat incongruously from Apollo 13: “Failure is not an option.” Incidentally, to my father at home playing the Gene Kranz Drinking Game. Supernatural finales are always so epic and end on cliffhangers either big in mythology or big emotionally regarding the brothers—how is this season’s finale going to compare to past season finales? I’m tremendously excited that the fans get to see these performances from a cast of players that—10 years in—are still willing to leave it all on the floor. And if you’re ready for a wild ride full of heartbreak, tears, A LOT of laughs, more than a few crazy surprises (like when a certain someone shows up out of nowhere!) and most importantly love, then I hope you will stick with me on this journey.

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