John Cena Congratulating a 7-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Is the Sweetest Thing …

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‘WWE Raw’: Sting Makes a Splash, AJ Lee Gets Surpassed.

With not one but two NFL games featuring teams with considerably large fan bases (Eagles and 49ers) and the polarizing Adrian Peterson, WWE had an uphill battle in trying not be an afterthought for television viewers. WWE tried its best by giving away two matches involving Sting on free television and a pair of title matches, but I highly doubt it was enough to make viewers switch from ESPN at any point during the night unless you were a diehard wrestling fan and cared nothing about football. Although this episode of Raw didn’t do a great sell job on this Sunday’s Night of Champions event, there were still some interesting things to takeaway, those of which I will cover in a little bit.

Less encouraging is that the go-home show did little to intensify most of the current beefs, nor drum up much more intrigue for matches without any hardware at stake. But before anyone cries fowl toward my poultry attempts at humor, here my five key things (in addition to the usual Twitter-friendly sidebar observations) that I took away from the September 14 edition of Raw. The aforementioned Konnor and Viktor can learn a lot from Rhodes (despite both being several years his senior) about that fine line between outsized and cartoonish, and will hopefully be the first and most primitive of Stardust’s flock. Catch that little moment during Sheamus’ match against John Cena (which he eventually lost) when he polished his spiky ‘do and mandated we all, “Respect the Hawk”?

I understand that WWE wanted to make Sting look strong heading into his first-ever WWE World Heavyweight championship match, but did it really have to come at the expense of Rollins? Either way, I’d be shocked if the Great White’s upcoming line of merch didn’t tout his latest turn of phrase as a way of profiting on fans’ mockery of his Mad Max makeover. #RespecttheShill No early 2016 (if not sooner) face turn’s more inevitable than Sasha Banks’. But, as they say, the cream rises, and the Boss – who was flawless in her win over Paige – has had superstar potential since the day she arrived at NXT. The fans love her and respect her, she’s got charisma for miles and there’s very little about her overall ring presence that isn’t versatile enough to carry the women’s ranks no matter what her allegiances. (It’d be a tad more challenging to, say, turn the stoic Tamina into a fan-favorite.) Mark my words: In six months, babyface Sasha will be feuding with villainous Paige over the Divas title. He may feel most comfortable underneath several layers of athletic attire these days, and his hair might be thinner and dyed, but man, can the Icon still go.

If nothing else, that silly main event last night between he and Big Show – which devolved into the requisite tag-team audible involving Cena and Seth Rollins – was a showcase to assure hesitant Network subscribers that the Vigilante will make NOC worth paying for. He and Seth’s rivalry may have been slapped together, but kudos to Sting for doing more than anyone could have expected to be so committed to his role.

As for Monday, Nikki Bella kept her title by being disqualified in her match in her title match against Charlotte, which was built up quite nicely during the show, I might add. Didn’t we see that exact non-win scenario instigated by “twin magic” take place at Money in the Bank, only with Paige mistakenly thinking she’d won it all? As you wrestling fans know, a title cannot change hands on a count-out or disqualification, so Nikki Bella retained the title and broke the coveted record. So what, really, was the point of pushing up Charlotte and Nikki’s clash a week instead of just letting Nikki build heat with an obnoxious celebration (that Charlotte crashes) of her record-setting night?

And after actually managing to create some backstory as to why Sting would be squaring off opposite Show of all comers, why the premature run-in from Rollins? I know a lot of AJ Lee fans won’t like, but it was an effective way to get heat on the heel champion, which is what Nikki Bella is for this week, anyway. Although I also grimaced at Big Show boring his fist into Cena’s gut. 2015 may not bring everything that Back to the Future II promised it would: flying cars, self-lacing shoes, we don’t see ’em happening over the next 12 months. (Then again, don’t bet against Nike.) But this year will definitely pack plenty of punch when it comes to cultural happenings.

Mad Max will roar back out of the apocalypse while Mad Men rides off into the sunset, rock’s Antichrist Superstar and hip-hop’s Yeezus will rise again. In the story that will seemingly never see an end, Dolph Ziggler tried to woo Summer Rae by giving her a gift, which enraged Rusev and caused him to lose his match against Cesaro.

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