Jurassic World’s Chris Pratt Apologizes In Advance For His Stupidity/Insensitivity …

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Chris Pratt Apologizes for ‘JurassicGate’ Before it Happens.

With his film “Jurassic World” hitting theaters next month, the actor is preparing for the upcoming press tour by apologizing in advance for anything offensive he might say. “I want to make a heartfelt apology for whatever it is I end up accidentally saying during the forthcoming #JurassicWorld press tour,” he wrote Friday on his Facebook page. “I hope you understand it was never my intention to offend anyone and I am truly sorry. Chris Pratt is everywhere right now – including the cover of EW’s Must Issue – but with a massive press tour for Jurassic World on the horizon, he’s about to become ubiquitous. While he promises that any future gaffes will begin as an innocent joke, he says he is “fully aware that the subject matter of my imminent forthcoming mistake, a blunder (possibly to be) dubbed ‘JurassicGate’ is (most likely) in no way a laughing matter.” Perhaps Pratt took note of the controversy his fellow Marvel cohorts, Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans, caused after making an inappropriate joke aimed at Scarlett Johannson’s character in Avengers: Age of Ultron during an interview. Or maybe, with his propensity for drinking bottles of whiskey during promotional videos, he figures its best to cover his bases before embarking on his “global press blitz.” “With social media the way it is and click bait marketing online you will have a front row seat to all of the promotional action if you so chose,” he writes, before warning, “There will be a lot. So today, here in this empty parking lot that the filmmakers have transformed into the main street of Jurassic World—complete with a Margaritaville and a Starbucks—all hell is breaking loose as swooping pteranodons begin dive-bombing tourists.

But that’s up to you.” Fortunately, he already has a plan for those who might feel overwhelmed by the hoopla surrounding a blockbuster release: “If it gets old or you grow weary of my face just remember, you could always do what I did while waiting for the original Jurassic Park to open, go outside and play with imaginary dinosaurs! Pratt’s character, Owen, a behavioral researcher studying raptors on the island, is tackled by one of the flying CG mammals and has to fight the creature off while Claire, the park’s operations manager (played by Bryce Dallas Howard), looks on in horror. Marty, a professional stuntman, is standing in for said dinosaur, which is how he ends up being roughed up by a hunky Star-Lord. “People in the press have asked me about some of the most surreal moments shooting,” says Pratt. “There’s been so many of them that you draw a blank. But being reminded of it I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s right, I did manhandle a little person and throw him on his head because he was a pretend pteranodon.” And he did a little more than manhandle him. “I launched him and he hit his head and he started bleeding all over the place,” Pratt recalls 10 months later. “What a nightmare, Marty!” Pratt laughs and offers a tip for audiences when they watch the final film. “When you cut to my eyes and the terror you see?

When I do (potentially) commit the offensive act for which I am now (pre) apologizing you must understand I (will likely have been) tired and exhausted when I (potentially) said that thing I (will have had) said that (will have had) crossed the line. It’s a huge project in every aspect, a massive commercial undertaking that should be witnessed in IMAX theatre if possible based simply on the magnitude of its technological accomplishment.

The point of apologizing is that you know exactly what you’re apologizing for, and can be very specific both about what you did, and to whom you’re apologizing. Grab your kids, family, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, grandparents, mailmen, etc., get some popcorn and create a memory y’all will cherish forever.

That said, I’m excited about what he has to say about the actual film as he embarks on Jurassic World press, and totally think you should follow his advice about playing with dinosaurs: This is a motion picture so beautifully executed by Colin Trevorrow and the people at Universal it left me utterly speechless. And after your children, little brothers, little sisters, nephews, grandchildren, weird neighbor kids, and others, etc. finish seeing our movie that’s what they will be doing anyways so practice now!

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